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   * Echinacea, 'Powwow Wildberry', 6 plants, same bed, (Plantworks Nursery). Ht 24 inches. Zone 4.Full Sun.   * Echinacea, 'Powwow Wildberry', 6 plants, same bed, (Plantworks Nursery). Ht 24 inches. Zone 4.Full Sun.
   * Shasta Daisy, //Leucanthemum//, 'Becky', 5 plants, same bed, (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5.    * Shasta Daisy, //Leucanthemum//, 'Becky', 5 plants, same bed, (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5. 
-  * Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit', 2 plants (Plantworks) in fornt yard garden by driveway.+  * Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit', 2 plants (Plantworks) in front yard garden by driveway.
   * Elderberry, //Sambucus canadensis// 'Magnolia Hill', 1 plant, (Richters herbs), in back yard near shed, in row of elderberry bushes. Ht 16 ft. Zone 3-11.   * Elderberry, //Sambucus canadensis// 'Magnolia Hill', 1 plant, (Richters herbs), in back yard near shed, in row of elderberry bushes. Ht 16 ft. Zone 3-11.
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   * Lime Balm, //Melissa officinalis//, 6 transplants to same bed, from volunteers that grew in garden path, from the original lime balm!   * Lime Balm, //Melissa officinalis//, 6 transplants to same bed, from volunteers that grew in garden path, from the original lime balm!
 +  * Southeastern Wildflower Mix, (Wildseed Farms, 2019), 1 lb mixed seeds, in crescent-shaped bed between backyard orchard and walkway to shed. Soil prepared by adding bags of topsoil to existing clay soil.
 +  * Apple tree, 'Golden Delicious', (Stark), semi-dwarf, transplanted from dirt pile to back yard, in place of Almond tree that died. 
 +  * Echinacea, //Echinacea//, 'Powwow Wildberry', 6 plants, in bed by walkway to garden. 24" height. FS. (Plantworks Nursery). Ht 24 inches. Zone 4. Full Sun.
 +  * Fox Sedge, //Carex vulpinoidea//, 3 plants, (Niche Gardens, going out of business sale :-( ) behind greenhouse by ferns. Ht 1-3ft, spread 1-2ft, part shade.
 +  * White Bee Balm, //Monarda didyma// 'Bryan Thompson', 3 plants, in flower garden to side of greenhouse, in front of ginger lilies.  (Niche Gardens), Ht 3-4 ft, spread 3-4 ft, part shade. 
 +  * Shasta Daisy, //Leucanthemum//, 'Becky', 3 plants in bed in front yard by Jizo. (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5.
 +  * Goji Berry Bush, //Lycium chinense//, 'sweet Lifeberry', (Stark), by side of greenhouse.
 +  * Boysenberries //Rubus ursinus//, 3 plants, (Stark) by entrance to new fenced garden and in other berry bed behind new fenced garden.
 +  * Echinacea,//Echinacea//cv Matthew Saul pp #17652, 'Harvest Moon', 4 plants (Niche Gardens), in new flower bed by greenhouse; Ht 2-2.5 ft, spread 1.5-2 ft. Full sun or PS. Zone 5-8.
 +  * Witch Hazel, //Hamamelis virginiana//, 2 plants, (Niche Gardens), one on front yard by edge of treeline, the other in back yard by shed, at tree line. 15-20' tall with similar spread. Deciduous shrub.‎Full Sun to Partial Shade.Zone 3-8.
 +  * Fig, //Ficus carica//, 'Violet de Bordeaux', from  Spain, one plant, by garage and walkway to garden. (Richters Herbs), grown in a pot, originally about 5 inches tall, now about 1.5x 2 feet, rootbound in pot. FS. Zone 7-9 per Richters, Zone 5-10 on other websites (which say it is hardy as a grown plant and will grow back from roots if killed by cold). 
 +  * Cherry Tree, 'Stella Sweet Cherry Semi-dwarf', (Stark Brothers), in front yard in Jizo bed; (moved Japanese maple to big pot). Zone 5-8; Full sun. Self-pollinating. Ht:15-18ft, spread 15-18 ft. 
 +  * Moved to big pot in back yard: Japanese Maple, //Acer palmatum// 'Irish Lace', Piedmont Feed and Supply,(on 54, Chapel Hill). Ht 5-8 ft, spread 10 ft, partial sun, keep well watered.
 +  * Compact Sweet Pepperbush, //Clethra alnifolia// 'Hummingbird', (Niche Gardens), Sun/part shade, Ht 3-5 ft, width 3-5ft. Zone 3-9, in front yard by other Clethras.
 +  * Hostas, x6, around and behind the flowering apricot in front yard by driveway. (Hillsborough Farmer's Market, last Fall).
 +  * Spicebush, //Lindera benzoin//, x1 plant (Niche Gardens, 2019), in spot by shed where I had previously planted a fern. "Deciduous shrub that may grow to 8 to 15 feet", Dioecious, so need a male and a female plant.Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours).Soil Drainage: Moist; Occasional Flooding; Occasionally Dry; OccasionallyWet; Very Dry. Height: 8 ft. 0 in. - 15 ft. 0 in. Width: 6 ft. 0 in. - 15 ft. 0 in. The Spice bush has thick, alternate, oblong-obovate, light green leaves (to 5" long) turn an attractive yellow in autumn. Leaves are aromatic (spicy fragrance) when crushed.
 +New Moon in Taurus
 +  * Nettle,stinging //Urtica dioica//, (2019, 2018, 3 packets, Baker Creek), in prepared bed by treeline in back yard.
 +  * Nasturtium, //Tropaelum nanum// 'King Theodore', (2016, Baker Creek), in hanging basket.
 +  * Naturtium, //Tropaelum nanum//, 'Empress of India', (2018, Strictly Medicinal), in hanging basket.
 +  * Chamomile, //Matricaria recutita//, 'Zloty Lan', (2019, Baker Creek, 3 packets), along garden path in back yard.
 +Bed by edge of screen porch:
 +  * Morning Glories, "Flying Saucers", (2011, Baker Creek). After soaking for 36 hours in water.
 +  * Baby's Breath, //Elegans alba//, "Grandflora", (2018?, SESE)
 +  * Narigolds, //Tagates patula//, "Orange Flame", (2018, Baker Creek)
 +  * Swiss Chard, //Beta vulgaris//, "Rainbow", (2019, SESE)
 +  * Turnip Greens, //Brassica rapa//, "Seven Top", (2020, SESE).
 +Wildflower bed by walkway to shed:
 +  *lemon Balm, 'Golden', //Melissa officinalis//, 2 paclets, (2019, Baker crek), surrounding shepherd's hook for birdfeeder.
 +  * Tree Mallow, //Lavatera//, 'Patio White', (2018, Baker Creek).
 +  * Flower Mix, 'Songbird delight', (2020, Botanical Interest). 40 gm of seed.
 +Flower bed by side of greenhouse;
 +  * Sweet Alyssum, //Lobularia maritima//, (2020,SESE), next to comfrey raised bed and along edge of walkway.
 +  * Larkspur, //Delphinium consolida//, Galilee Mix, (2019, SESE)
 +  * Cleome, (Spider Flower), 'Queen Mix', (2017, SESE) 2 packets.
 +  * Zinnias, 'State Fair Mixed Colors', (2020, SESE, 2 packets).
 +  * Baby's Breath, 'Covent Garden', (2017, Baker Creek).
 +  *Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing, //Morus alba//, 1 plant (Gardens Alive, from 2019, grew in a pot 1 year) transplanted into Jizo garden.It is currently about 5 feet tall.
 +Bed in front of turret room:
 +  * Mignonette, //Reseda odorata//, 'Ameliorata', (Select Seeds antique Flowers, 2016) 1 packet. hardy annual, FS to partial shade, Ht:1ft, spacing 6 inches. Season: early Summer. Prune once to encourage bushiness. Zone 8-10
 +  * Sweet Alyssum, //Lobularia maritima//, 'Benthamii', 3 packets in beds, 2 from SESE (2019, 2020), one from Select Seeds(2016). Hardy annual, FS to part shade, Ht: 10 inches, spacing 4-6 inches. Season: early Summer to Fall. Clip back after bloom to encourage flowering.
 +  * Heuchera, //Heuchera sanguinea//, 'Coral Bells', 'Bressingham Mixture', (Kitchen Garden Seeds), Perennial, Spring to Summer flowering, Ht 15 to 24 inches.
 +  * Goji Berry Bush, //Lycium// 'Sweet Lifeberry', transplanted from front yard where it has languished for years,  to back yard by edge of greenhouse, near other goji berry bushes. (Stark Bros) 
 +  * Soapwort, //Saponaria officinalis//, 3 plants, (Richters), in small bed between brick patio and Japanese maple.
 + Bed by kitchen side of house and crawl space door:
 +  * Hollyhock, 'Queeny Lilac-Rose', (2018, Baker Creek). Ht 20-30 inches,biennial, bloom in summer. Full sun. May behave as a perennial if cut back after blooming.
 +  * Love In A Mist, //Nigella damascena//, (2016, Select Seeds), hardy annual, full sun, Ht: 1 to 1.5 ft, spacing 8 inches. Bloom late spring to summer. 
 +  * Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden', (2017, Baker Creek), Ht 12-18 inches.
 +  * Cleome, (Spider Flower), 'Queen Mix', (SESE, 2019). 
 +Edge of walkway between brick  porch and walkway to garden
 +  * Summer Thyme //Thymus vulgaris//, (2020, SESE), closest to stepping stones.
 +  * Oregano, Greek //Origanum heracleoticum//, (2020, Strictly Medicinal), behind thyme. Mounding herbaceous or evergreen perennial; highly aromatic leaves. Mesic to dry soil in FS to light shade. Prune after flowering.
 +  * Borage, //Borago officinalis//, (2016, Horizon Herbs). Self-seeding annual. Flowers blue to 18 inches in height. FS to partial shade. Space 1 ft apart. 
 +  * Yarrow, by edge of walkway. (2019, Baker Creek), perennial to 2 ft.FS to partial shade. Well drained soil.
 +  * Winter Thyme, by walkway between house and garage, surrounding blue ceramic pot. 
 +  * Blackberry Lilies, by front yard path to door; seeds from Kathy Hopwood.
 +  * Nasturtium //Tropaeolum majus lobbianum//, 'Tall Trailing Mix',(2019, Baker Creek), in hanging baskets (now on shepherd's hooks that Rik got for me!), and also in blue ceramic planter that we moved to back yard. Annual, vines to 10 ft
 +  *Echinacea purpurea, (2017, Baker Creek), in large blue ceramic pot by side door. Also :
 +  *Turmeric, //Curcuma longa//, root from Li Ming's, in same pot. This is not cold hardy so will need to go into greenhouse in a pot to overwinter.
 +  * Borage, //Borago officinalis//, (SESE, 2020), by walkway between garden path and brick patio. 80 days.Annual, self sows. FS. Emergence in 8-12 days. Can use leaves in salads and cool drinks. Edible flowers.
 +In flower garden by greenhouse:
 +  * Echinacea, wild gathered seed (Bear's Alchemy, 2017). 
 +  * Marigold, 'Frances' Choice', (SESE 2019), by edge of fence in flower garden.
 +  * Zinnia, 'Red Beauty', (SESE 2019), in midbed.
 +  * agrimony, (wild seed I gathered in Caswell County when out with Will Endres, 2017).
 +In garden bed by birdfeeder; 
 +  * Pollinator Wildflower Mix, (Feed a Bee.com) 
 +In small bed by crawl space door:
 +  * Zinnia, 'State Fair Mixed Colors', (SESE 2018).
 +  * Cleome, grew very well1! tall!
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