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   * American Hazelnut //Corylus americana//,​ 6 bare root seedlings, in small pots, to grow till time to plant in Fall. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Full to part sun; medium-wet to medium dry soil. Zones: 4-9. Ht: 15-18 ft, width: 10-12 ft. Bears within 2-3 years after planting.   * American Hazelnut //Corylus americana//,​ 6 bare root seedlings, in small pots, to grow till time to plant in Fall. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Full to part sun; medium-wet to medium dry soil. Zones: 4-9. Ht: 15-18 ft, width: 10-12 ft. Bears within 2-3 years after planting.
 +  * Phlox //Phlox drummondii//,​ 'Sugar Stars',​ (Baker Creek, 2021), in flower garden by greenhouse, front row by walkway. Annual, Ht: 18-24 inches. Space 8-12 inches apart. FS.
 +  * Calendula Resina, (SESE, 9-20), same garden bed, behind the Phlox. ​
 +  * Nasturtium, //​Tropaeolum nanum//, 'Jewel Peach Melba',​ (Baker Creek, 2021), in kitchen garden, in front.Annual,​ dwarf, mounding, FS. Ht 9-12 inches.
 +Kitchen Garden Bed:
 +  * Basil, '​Lettuce Leaf', (SESE, 12-20), in kitchen garden. ​
 +  * Basil 'Sweet Thai', (SESE, 8-20), kitchen garden; and also in old garden, in far house and far garage bed. 
 +Bed by crawl space door:
 +  * Celosia, //Celosia argentea var. spicata//, '​Pink-Spiked',​ (Monticello Gardens, 2021), in back; Ht 4 ft, FS, tender annual, space 12-18 inches apart.
 +  * Rudbeckia, //Rudbeckia hirta//, '​Cherry Brandy',​ (Baker Creek, 2021), in same bed. Ht 12-24 inches. FS. Space plants 8-12 inches. Self-sows freely.
 +  * Yarrow, //Achillea millefolium//,​ '​Polish Pastels Mix', (Baker Creek, 2017), in same bed, in front, perennial ,ht 2 feet, FS to PS, well drained soil. Cut plants immediately after flowering to promote re-blooming.
 +Flower bed by side of greenhouse:
 +  * Blackberry, Thornless, //Rubus spp//, '​Triple Crown',​ 2 plants with trellis, (Burnt Ridge  Nursery and Orchards, 2021). Semi-erect cane, needs some support, most productive thornless blackberry. Bloom Color: White; Fruit Color:​ Black;​Fruit Size:Large; Self-Pollinating;​Ripens/​Harvest:​Early August; Full Sun;Soil Composition:​Loamy;​ Soil Moisture Well Drained;​Soil pH Level:6.0 - 6.8; Years to Bear:1 - 2; Zone:5 - 9.
 +Bed by walkway to shed:
 +  * Echinacea, //Echinacea purpurea//, (Baker Creek, 2017), perennial to 4 ft.FS, rich well-drained but moist soil.
 +  * Echinacea plants x2, moved from another bed to bed by walkway to shed.
 +Bed in front of painting studio:
 +  * Weeping Japanese Maple, //Acer palmatum//, Tamukeyama',​ (Home Depot), Ht 15-25 ft, width 15-25 ft, water when dry, hardy to -10 degrees. FS to PS.  This replaced the previous Japanese maple that died this past winter
 +Bed by driveway, in front of front door: 
 +  * Compact Sweet Pepperbush, //Clethra ainifolia//,​ '​Hummingbird';​ 4/5 of these plants from last year died over the winter; I replaced ​ one spot with another Clethra that I grew on the porch over the winter. ​ Ht 3-5 ft, spread, 3-5 ft, sun/part shade. (Niche Gardens)
 +  * Black Eyed Susan Vine, //​Thunbergia alata//, '​Cosmic Candy',​ (Baker Creek, 2021), by entrance gate to old garden. Not frost hardy. Self-sows freely. Space 8-12 inches. Vining. FS.
 +Flower bed by greenhouse:
 +  * Zinnia, '​Cactus-Flowered',​ (SESE 12-20). ​
 +  * Zinnia,//​Zinnia elegans//, '​Canary Bird', (Baker Creek 2021), Annual. Spacing 9-12 inches apart, FS. 
 +  * Sweet William, (SESE, 8-20), in same bed by edge of walkway to greenhouse door. Self-reseeds. Ht 12-24 inches.
 +Flower bed by living room window; ​
 +  * Spider Flower //Cleome hassleriana//,​ (Gardens at Monticello, 2021), ht 4-6 ft, self-seeding annual, native to South America. FS. Direct sow. Space 1.5 to 2 ft apart. half hardy annual.
 +  * Zinnia 'Red Beauty',​ (SESE 12-20), Ht 3 ft. Same bed.
 +Flower bed by greenhouse:
 +  * Cosmos, //Comos bipinnatus//,​ '​Seashells',​(Baker Creek, 2021). Annual, FS, space 10 inches apart. ​
 +  * French Marigold, '​Naughty Marietta',​ (SESE 7-20), same bed, Ht 12-18 inches.
 +  * Bachelor Buttons, 'Polka Dot', (SESE 8-20), same bed but by the front edge nearest the greenhouse, next to 
 +    comfrey bed.Ht 1-3 ft.
 +    ​
 +  * Liatris, //Liatric spicata//, '​Blazing Star Alba', 4 plants moved from front yard bed in front of mudroom to back yard, bed by walkway to garden shed. FS. Ht: 3-4 ft, space 1.5 ft, Keep well-watered. Zone 4-9.
 +Bed in front of mudroom, in front of Japanese maple: ​
 +  * Autumn Ferns, //​Dryopteris erythrosora//,​ '​Brilliance',​ 4 plants (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC), Partial to full shade, moist well-drained soil, Ht 18-24 inches, spread 24-36 inches. Zones 5-8. Drought tolerant when established. Deer resistant. Evergreen.
 +Bed in front of guest bedroom, in front of maple by edge of walkway:
 +  * Creeping Jenny, //​Lysimachia '​Goldii'//,​ 3 plants. (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Full sun, part shade. Water: medium. Ht 1-3 inches, spread 12-24 inches. Zone 5. Spreading groundcover. Can be aggressive.
 +  Flower bed by side of greenhouse:
 +  ​
 +    * Butterfly Bush, dwarf //Buddleia '​SMNBDO'//,​ '​Pugster Periwinkle',​ (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Full sun. Height 2 ft, width 2  ft. Well-drained soil. Zones 5-9. Prune when new growth emerges in Spring. Deer resistant.
 +    * Blanket Flower, //​Gaillardia'​ Bijou'//,​ 2 plants, (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Perennial. Full sun. Ht 8-10 inches, spread 12-15 inches. Average well-drained soil. Zones 3-10. cut back spent flowers for rebloom. Deer resistant. Native butterfly attractor. Drought and heat tolerant. Blooms June to September.
 +    * Joe Pye Weed //​Eutrochium//??​ pretty sure this is that plant; moved 4 plants from other part of this bed to corner by raised bed. 
 +    * Strawberries,​ several plants from new garden beds, moved to edge of this bed by fence.
 +    * Shasta Daisy, //​Leucanthemum//,​ '​Becky'​ (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5. Moved a clump from front yard to this bed, in front of ginger lilies.
 +Bed by garden path to shed; 
 +  * Russian sage //Perovskia atriplicifolia//,​ Blue Steel',​ 4 plants. (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Full sun. Ht: 18-36 inches, wodth 14-28 inches. Well-drined soil. Zone 4 hardiness. Flowers in summer. ​
 +  * Wildflower Mix, Southeastern,​ about 0.8 lb, in garden in front yard by Jizo, with mulberry plant in center. (Wildseed farms, 2020). Also replanted many Echinacea seeds fromthe plants already in this garden.
 +  * Black Chokeberry, //Aronia melanocarpa//,​ 1 bush, by edge of screen porch next to kitchen garden;​(Prairie Nursery, 2020), Ht 3-6ft tall; full to partial sun; dry to moist soil.
 +  * Sorrel, //Rumex acetosa//, 'green De belleville, (Baker Creek, 2021), in edge garden along side of screen porch, with the honeyberries. ​
 +  * American Hazelnut, //Corylus americana//,​ 1 plant in planter outside the edge of the new fenced gardens, by side of house, surrounded by blackberries. From bare root plant grown in pot since 4-21. Zone 4-9, Ht 6-15ft, spread 5-10 ft. Full sun to part shade. ​
 +  * Goldenseal,//​Hydrastis canadensis//​ 4 rhizomes, (SESE 2021), in raised bed of compost and topsoil in forest next to septic field. Rich moist, loamy soil, 47 to 63% shade, near hardwoods.Light fertilizer only. Cover with several inches of leaf mulch. harvest in 3 to 5 years from rhizomes. Propogate from rhizome pieces, root cuttings, one year old seedlings, or seed. 
 +  * AMERICAN Ginseng, //Panax quinquefolius//,​ about 20 seeds (SESE, 2021), in same bed. In spring, thin seedlings to 6 inches apart. Space so that the leaves of one do not touch the leaves of the next mature plant. Dig roots in the Fall of the third to seventh year of growth.
 +  * Black Chokeberry, //Aronia melanocarpa//,​ potted plant (Prairie Nursery, 1 year in pot), in crescent shaped raised bed by walkway to shed in back yard. Ht and spread: 3-6 ft, Zones 3-8, Full sun, 6 plus hours; to partial sun. Soil: dry to moist. ​
 +  * Allium, '​Purple Sensation',​ (High Country Gardens, 2021), 10 bulbs, same bed, Ht 20-30 inches, Full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade, Blooms late spring to early summer.
 +  * Allium, 'True Blue', (High Country Gardens, 2021), 20 bulbs, same bed, Ht 18 inches tall; Siberian native. Full sun or morning sun. Blooms early summer.
 +    ​
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