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   * Sorrel, //Rumex acetosa//, 'green De belleville, (Baker Creek, 2021), in edge garden along side of screen porch, with the honeyberries. ​   * Sorrel, //Rumex acetosa//, 'green De belleville, (Baker Creek, 2021), in edge garden along side of screen porch, with the honeyberries. ​
 +  * American Hazelnut, //Corylus americana//,​ 1 plant in planter outside the edge of the new fenced gardens, by side of house, surrounded by blackberries. From bare root plant grown in pot since 4-21. Zone 4-9, Ht 6-15ft, spread 5-10 ft. Full sun to part shade. ​
 +  * Goldenseal,//​Hydrastis canadensis//​ 4 rhizomes, (SESE 2021), in raised bed of compost and topsoil in forest next to septic field. Rich moist, loamy soil, 47 to 63% shade, near hardwoods.Light fertilizer only. Cover with several inches of leaf mulch. harvest in 3 to 5 years from rhizomes. Propogate from rhizome pieces, root cuttings, one year old seedlings, or seed. 
 +  * AMERICAN Ginseng, //Panax quinquefolius//,​ about 20 seeds (SESE, 2021), in same bed. In spring, thin seedlings to 6 inches apart. Space so that the leaves of one do not touch the leaves of the next mature plant. Dig roots in the Fall of the third to seventh year of growth.
 +  * Black Chokeberry, //Aronia melanocarpa//,​ potted plant (Prairie Nursery, 1 year in pot), in crescent shaped raised bed by walkway to shed in back yard. Ht and spread: 3-6 ft, Zones 3-8, Full sun, 6 plus hours; to partial sun. Soil: dry to moist. ​
 +  * Allium, '​Purple Sensation',​ (High Country Gardens, 2021), 10 bulbs, same bed, Ht 20-30 inches, Full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade, Blooms late spring to early summer.
 +  * Allium, 'True Blue', (High Country Gardens, 2021), 20 bulbs, same bed, Ht 18 inches tall; Siberian native. Full sun or morning sun. Blooms early summer.
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