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   * Wormwood//Artemisia//, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange), 2015   * Wormwood//Artemisia//, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange), 2015
   * Clary Sage,//Salvia sclarea//, (Thyme Garden), 2015.   * Clary Sage,//Salvia sclarea//, (Thyme Garden), 2015.
 Bed near house,far garage: Bed near house,far garage:
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 10-30-18 10-30-18
   * Saffron Fall Crocus, // Crocus sativus//, 2 rows, 50 bulbs, (Gardens Alive), from cultivated stock. Same bed as onions and shallots.   * Saffron Fall Crocus, // Crocus sativus//, 2 rows, 50 bulbs, (Gardens Alive), from cultivated stock. Same bed as onions and shallots.
 +  * Asparagus, //Asparagus officinalis//, "Jersey Knight Giant", (Stark Brothers, bare root), 10 roots in new gardens.
 +  * Asparagus, //Asparagus officinalis//, "Purple Passion", (Stark, bare root), 11 roots in new gardens.
 +  * Rhubarb, //Rheum rhabarbarum//, "Starkrimson", (Stark Brothers, bare root), 2 roots, in new gardens.
 +  *Spinach, //Spinacia oleracea//, "Giant Noble", (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), in new gardens, by rhubarb.
 +  *Tatsoi, //Brassica rapa//, (Baker Creek), in new bed by rhubarb.
 +  * Strawberry, //Fragaria spp//, 'Mara des Bois', (White Flower Farm), bare roots, planted 10/25. New tiered garden beds. 
 +  * Strawberry, //Fragaria spp//, 'Sparkle', (White Flower Farm), bare roots, 14/25.
 +  * Borage, //Borago officinalis//, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds 2018), in tiered strawberry bed.
 +  * Strawberry 'Mara des Bois', the rest of the bare roots. New garden beds; pots on porch.
 +  * Strawberry 'Sparkle', the rest of bare roots in new gardens and in old garden bed, far house and garage.
 +  * Motherwort, Official,//Leonurus cardiaca//, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds, 2017 and 2018), in new garden bed by 2 motherwort plants.
 +  * Vervain, European, //Verbena officinalis//, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds and Thyme Garden seeds), same new bed.
 +  * Angelica, Official, //Angelica archangelica//, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds), same bed.
 +  * Cilantro, //Coriandrum sativum//, (Ferry-Morse seed, 2018) in blackberry bed in front of new garden fence, nearest to house.
 +  * Saint John's Wort, //Hypericum perforatum//, (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. 2019) in blackberry bed in front of new garden fence, nearest to woods.
 +  * Dill, //Anethum graveolens//,'Dukat', (Kitchen Garden Seeds), scattered in gardens, new and old.
 +  * Feverfew, //Tanacetum parthenium//,'White Stars', (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, 2019)in new garden, medicinal herb bed.
 +  * Chamomile, //Matricaria recutita//,'Zloty Lan', (Baker Creek, 2018), along path to garden.
 +  * Chamomile, //Matricaria chamomilla//, 'German', (Baker Creek, 2016) along path to garden.
 +  3-23-19
 +  * //Cinquefoil, //Potentilla anserina//, transplanted 3 plant clusters from old garden bed to new herb bed.
 +  *Horseradish, //Armoracia rusticana//, (Stark Brothers), 4 roots in raised bed in new garden.
 +  *Carrots, //Daucus carota//, 'Amarillo', (Baker Creek), seeds, in new garden, closest bed to house and front yard.
 +  *Radish, //Raphanus sativus//, 'French Breakfast', (Baker Creek), same bed and rows.
 +  *Radish, //Raphanus sativus//, 'Malaga', (Baker Creek), same bed and rows.
 +  *Chives, //Allium schoenoprasum//, (Thyme Garden), same bed.
 +  * Garlic, //Allium sativum//, 'Early Italian Purple', several heads in old garden, near garage, far house. 
 +  * Borage, Blue, //Borago officinalis//, (Thyme Garden), in old garden, next to strawberry plants, bed near garage, far house.
 +  * Strawberries, //Fragaria//, 3 plants, (Stark Brothers), in old gardens, same bed.
 +  * Spinach, //Spinacia oleracea//, 'Bloomsdale', (Botanical Interests, 2019), in same bed near strawberries.
 +  * beets, //Beta vulgaris//, 'Bull's Blood', (Baker Creek, 2019 seed), in same bed.1 row
 +  * Beets, //Beta vulgaris//, 'Crapaudine', (Baker Creek, 209), same bed.1 row.
 +  * beets, //Beta vulgaris//, 'Chioggia (Bassano)', (Baker Creek, 2019), same bed. 2 rows.
 +  *Blueberries, //Vaccinium//, 'Bushel and Barrel Blueberry Glaze', 2 plants, (Stark Brothers), transplanted from small pots to large pots and placed in old garden by blueberry patch.
 +  *Garlic, //Allium sativum//, 'Early Italian Purple', the rest of the cloves in a planter (with the comfrey) and interspersed with the chamomile by the garden path.
 +  * Bok Choy, //Brassica rapa//, 'Purple Lady', (Baker Creek Seeds, 2019),in new bed.
 +  * Catnip, //Nepeta cataria//, 1 plant (grown by Rik from seed)in new garden bed.
 +  * Horehound White, //Marrubium vulgare//, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2019)in new bed by the catnip plant.
 +  * Chamomile, 1 plant grown by Rik, transplanted to bed along garden path.
 +  * Onion, 'Red of Florence', (Baker Creek, 2019) in old garden, bed far house and garage. This bed is well  
 +   composted.
 +  * Onion, 'He Shi Ko bunching', (baker Creek, 2019) same bed, closer to center of bed.
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