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Compaq Evo T30


The Compaq Evo T30 is a thin client. One day, while shopping at Weird Stuff, I happened to pick up several of these for a great price. About half didn't boot, but I think this is because they don't have a plugin memory card. My goal is to install Linux on them.

The ones I have don't appear to be a standard version:

  • Model No.: T30
  • Part No.: 238622-001
  • Spare No.: 292238-001
  • Date Manufactured: November 2002
  • Licenced for Windows CE.NET v4.0

From powering up into the OS:

  • RAM: 64MB
  • Flash Memory, Device 1: 32MB

From cracking the case:

  • National Geode CS5530A-UCE (AMD now makes this chip)

This suggests the model I have is similar to the 238617-xxx (DK408A)


Power Up Sequence

Using a 12V power supply, 500mA is drawn after applying power. The LED is orange and will flash once before turning off. After a short period, the LED turns off and current draw drops to 300mA. Pressing the button for about 3 seconds will make the LED green and will return the current draw to 500mA.


Actual Steps

  • Using the WinCE.NET T20 instructions I prepared as follows:
  • Set up for initial transfer of standard firmware.
    • Make /tmp/evo and chmod 777.
    • Execute sp27933.exe (under vmware) and copy Rapport_4.X/Push_472-6-14-6Cme7D_T30_CEN/P472_6_14_6_Cme7D.bin to /tmp/evo/bootp.bin
    • /etc/init.d/tftpd stop
    • apt-get install dhcp3-server
    • Edit to change all /home/blah to /tmp/evo.
    • Power up the Evo T30 while pressing the 'p' key (while the LED is orange), getting to the screen shown above.
    • sh (I tried with my normal dhcpd and tftp setup, but that's not good enough. We need to be running on special ports. I did not have to configure any special IP addresses.)
    • After the servers started and a few seconds passed, the T30 started printing stuff.
      • If you get the “error: not a tagged image” error, you might have used sp27933.exe directly instead of extracting its contents.
      • If you get errors about how the file cannot be read, perhaps you didn't chmod the file.
    • The T30 printed a lot of stuff and rebooted itself. It ended up in a configuration utility, and I played around and set up a 1024×768 mode. It then rebooted itself again.
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