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 <br/> <br/>
 --Brian W. Kernighan --Brian W. Kernighan
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 <br/> <br/>
 </​html>​ </​html>​
 +"​Selection bias is a hell of a drug." -F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE
-  * [[http://clepper-faith.com/ | The Art of Melissa Clepper-Faith]]+  * [[http://hillsboroughpeds.com/ | Hillsborough Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine]]
   * [[http://​www.cs.unc.edu/​~faith/​ | The Other Home Page of Rik Faith]]   * [[http://​www.cs.unc.edu/​~faith/​ | The Other Home Page of Rik Faith]]
   * [[http://​www.dict.org/​ | The DICT Development Group (freely-redistributable dictionaries)]]   * [[http://​www.dict.org/​ | The DICT Development Group (freely-redistributable dictionaries)]]
-  * [[http://squeezethepulp.com/ | Squeeze the Pulp, an Orange County, North Carolina political site]]+  * [[http://urmp.org/ | urmp: The Ur Music Player]] 
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