Garden 2007

Raised Beds 2007: Bed 1, near garage, near house: Tomatoes Brandywine, (Seeds of Change). Grew well, many tomatoes initially, then with drought, had problems with decreased production and blossom end rot. Note: leave more room for plants and stake them well.

Purple de Milpa Tomatillos, 2 plants, tomatillos were very small and were not used. Also needed more staking.

Cherry tomatoes from Lowes, 2 plants, and 2 yellow pear tomatoes, also 2 bell pepper plants; all had problems with drought.

Bed 2: near garage, far house: Pole beans, Runner beans Hestia, Park seed; and stringless Blue Lake, FM1K (pole), Ferry Morse, planted late in season, did well as long as was watered, but was planted too late for maximum yield. Need to mulch and water more.

  • Pumpkin Big Max, Cucurbita maxima, (Botanical Interests) Did very well, needed more room took over most of garden; 7 large pumpkins.

watermelons, planted in same bed, did not grow due to lack of room.

In Fall 2007, planted Siskiyou Purple Garlic, Seeds of Change Hardneck Silverskin; grew well over winter. Planted Mustard Red Giant, Cook's Garden. little growth till spring Feb, March 2008.

Bed 3: far garage, far house: Beets, did well, Bull's blood, (Seeds of Change), need to pick them early, they become woody if left in ground. Flowers, girl's packs, Sunflowers Snack mix did well, all others mostly weeds. Marigolds, Boy O boy mix, and cottage red mix. In fall, planted mustard seed, grew fairly well, slowly over winter, did not plant till late in fall due to drought.

Bed 4: far garage, near house: carrots Minicor, did very well, still able to pick carrots in February this year from spring planting 2007: Burdock root, didn't use, not sure how to cook. Greens, Komatsuna, (Seeds of Change), grew well. Collards, 8 plants bought from Lowes, planted in fall, grew well, had 3 meals from them.

Garden 2008

3-02-08 Planted Ozark Beauty Strawberry Everbearer 25 plants and Sweet Charlie Strawberry June Bearer 25 plants in strawberry tiered garden (after holding plants in fridge vegetable bin with damp paper towel around roots for 2 weeks). Fertilized with Stark strawberry fertilizer and mulched.

3-13-08 In raised bed nearest house and garage. planted:

  • 3 rows Beet gourmet blend, Botanical Interests
  • 1 row Broccoli Raab Cima di Rapa, John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
  • 2 rows Oriental Green Zen, Salad greens, Cooks Garden
  • 1 row Cook's Custom Radish Mix, Cook's Garden.

3-13-08 In large pot on screen porch: planted Arugula. Park Seeds

3-19-08 In clay pot on screen porch, planted Mesclun, Cook's Mild Mix. #738

3-21-08 In raised bed near house, near garage: Spinach Bloomsdale, Spinacia oleracea, Botanical Interests. In bed near garage, far house:

  • 1 row Carrot Asian, New Kuroda, Daucus carota var “sativus”, Botanical Interests; mixed with Cook's Custom Radish Mix.
  • 1 row Carrot Short N' Sweet, Chanteney, Burpee, mixed with Cook's Custom Radish.
  • 1 row Beet Early Wonder, Beta vulgaris, Botanical Interests.

In pots on screen porch: Selena's pot, with Spinach Baby Leaf Hybrid, Burpee; Strawberries, Red Wonder Alpine, Kitchen Garden seeds; lettuce Burgandy Red Mix, Cook's Seeds.

Another pot with Reisenrot Radish, Cook's Seeds, and Spinach Bloomsdale, Botanical Interests.

2 large pots with strawberries red and yellow Alpine, John Scheepers, Kitchen Garden Seeds. perennial; later added these pots soil to bed at edge of patio.

3-21-08 Tomatoes from seed in trays (kept inside house):

  1. Super Sweet 100 Hybrid (Cook's Garden)
  2. Sun Gold Hybrid (Cook's garden)
  3. Arkansas Traveler Tomato, heirloom (Seeds of Change, Heirloom Tomato Garden Collection)
  4. Burbank Red Slicing (Seeds of Change)
  5. Zapotec Pleated Tomato,(Seeds of Change)
  6. Yellow Perfection, heirloom (Seeds of Change)
  7. Brandywine, heirloom, (Seeds of Change).
  8. Pepper, Jalapeno, (Burpee.)

3-28-08 Tomatoes and peppers sprouting.

3-23-08 In raised bed far house, far garage; 15 broccoli plants from Lauren: “Premium Crop”, 65 days to maturity.

3-25-08 In raised bed near house, far garage:

  • 1 row Tatsoi rosette green (Spoon Mustard), Seeds of Change.
  • 1 row Komatsuna, Brassica rapa, Seeds of Change.
  • 1 row Purslane Goldgelber, Salad greens, Cook's Garden.
  • 1 row Arctic King Butterhead Lettuce, Cook's Garden.
  • half row Daikon Long radish, (Mino Early Long), Ferry Morse.

4-05-08 Red Onions, bulbs, Dutch Valley, 2 rows.

4-05-08 In oblong planter, to place in garden along back fence trellis: Cucumber Slicing Cucumis sativus , Botanical Interests.

4-06-08 In raised bed far house, far garage: 9 plants Lettuce Buttercrisp Bibb, from Home Depot; in raised bed far garage near house,2 plants red bell pepper, Home Depot; in bed near garage, far house, plant Italian parsley, Home Depot.

4-27-08 bed far garage, far house: removed kale from last fall, overrun with white small bugs(aphids?); planted pole beans, “Trionfo Violetto”, in front, and “Emerite”, in back; Cook's Garden. Also planted Royal Burgandy Bush Beans in green oblong pot on patio. Cook's Garden.

8-17-08 Beans: Trionfo not as productive as Emerite, may have needed more watering in middle of summer; both beans were attacked by Japanese beetles in mid July, losing most leaves; finally resorted to 1 spraying of Sevin, after orgainic sprays did not phase them. Now i August, with slightly cvooler weather, I gather a bowl of beans q weekend.

4-27-08 Yugoslavian Red Butterhead lettuce, in bed front garage, front house. In 4 planting bags: Potato Swedish Peanut, 16 seed potatoes.

5-06-08 2 bell pepper plants from Lowes, 1 yellow, 1 red. in pots on porch.

5-07-08 4 seedling Burbank tomato plants in pots on porch.

5-10-08 Mammoth Basil seeds in oblong pot on porch (Cook's Garden); Cucumbers White Wonder, in bed far garage, far house, John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds; Watermelon Moon and Stars, in orchard, near house, Cook's Garden.

05-15-08 Summer of Squash, Botanical Interests, 2 outer rows in bed near house, near garage; tomato seedlings in bed far garage, near house; Zapotec x4 near house; Arkansas next, and at far edge; in center, Yellow Perfection. In pot on porch, Sweet 100; in pot near driveway, Sungold. 8-17-08 Zapotacs are very pleated and subject to cracking, nice taste, very productive; the yellow perfection are wonderful, small, round, would like to plant again, moderately productive; the Arkansas are also very nice, round red firm tomatoes. Sungolds and yellow pears on porch, pretty productive, but I didn't water as much as I should have, would have made a difference.

5-26-08 Rik dug trench in orchard; planted Small Sugar Pumpkins, Cook's Garden; Spanish Moon Melons (Cook's Garden) on rocket side of trench; Pulsar Hybrid melons(Cook's Garden) on firepit side; planted Watermelon Sugar Baby seeds (Cook's Garden)in previously planted trench with other watermelons, only 1 seed of which have come up; maybe not watering enough? 8-17-08 ate first Pulsar Hybrid canteloupe today, wonderful, small. There are 8 or 10 small pumpkins growing and similar # of watermelons, still small; I have not been watering out there but planted them in a very moist area of soil.

08-29-08 Harvested 4 small pumpkins, and got seeds from 2 others that had been chewed on. Also, 3 melons and 4 watermelon.

5-31-08 Planted Muscat de Provence Winter Squash, Cook's Garden, in bed near house, near garage; Amaranth Een Choy Hiyu, Amaranthus tricolor, in bed far house, far garage, between the broccoli. 8-17-08 Neither came up, not enough watering and weather too hot.

6-01-08 2 pkg Morning Glory seeds Sunrise Blend, Ipomoea purpurea, (Botanical Interests), in kiwi pots, also a few by left side of stairs to screen porch.

6-14-08 Replanted cucumbers, not watered enough when we were on our trip; Cucumber Pearl Hybrid, Park Seed, in pot and in bed far garage, far house; Cucumber White Wonder, in same bed, and mulched. 8-17-08 The large white cukes in raised bed, not sure which came up, have been very productive, and are very mild.

07-08 Planted 9 sweet potatoes, “Beauregard”, seedlings from Lowes, in bed near garage, far house. By mid August 2008, they were full and lush. 11-01-08 harvested 1 bucket of sweet potatoes, approx 20 plus smaller pieces.

08-10-08 Bed near house, near garage:

  • Komatsuna, Brassica rapa (Seeds of Change)
  • Kale, Redbor Hybrid 423 (Cook's Garden), 2007
  • Mustard Greens, Mizuna, Brassica rapa “Japonica group” (Seeds of Change)
  • Chinese Cabbage, China Choy, Brassica rapa (Seeds of Change)
  • Carrot Asian, New Kuroda, Daucus carota var “sativus” (Botanical Interests)
  • Carrot Scarlet Nanets, Daucus carota var “sativus” (Seeds of Change)
  • Beet, Gourmet Blend, Beta vulgaris (Botanical Interests)

8-17-08 Bed near house, far garage:

  • Vertus Savoy (organic) cabbage, in center of bed (Cook's Garden)
  • Primero Hybrid Cabbage, at edge of bed (Cooks' Garden)
Bed far house, far garage:
*Yugoslavian Red Lettuce, (Cook's Garden)
* Four seasons (organic) Butterhead Lettuce, (Cook's Garden)
* Bau Sin Mustard greens //Brassica juncea// (Seeds of Change)
*Rosette Green Tatsoi (spoon mustard) //Brassica rapa// var rosularis, (Seeds of Change)

Bed far house, near garage:

  • Spinach Bloomsdale, Spinacia oleracea, (Botanical Interests)
  • Early Wonder Beta vulgaris beets. (Botanical Interests).

08-30-08 PLanted in pots on screened porch: Mesclun mix, mild, (Cooks Garden) and lettuce Deers Tongue, (Park Seed)

09-01-08 In planter in garden; Fall and Winter Lettuce mix, (Cook's Garden).

09-25-08 in raised bed near house, far garage: 8 Broccoli plants Packman; from garden store; also 7 collards plantsGeorgia.

Garden 2009

Bed near house, far garage: (after amending with compost): 2-21-09 *

  • Beets, Chiogga, (Park Seed)
  • Beets, Red Cloud Hybrid,(Cooks Garden)
  • Oriental Green Zen, salad greens, (Cooks Garden)
  • Arugula, (Cooks garden), organic seed.
  • Dill “Dukat” (John Scheepers Kitchen garden seeds); did well. many feathery fronds.

On Porch: 3-6-09:

  • Chives, common, (Cooks garden)
  • Chives, garlic, (Seeds of Change).

Bed far house, far garage: 3-7-09 Salsify, Mammoth Sandwich Island, Tragopogon porrifolius, the Oyster Plant. (Kitchen Garden Seeds).

8-25-09 9 plants, Broccoli “Early Dividend”. Bonnie Plants, (Home depot). bed far house, far garage.

Bed by garden path: 3-11-09

  • Brown Mustard Seed, herb, hardy annual (Kitchen Garden Seeds).

Bed far garage, near house,3-11-09, also 5 cloves in bed near garage, near house: Siskiyou Purple Garlic, Seeds of Change Hardneck Silverskin.

Bed far garage, far house: 3-12-09:

  • Lettuce, Four Season, Butterhead, organic,(Cooks Garden).
  • Spinach, Space Hybrid, (Cooks).

Bed by garden hose faucet, 3-12-09, Watercress (2007 seed).

Bed far garage, far house: 3-13-09

  • Garden Sorrel, Heirloom,Rumex acetosa, (Seeds of Change).

Planted in small pots for inside germination: Tomatoes: 50 count tray, left to right: approx 3-18-09

  • Pepper sweet banana, 1 row, (park Seed). 3-18-09
  • Brandywine Tomato,heirloom, (Seeds of Change), 2 rows;
  • Arkansas Traveler Tomato, Heirloom, (Seeds), 1 row;
  • Ladybug Hybrid Tomato, (Cooks Graden), 1 row;
  • Burbank Red Slicing Tomato, Heirloom, (Seeds), 1 row;
  • Tomato, Heirloom Blend,(Park), 2 rows;
  • Yellow Perfection Tomato, Heirloom, (seeds), 1 row;
  • San Marzano organic Tomato, (Cooks), 1 row.

Tomatoes, in large pots: 3-18-09

  • Yellow Perfection;
  • Arkansas Traveler;
  • Burbank;
  • Zapotec Pleated, traditional, rare, (seeds of Change);
  • Ladybug;
  • San Marzano.

Onions, in 50 count tray: 3-27-09

  • Giallo di Milano, (Cooks)
  • Rossa di Milano, (Cooks).

Basil: in small pots: 3-28-09:

  • Red Rubin Basil, (Cooks); Origin: Holland;
  • Sweet Genovese organic Basil, (Cooks); Origin: Italy;
  • Lime Basil, organic (Park Seed). Origin:Israel


  • Marigold, Crackerjack Mixed colors, (Ferry-Morse), 3 beds.
  • Lettuce, Rosalita, Romaine,(Cooks Garden), bed far garage, near house, in front near dill.
  • Carrot, Short N Sweet, (Burpee), bed far garage, near house.
  • bed by garden path, L to R;
  • Feverfew,Tanacetum parthenium, Hardy Perennial, Heirloom Medicinal, (Seeds of Change).
  • Catmint,Nepeta, Perennial, 12“ to 24”,(Seeds of Change).
  • Calendula, Calendula officinalis, Reseeding Hardy Annual, Flashback Mixture. 18“ to 24”, Traditional Medicinal, (Seeds of Change, John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds).
  • 5-1-09. bed far garage, near house; Amaranth, Manna de (Hannah)Montana, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, traditional rare, tender reseeding annual, 4-6',(Seeds of Change).in back of bed
  • 5-1-09, Lettuce, Deer Tongue, bed far garage, near house, 2008 seed, (Park seed).left side of bed near beets.
  • 5-1-09, Lettuce, Summer mix, bed far house, far garage, (Cooks Garden).
  • 5-1-09, Pepper, Gusto Hybrid,in planter, (Park Seed).
  • 5-3-09 bed far house, near garage:
  • Corn, organic Luscious Hybrid, Bicolor, (Park Seed); bed amended with compost, Osmocote plant food; 3 rows
  • Bean, Provider, Bush Type, Organic; (Park Seed) 1 row
  • Beans, Orient Wonder Pole, (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds); and Pole Beans, Kentucky Wonder,Organic, (Cooks Garden). 1 row with 3 poles. Osmocote and bean inoculant.
  • Cucumbers, in 3 large planters by trellis; L to R, Cucumber Park's All-season Burpless Hybrid; Cucumber Cool breeze Hybrid; Cucumber Sweet Success Hybrid. Osmocote and compost. N.B. the Cucumber sweet success hybrid did best overall, with several large green non bitter fruits. the cool breeze and/or all-season had yellow bitter fruits after mid-season. 8-09
  • 5-4-09, bed far house, far garage:
  • Tomato seedlings, L to R, facing house: zapotec, ladybug, San Marzano.
  • 5-4-09, bed far house, near garage:
  • L to R, facing house, Burbank, Arkansas, Yellow Perfection.
  • Marigolds, Dwarf Lemondrop, 1 row, (Parks seed)

5-4-09, 5 pots on patio, amended with compost and Osmocote: Pumpkin, “Small Sugar”, seed from last year's crop, original from Cooks Garden.

5-17-09 New black bed behind garage, near house; L to R,

  • Melon,. Pulsar Hybrid, (Cooks Garden)
  • Watermelon, Charleston Junior Hybrid, (Park Seed). Late starter, now (8-09) has a few small fruits.
  • Squash, Winter, Sunshine Hybrid Kabocha, (Park seed). Several dark orange fruits so far.
  • Basil seedlings, Red Rubin and Sweet Genovese.

5-17-09 Bed far garage, near house: row of Rossa onion seedlings. (did not survive)

5-17-09 bed far house, far garage, row of Giallo onion seedlings

5-17-09, bed near garage, near house; Bean, Drying Yin Yang, (Park Seed).

5-23-09 bed near garage, near house, black; Sunflowers, Snack Mix (Cooks Garden)

7-23-09 planted 4 winter squash from Lowes: bed near house, near garage: 2 of Butternut, 2 of Buttercup

8-2-09 Planted in bed near house, near garage:

  • Beet, Red Ace Hybrid, (Park Seed).
  • Beet, Red Cloud Hybrid, (Cooks garden)
  • Beet Chiogga, (Park Seed)

8-6-09 Planted in bed near house, far garage:

  • One Kilo Chinese Cabbage, (John Scheepers), nearest side to strawberry patch
  • Choko Baby Pakchoi, (John Scheepers)
  • Osaka Purple Mustard greens, (Seeds of Change).

8-7-09 Bed far house, near garage:

  • Collards, Morris heading, 2 rows (John Scheepers)
  • Mustard Red Giant, saved seeds 1 row

8-23-09 Bed far house, far garage:

  • Collards Morris heading
  Bed far garage, near house
* Tatsoi, Rosette Green (Seeds of Change), nearest to strawberries;
* Broccoli Raab, (Cooks Garden);
* Spinach, Joker Asian, (John Scheepers). 

9-13-09 bed near house far garage: Mustard red Giant, my seed,2008. bed far house far garage: Rosette Green tatsoi (Sees of Change) bed near garage, far house: Spinach Joker Asian (John Scheepers).


  • Black beds between garage and garden:
  • 1 row each bed: French Red Shallots, sets (1 lb total) (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds)$14.95
  • 2 rows each bed: Garlic Early Italian Purple, (2 lb heads total). (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds) $14.95/pkg

Curved bed by garden path:

  • 1 row French Red Shallots.


  • bed near house, near garage: more garlic; the remaining french Red shallots.

11-26-09 Planted 3 heads garlic, in garden bed far house, near garage.

Garden 2010

2-21-10,Planted in indoor pots (“Cowpots”): *

  • Tomatoes, Super Sweet 100 Cherry, (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds);
  • Tomato, 'Paul Robeson', (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds);
  • Tomato, 'Pineapple', (Baker Creek);
  • Tomato, 'Pritchard or scarlet Topper', (Baker Creek Seeds);
  • Tomato, 'Henderson's Pink Ponderosa', (Baker Creek, bonus packet).

Tomatoes grew well initially, but suffered from the unusually hot and dry june weather; then get black splotches on leaves and withered; few tomatoes overall, none after mid-August. Next year, try only a few tomatoes, in large pots on porch, new potting soil, and water daily.

3-4-10, planted in Cowpots:

  • Thai White Ribbed Eggplant,(Baker Creek Seeds);
  • Broccoli, 'Calabrese Green Sprouting', (Baker Creek);
  • Basil, 'Sweet Genovese', (own saved seeds, 2009 harvest);
  • Basil, 'Dark Opal'. (Park Seed, 2009);
  • Basil, Lime', (Park Seeds,2009);
  • Cucumber 'Park All season Burpless', (Park Seeds, 2009).

3-7-10, in garden!

Bed, near house, near garage, middle of bed to outer:

  • Beet 'Golden“, (Baker Creek);
  • Beet 'Chiogga”, (Park Seed);
  • Beet, 'Cylindra', (baker Creek);
  • Carrots, 'Kaleidoscope Mix', (Cooks Garden, 2009;
  • Radish, 'French Breakfast', (Perry Morse, 2007);
  • Carrot, 'St. Valery', (Baker Creek).

Bed, far house, near garage, near house to far:

  • Lettuce, 'Little Gem', (Park Seeds);
  • Lettuce,'Yugoslavian Red', (Cooks Garden, 2008);
  • Cabbage, Chinese, 'One Kilo', (John Scheepers 2009);
  • Poppy, Papaver, (Thyme garden Herb Company).

Bed, far house, near garage:

  • Peas, 'Dakota', (John Scheepers, 2009 seed);
  • Brown Mustard Seed,, (John Scheepers, 2009, hardy annual).

3-14-10 Bed. far house. far garage:

  • Onion sets. Dutch yellow, “Stuttgarter Riesen”, 75 bulblets. (Gardeners Supply Company) (some also in other beds)

Strawberry bed, top tier:

  • Horseradish, 6 roots, (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds).

4-17-10 by back patio:

  • Four O Clocks, “Don Pedro”, mixed colors, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange)
  • Baby's Breath, Elegans alba, “Grandiflora”, (Southern Exposure).

in garden, bed near house near garage:

  • Marigolds, Petite Mix, (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds).

5-8-10, planted out all tomatoes in bed far house, far garage, and in pot on patio.

5-16-10 Bed far house, near garage:

  • Cucumber “Straight Eight”, Cucumis sativus, (Botanical Interests, 2008 seed)
  • same bed, Cucumber “White Wonder”, (original seed from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden, these seeds saved from 2009).
  • same bed, Pumpkins, “Wee Be Little”, (John Scheepers Kitchen garden)

New bed by driveway, in compost pile,

  • Pumpkin, “Rouge Vif d'Etampes”, C. maxima,(Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)
  • Winter Squash, “Galeux d'Eysines”, C. maxima, (Baker Creek).


  • Bed by driveway, more seeds of Pumpkin Rouge and Squash Galeux.

Previous seeds did not start to sprout till this week, and particularly today after heavy rains yesterday.

  • bed far house far garage, Eggplant, Thai white, in cowpots.


  • Cucumber “White Wonder” and “straight Eight”, planted more seeds in bed far house, near garage; some of previous seeds are starting to come up.


  • Replanted beets (Golden, Chiogga,) in bed near house, near garage.
  • Replanted carrots, (St Valery) same bed, mixed with Cooks Custom Radish mix.
  • Planted Kale Winterbor hybrid (Cooks Garden) in bed near house far garage.
  • Planted Collards Georgia Southern, (Baker Creek) in same bed.


  • Planted potted seedlings from Southern states; Broccoli, 9 plants, bed near house, far garage;
  • broccoli, 9 plants, far house, near garage;
  • Collards, 9 plants, far house, far garage.


  • removed all tomatoes from bed far house, far garage:
  • planted Kale, Dwarf Siberian, (Baker Creek)
  • Broccoli Raab, my seed from 7-09;
  • Spinach Space hybrid, (Cooks Garden, 2009 seed)
  • Lettuce 'Red Sails', (Park Seed, 2009 seed).

Garden 2011

  • 4-17-11
  • Black plastic bed nearest to garage and house: planted onion bulbs (sets) (Red Wetherfield, John Scheepers Seeds) and strawberry plants (Gardener's Supply).
  • strawberry plants, (Gardener's Supply) in ceramic strawberry pot on patio, also 1 Italian parsley plant(Lowes).
  • 4 tomato plants in pots on patio (from local store) 2 Sweet 100, 1 German Johnson, 1 Best Boy.
  • 4-18-11
  • bed far garage, near house: 2 rows carrotsAtomic Red, (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), mixed with Radish, French breakfast, (Baker Creek).
  • same bed: 1 row Lettuce, Jericho Romaine, (John Scheeper Kitchen Garden Seeds).
  • same bed: 1 row Spinach, Bloomsdale, (Baker Creek).
  • same bed, 1 row onion sets, Red Wetherfield.
  • 5-12-11 Bed far garage, near house: Cucumbers, 1. Salad Bush, (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden, 2010), 2. Mideast Prolific, Cucumis sativus, (Seeds of Change, 2010) and 3. Sweet Slice, (Kitchen Garden, 2010). [had 2 phenologic types, abundant yield, non bitter till end of season. for weeks, great; some problems with yellowing of cukes, ? why]
  • 5-12-11 Planted 6 plants, bell peppers, (Weaver Street), bed near house and garage. [had a very good yield, several weeks of abundant peppers]

5-15-11 bed near house and garage: Melons,

  • melons: “Ananas D'amerique a Chair Vert” American Melon, (Baker Creek, 2011) [had 2 or 3, the rest did not mature]
  • Cantaloupe “Charentais” (Seeds of Change 2011). [same]
  • bed far house and garage:
  • Pumpkins, Rouge (Baker creek) [died during July drought and excessive heat]
  • Winter Squash, Galeux, (Baker creek) [same]
  • Beans, Blue Lake [very nice and non stringy beans, need to water regularly; stressed by excessive heat, poor yield]
  • Beans, Purple [better yield but very stringy and thick beans]
  • Marigolds, Brocade [did great esp in august onwards]

9-26-11: Bed far garage, near house:

  • Lettuce “Rouge d'Hiver” Romaine, (John Scheepers)
  • Spinach, “Regiment”, (John Scheepers)
  • Asian greens, “Toy Choi” baby Pakchoi, (John Scheepers)
  • Asian greens, Tatsoi, (J Scheepers)

Bed near house and garden:

  • Tatsoi, Asian greens , (J Scheepers)
  • Mustard, “Da Ping Pu”, (Baker Creek)
  • Kale, “Russian Red or Ragged Jack”, (Baker Creek)
  • Kale “Dwarf Siberian”, (Baker Creek)

10-16-11 Bed far house, near garage: * Garlic, “Early Purple Italian”, cloves, 1 lb of sets (Kitchen Garden seeds).

10-30-11 Bed far house, near garage, also bed far house, far garage: * Shallots,French Red, 1 lb of sets (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds).

Garden 2012

2-3-12 Bed, far house and garage:

  • Lettuce Forellenschluss, (Baker Creek Seeds)
  • Beets, Golden, (Baker Creek)
  • Lettuce Gentilina, (Baker Creek)
  • Beets Bulls blood, (Baker Creek)
  • Beets Chioggia, (Baker Creek)

Bed near house, far garage:

  • Broccoli Super Blend Mixture, (Kitchen Garden Seeds)
  • Radish French Breakfast,(D Landreth Seed Co)

5-6-12 Bed, far house, near garage:still growing garlics and shallots, but in near part of bed, planted:

  • Tomato plants, (Home Depot),
  • Pepper, green bell (Home Depot).

In hanging tomato planter and porch pot:

  • 1 tomato and 2 bell pepper plants from Home depot.

5-12-12 In bed near house, far garage:

  • Pumpkin “Rouge Vif D'Etampes” (Cinderella), (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange).
  • Pumpkin “Seminole”,(Southern Exposure Seed Exchange)
  • Winter Squash, “Green Hubbard”, (D Landreth Seed co.)
  • Pumpkin, “Small Sugar”, (D Landreth Seed Co).

In bed far house far garage:

  • Summer Squash, “Gold Rush”, 6 plants from Weaver Street.
  • Summer Squash, “Golden Bush Scallop”, (Southern Exposure Seed).

5-24-12 In Bed near house, near garage:

  • Beans, “Kentucky Wonder”, (Ferry Morse) 2007.
  • Beans,snap (pole), “Potomac”, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange).3-11.

8-25-12 In bed far house, far garage:

  • 8 collard plants, Morris heading.
  • 8 collard plants.
  • 8 Chinese cabbage (Home Depot)
  • Onions, 'Fukagawa' (Japanese Bunching), by inner edge of bed. (Kitchen Garden Seeds)
  • Onions,'He Shi Ko' Bunching, (Baker Creek) by outer edge of bed.

In bed far house, near garage:

  • Beets, Golden and Bull's blood (Baker Creek)
  • Oriental Greens, Extra dwarf Pak Choy, (Baker Creek)
  • Tatsoi, (Baker Creek).

3-3-13 Black plastic bed near house and garage: planted Beets but most did not come up, possibly due to cold weather.

4-3-13: same bed,I added compost and planted:

  • Beet, Crosby's Egyptian, (Baker Creek,2011)
  • Oriental Greens, Ching Chang Bok Choy, (Baker Creek,2013)
  • Lettuce, Bibb, Butterhead, Buttercrunch, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange,2011)
  • Lettuce, Four Seasons, Butterhead,(Cooks Garden,2009)

4-3-13, Garden bed near house and garage: from medial to lateral outer side of bed, after adding big load of compost;

  • Carrot, Amarillo,(Baker Creek,2011)
  • Carrot, Cosmic Purple, (Southern Exposure,2012)
  • Carrot, Danvers 126,(Southern Exposure,2012)
  • Lettuce, Gentilina,(Baker Creek,2012)
  • Beet,Chioggia, (Baker Creek,2012)
  • Beet, Bull's Blood, (Baker Creek,2012)
  • Beet,Golden,(Baker Creek,2011)

5-1-13 In small pots on porch: * Nasturtium,“Jewel Blend”,Tropaeolum majus In large flat pot near strawberry patch: * Yellow Lavender Lavandula viridis (Seeds of change, old seed)

5-12-13 *Bed far house and garage:

  • Sweet Potato slips: medially, “Porto Fino”;laterally, “Ginseng”.

5-13-13 *Bed far house, near garage;

  • Soya Beans “Tokio Verte”, (Baker Creek,2013)
  • Cucumber “Ashley”, along edge of bed (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, 12-2012)
  • Cucumber “Spacemaster”, towards middle of bed, (Southern Exposure, 12-2012)
  • Pumpkins, “Small Sugar”, (Cook's Garden,2008 seed)
  • Squash “Galeux d'Eysines”,C maxima (Baker Creek,2011)
  • Pumpkin, “Rouge Vif D'Etampes,C maxima, (Baker Creek,2011).

5-18-13 *Bed near house far garage:

  • Lettuce “Mignonette Bronze”,(Baker Creek ,2012)
  • Basil “Emily”, (Baker Creek 2012)
  • Basil”Lettuce Leaf“, (Baker Creek,2012)

*Bed far house and garage

  • Bean “Calima bush”, (Baker Creek 2012)

Garden 2014


* Bed far house, near garage:

  • Lettuce “Tennis Ball”, (Baker Creek) 2014.
  • Lettuce “Merlot”, (Baker Creek) 2014
  • Onion, Allium fistulosum, “He Shi Ko Bunching”, (Baker Creek) 2014
  • Onion “Red of Florence”, (Baker Creek), 2014

* Bed far garage, near house:

  • Snow pea, “Oregon Sugar Pod II” (High Mowing Organic Seeds) 2014.

3-21-14 *same bed: Swiss chard, “Bright Lights”. 18 seedlings, form home Depot.(Bonnie Plants)

Porch, strawberry pot: * Strawberry plants, bare root, x9, “Ozark Beauty”, from Home Depot.8-12”, space 12-15“.hardy zone 4 to 8.everbearing.Full sun. *Strawberry pot and another ceramic pot: strawberry plants x2, “Purple Wonder”. Burpee Co. Ht 8-12”. full sun, space 10-12“.

3-23-14 * Bed near house, far garage: French radishes, (2011).


  • Screen Porch pots:
    • Rosemary, (Bonnie plants, Home Depot), full sun, 6 plus hours daily, space 24 to 36” apart.Height 24 to 36“.
    • Rosemary,(prostrate), Rosmarinus officinalis, zone 7 to 10, Full sun, 8” height, blue flowers, (J&B Herb and Plant farms Inc, from Weaver St Market). organic.
    • Lavender,Lavandula,(Bonnie Plants,Home Depot). Full sun, space 18“. Height 20 to 24”.


  • Screen Porch pots:
    • Marjoram (compactum), Origanum marjorana, zone 8-10. Full sun. (J&B Herb and Plant farms,Inc,organic)
    • Marjoram (golden variegated), Origanum aurem, Zone 8-10. (J&B Herb and Plant Farms Inc, organic). Creeping habit, 18“.
    • Mint,chocolate, (Home Depot) Bonnie plants. Sun to part shade, 3-6 plus hours daily. Space 18 to 24” apart.Height: 24“.
    • Arugula, “Astro”, Eruca vesicaria,subsp.sativa,(High Mowing Organic Seeds). 2014.
    • Nasturtium Mix “Capuchina”, tender annual, (Seeds of Change) 2014. Full/partial sun, moderate moisture, 55 day harvest, 12-16” plants.
    • Chives, “Cebollin Nelly”, (Seeds of Change) 2014.Hardy perennial 12-24“.Full sun moderate moisture, 75 days harvest.


  • Large pot on screen porch:
    • Clematis, “Parisienne”, potted plant, (White Flower Farms) Blue-violet,May/June and August/September, 3-4 ft, full sun or average shade.

10-4-14 Bed near house, far garage;

  • Garlic,”Blanco Paicenza“, (cook's garden) 2014.
  • Garlic,”Shilla“ (cooks Garden) 2014.

Bed far garage and house; Kale,. Tatsoi, 10-19-14

Bed far garage and house; replanted

  • Kale, Dwarf Siberian, (Baker Creek), 2013 seed.
  • Kale, Lacinato, (Cooks Garden) 2013.
  • Kale,Tuscan Lacinato, (John Scheepers)
  • Kale,Russian Red or Ragged Jack, (Baker Creek) 2011.



Bed far garage, near house;

  • Shallots, “French Red”.(bulbs)
  • Onions, “Flat of Italy”, (Baker Creek, 2015)
  • Onions, “He Shi Ko bunching”, (Baker Creek,2015)

Bed far garage, far house:

  • Broccoli, 9 plants from Lowes.


Bed far garage, far house:

  • Beets, “Golden”, (Baker Creek, 2015)
  • Beets, “Crapaudine”, (Baker Creek,2015)


Bed far garage, far house; from inner edge;

  • Snow peas,”Oregon Sugar Pod II“, Pisum sativum, (High Mowing organic Seeds, 2014)
  • Broccoli Raab, “Cima di rapa”, (John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds,2014)
  • Arugula,Organic Gourmet, (Cooks Garden,2012)
  • Lettuce, “Rocky Top Mix”, (Baker Creek,2011)
  • Lettuce, “Chadwick's Rodan”,(Baker Creek,2015)

5-8-15 Bed far house, near garage:

  • Cucumbers, leftmost: Cucumis sativus, “Straight Eights”, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, 2015.(57 days)
  • Cucumbers, middle of patch: Cucumis sativus, “Lemon”, SESE, 2015. 11-14
  • Cucumbers,right side: Cucumis sativus, “Ashley”, SESE, 2014.

2 large growing bags by deck:

  • Sweet potatoes, “Georgia Jet”, 2015, Gardens Alive. 2015.

Bed by edge of garden pathway

  • Hot Peppers,x2, “Dragon” (Home Depot) 2015.
  • Hot peppers, x2, (Home Depot) 2015.

5-25-15 Bed far house and far garage:

  • Squash, summer, (pattypan),2015.


  • Parsley, “Giant of Italy,” by side of walkway to garden.(Baker Creek,2013.)
  • Chervil,Anthriscus cerefolium, Baker Creek, 2015, in pot on screened porch.

Bed near house,far garage;

  • Onion “Yellow Flat Dutch”,Baker Creek,2015. (free gift)
  • Onion, “Ho Shi Ko Bunching”,Baker Creek,2015.

Bed,far house, near garage;

  • Beans,snap (bush),Phaseolus vulgaris,”Royalty Purple Pod“, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, 2014.

6-11-15 Bed near house and far garage;

  • Onions,Scallion “Red Baron”,Cook's Garden,2013.
  • Onion, “Ho Shi Ko Bunching”,Baker Creek,2015.

Bed far house and garage:

  • Lettuce, “Long standing Batavian”, Seeds of Change,2007.
  • Lettuce, “Mignonette Bronze”, Baker Creek,2010.
  • Marigolds, “Petite Mix”, Baker Creek,2014.

8-16-15 (new moon, plus 3 days) bed near house and garage, amended with 4 bags Kow manure:

  • Lettuce, “Jericho”, Romaine, Lettuca sativa, (SESE), 2015.
  • Swiss Chard,”Rainbow“, Beta vulgaris, SESE, 2015.
  • Pak Choy, Baker Creek, 2015.
  • Kale,Scarlet, Baker Creek, 2015.
  • Tatsoi,Baker Creek, 2015.

Bed near house, far garage, with the onions:

  • Spinach, “Bloomsdale”, long-standing,Baker Creek,2015.
  • Lettuce,”Jericho“, Romaine, SESE, 2015.

11-1-15 Bed far house and far garage;

  • Garlic,Polish White, German Red and Premium Northern White, 4 oz of each (but one bag had rotted, I think the Polish white), Southern Exposure Seed exchange.

Garden 2016


Bed far garage and house; first row next to blueberries; planted with waning moon.Moon in Scorpio

  • Carrot,”Purple Dragon“, Baker Creek seeds.2016
  • Carrot, “Kuroda Long”, Baker Creek.
  • Radish, “Long Scarlet”, Baker Creek.
  • Beet,”Flat of Egypt“, Baker Creek
  • Beet,”Cylindra“, Baker Creek
  • Radish,”Malaga“, Baker Creek

Between garlic rows;

  • Spinach, “Bloomsdale Long-standing”, Baker Creek, 2015
  • Lettuce, “Devil's Ear”, Baker Creek.

3-13-16 Moon waxing, in Gemini

Bed near house and garage: 1 row of each

  • Lettuce, “Merlot”, (Baker Creek)
  • Pak Choy, Extra Dwarf, (Baker Creek)
  • Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris, (SESE)
  • Pak Choy, Oriental Greens, (Baker Creek).

4-2-16 Sun Aries, Moon Aquarius, waning.

Bed near garage, far house: Left to right and back to front, facing the garage:

  • Mugwort,Artemisia vulgaris, (Thyme Garden) 2015.
  • Vervain,Verbena officinalis, (Thyme Garden), 2015.
  • Hyssop,Myssopus officinalis, (Thyme Garden), 2015.
  • Feverfew,double-flower, Tanacetum parthenium, (Thyme Garden) 2015.
  • Angelica,Angelica archangelica, (Thyme Garden Herb Company), 2015.
  • Agrimony,Agrimonia eupatoria, (Thyme Garden), 2015.
  • Cinquefoil,Potentilla recta, (Thyme Garden) 2015.
  • WormwoodArtemisia, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange), 2015
  • Clary Sage,Salvia sclarea, (Thyme Garden), 2015.

Bed near house,far garage:

  • Onion,”Red of Florence“,(Baker Creek), 2016.
  • Basil, “Emily”, Genovese type, (Baker Creek), 2016.
  • Basil, “Dark Purple Opal”, (Baker Creek), 2016.
  • Basil, “Purple Neopolitan”, from my saved seed, 2015.

Bed near house and garage:

  • Radish, “Malaga”, near the squashes (companion planting)
  • Nasturtium, “Dwarf jewel mix”, (Baker Creek),2013, near squashes.
  • Chinese Pak Choy,(Baker Creek), 2016, in mid-bed.
  • Pak Choy, extra dwarf, (Baker Creek), 2016, in mid-bed.

In large pot by far bed: Anise Hyssop, (Baker Creek), 2016.

5-1-16 Bed near house and garage;

  • Squash, Zucchini, Black Beauty, (Home Depot plants.)
  • Squash, Crookneck yellow, (Home depot plants)

5-15-16 Sun Taurus, Moon waxing in Virgo. Bed near house and garage;

  • Cucumber, Tendergreen Burpless, (Baker Creek), 2016
  • cucumber, Beit Alpha, (Baker Creek), 2016 (closer to garage.)

5-16-16 Moon waxing in Virgo Bed near house and garage;

  • Melon Petit Gris de Rennes, closest to edge of bed; (Baker Creek), 2016.
  • Melon, Vert Grimpant (Green Climbing), (Baker Creek).2016.
  • Radish, “Malaga”, (Baker Creek), 2016 companion planting for melons.

Garden 2017


  • Basil, Lime, (Baker Creek), bed far house and far garage. 2017.
  • Basil, Genovese, (Baker Creek Seeds), same bed. 2017.
  • Basil, Dark Purple Opal, (Baker Creek Seeds), same bed, 2017.
  • Basil, 3 plants (of these 3 types) in same bed, bought from Piedmont Feed.
  • Cucumber, “Dar”, (Baker Creek Seed), bed far house and far garage. 2017 seed.
  • Cucumber, Straight Eights, Cucumis sativus, (SESE), same bed, 2015 seed.
  • Cucumber Lemon, same bed, 2016.
  • Bean, Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder Pole), (Baker Creek Seed), in large pot on brick patio. 2017 seed.
  • Bean, Snap (pole), 'Aunt Bea's', Phaseolus vulgaris, Phaseolus lunatus, Vigna unguiculata, (SESE), large pot on patio, on right facing the house. 2017
  • Marigold, Petite Mix, in bed far garage far house, (Baker Creek), 2017.
  • Onions, Flat of Italy,(Baker Creek), bed near house, far garage, 2017,2015.
  • Onions, He Shi Ko bunching,(Baker Creek),same bed, 2017, 2015.
  • Onions, Red of Florence,(Baker Creek), same bed, 2016.


  • Pepper, hot Jalapeno, next to walkway by brick patio, 3 plants.


  • Cucumber,'Dar', more seeds in same bed as previous planting
  • Basil, 'Genovese', more seeds, same bed.


  • 6 squash, summer( zucchini, crookneck and pattypan) in bed near house, far garage; bought from Home Depot.
  • Marigold,'Brocade Mix', same bed, and other bed by basil; (Baker Creek).
  • Borage, blue, Borogo officinalis, same bed. (The Thyme Garden), 2017.

9-6-17 Full Moon, Moon in Pisces, Sun Virgo.

  • Broccoli, Stir Fry, “Artwork”, 3 plant in garden near house and garage, nearest to middle of walkway; 3 plants in tomato pot on brick patio. (All plants from Home Depot)
  • Chinese Cabbage, “Napa type”, 6 plants in bed near house and garage, next to broccoli.
  • Collards, “Morris Heading”, 6 plants, same bed.
  • Collards, Georgia, “Top Bunch”, same bed, closest to garage.


  • Radishes, French Breakfast, Raphanus sativas, (High Mowing Organic Seeds), in beds closest to house.


  • Garlic, Softneck “Silver Rose”, Allium, SESE, bed far garage and far house. Ht 18 to 24”.
  • Garlic, “Deerfield Purple” Hardneck, Sativum spp, SESE, same bed. Ht 36 to 48“.
  • Onion, “Yellow Potato”, Perennial onions, SESE, same bed, far end)



  • Onions, “Flat of Italy”, (Baker Creek, 2015 and 2017 seed), bed close house, far garage.
  • Onions, “He Shi Ko” Bunching,Allium fistulosum, (Baker Creek, 2015 and 2017 seed), same bed.
  • Spinach, “Regiment”, (Kitchen Garden Seeds, 2018?) in bed near house and garage. 37 days.
  • Mache, Salad Greens, “Gros Graines Mache”, (Kitchen Garden Seeds, 2018), same bed. 45-50 days.
  • Salad Greens, “Baby leaf salad mixture”, (Kitchen Garden Seeds, 2018), same bed.
  • Radish,”French Breakfast“, Raphanus sativas, (High Mowing Organic Seeds, 2018),same bed. 26 days.
  • Peas, “Sugar Ann Snap”, (Kitchen Garden Seeds, 2018), in 3 large pots on patio. 52-62 days.
  • Lettuce, “Amish Deer Tongue”, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2018), in large flat pot on patio.


  • Carrots, Daucus carota, “Thumbelina Baby Ball”, (Kitchen Garden Seeds, 2018), bed near house and garage; closest row to garage. 60-70 days.
  • Radishes, Raphanus sativas, “French Breakfast”, (High Mowing, 2018) same bed and row. 26 days.
  • Carrots, Daucus carota, “Cosmic Purple”, (SESE, 2018), same bed. 70 days.
  • Radishes, Raphanus sativus, “Easter Egg”.(SESE, 2018), same bed. 24 days.
  • Carrots, Daucus carota, “Chantenay Red Core”, (SESE, 2018), same bed. 65 days.
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris, “Bull's Blood”, (High Mowing, 2017), bed near house, far garage, between green onions. 35 days greens, 65 days beets.
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris, “Chioggia (Dolce di Chioggia)”, (SESE, 2018), bed far house and garage, between garlic rows. 52 days. 1 row.
  • Beets, “Crapaudine”, (Baker Creek, 2018), in bed far house and garage, between garlic rows. 1 row.
  • Beets, “Bull's Blood”, in pot on patio, with:
  • Radishes, “Daikon, mini purple”, (Kitchen Garden, 2018), in pot; 50 days.
  • and Carrots, “Chantenay Red Core”, in pot.


  • Cilantro,”Longstanding“, (Ferry-Morse),2018, seeds planted in parsley pot on screen porch.
  • Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris, (SESE), 2018 seed, planted in pot on brick patio.
  • Peas, “Sugar Ann Snap”, (Kitchen Garden Seeds), in pots previously planted with same seed variety, on brick patio. 52-62- days. Ht: 2 ft.


  • Peppers, Bell, 5 plants (Home Depot) in hanging pot.
  • Pepper, Jalapeno, 1 plant in hanging pot.
  • Tomatoes, 4 plants, (Home Depot) in 3 large pots on brick patio.

5-15-18 Sun Taurus, Moon Taurus.

  • Amaranth, Grain, Amaranthus hypochondriacsis, (The Thyme Garden), in onion bed, far house and garage. Between rows of onions, closest to house.
  • Amaranth, “Chinese Giant Orange”, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, (Select Seeds Antique Flowers, 2017), in same bed, mid-bed. FS. Half-hardy annual. Ht to 8ft. Spacing 2-3 ft.
  • Amaranth “Dreadlocks”, (Baker Creek Heriloom Seeds, 2018), Ht 3 ft.FS, rich soil.

5-18-18 Sun Taurus, Moon Cancer.

  • Cucumber “Ashley”, Cucumis sativus, (SESE, 2018), in bed far garage, near house, closest to house. 66 days. FS. Disease resistant.
  • Cucumber “Poinsett 76”, Cucumis sativus, (SESE 2017), same bed, closer to middle.56 days. FS. Disease resistant.
  • Cucumber “Lemon”, Cucumis sativus, (SESE 2017), FS.

9-10-18 Sun Virgo, Moon Libra

  • Collards, 'Hen Peck, (SESE, 2017), in bed far garage, near house, closest to fence.
  • Mustard,'Miike Takana', (Baker Creek Heirloom Seed), 2018 seed, in bed far garage, close house, next to collards. Harvest at 12-14 inches tall.
  • Another row of collards in middle of bed
  • Oriental Greens, Baby Bok Choy 'Ching Chang', (Baker Creek, 2015 seed), same bed. 50 days to harvest
  • Brussel Sprouts, 6 plants (Home Depot), same bed, most medial.


  • Egyptian Walking Onion, Allium x proliferata, 1 ounce of bulbs in pot. Plan to transfer to permanent raised bed in new garden area.

10-15-18 Waxing Moon, Sun Libra, Moon Capricorn.

  • Swiss Chard, “Bright Lights”, 6 plants (Southern states, Carrboro), in bed far house and far garage. in 2 rows between the flower seeds. Matures in 60 days.FS.
  • Kale, Brassica oleracea, “Lacinato Rainbow Mix”, in same bed by Swiss chard, also in bed near house, far garage, interspersed with Brussel Sprout plants. Mulch deeply. Even moisture and fertile soil. Space 12-18 inches. Full Sun. (SESE, 2017 seed).

10-29-18 waning Moon, 3rd quarter, Sun Scorpio, Moon Taurus

  • Potato Onions, (SESE), 1 row, closest to house in bed near house and garage.
  • Shallots, 'Grey Griselle', Allium cepa var. aggregatum, 1 row (in ridged row)
  • Shallots, 'French Round', Allium cepa var. aggregatum, 1 row (in ridged row)
  • Egyptian Walking Onions,(Perennial Onions), Allium proliferum, 1 row (SESE).
  • Mache (Feldsalat 'Rapunzel', seed from Germany! between first 3 rows of onions and shallots.


  • Saffron Fall Crocus, Crocus sativus, 2 rows, 50 bulbs, (Gardens Alive), from cultivated stock. Same bed as onions and shallots.



  • Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis, “Jersey Knight Giant”, (Stark Brothers, bare root), 10 roots in new gardens.
  • Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis, “Purple Passion”, (Stark, bare root), 11 roots in new gardens.
  • Rhubarb, Rheum rhabarbarum, “Starkrimson”, (Stark Brothers, bare root), 2 roots, in new gardens.
  • Spinach, Spinacia oleracea, “Giant Noble”, (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), in new gardens, by rhubarb.
  • Tatsoi, Brassica rapa, (Baker Creek), in new bed by rhubarb.


  • Strawberry, Fragaria spp, 'Mara des Bois', (White Flower Farm), bare roots, planted 10/25. New tiered garden beds.
  • Strawberry, Fragaria spp, 'Sparkle', (White Flower Farm), bare roots, 14/25.
  • Borage, Borago officinalis, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds 2018), in tiered strawberry bed.


  • Strawberry 'Mara des Bois', the rest of the bare roots. New garden beds; pots on porch.
  • Strawberry 'Sparkle', the rest of bare roots in new gardens and in old garden bed, far house and garage.
  • Motherwort, Official,Leonurus cardiaca, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds, 2017 and 2018), in new garden bed by 2 motherwort plants.
  • Vervain, European, Verbena officinalis, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds and Thyme Garden seeds), same new bed.
  • Angelica, Official, Angelica archangelica, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds), same bed.


  • Cilantro, Coriandrum sativum, (Ferry-Morse seed, 2018) in blackberry bed in front of new garden fence, nearest to house.
  • Saint John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum, (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. 2019) in blackberry bed in front of new garden fence, nearest to woods.
  • Dill, Anethum graveolens,'Dukat', (Kitchen Garden Seeds), scattered in gardens, new and old.
  • Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium,'White Stars', (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, 2019)in new garden, medicinal herb bed.
  • Chamomile, Matricaria recutita,'Zloty Lan', (Baker Creek, 2018), along path to garden.
  • Chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla, 'German', (Baker Creek, 2016) along path to garden.


  • Cinquefoil, Potentilla anserina, transplanted 3 plant clusters from old garden bed to new herb bed.


  • Horseradish, Armoracia rusticana, (Stark Brothers), 4 roots in raised bed in new garden.
  • Carrots, Daucus carota, 'Amarillo', (Baker Creek), seeds, in new garden, closest bed to house and front yard.
  • Radish, Raphanus sativus, 'French Breakfast', (Baker Creek), same bed and rows.
  • Radish, Raphanus sativus, 'Malaga', (Baker Creek), same bed and rows.
  • Chives, Allium schoenoprasum, (Thyme Garden), same bed.
  • Garlic, Allium sativum, 'Early Italian Purple', several heads in old garden, near garage, far house.


  • Borage, Blue, Borago officinalis, (Thyme Garden), in old garden, next to strawberry plants, bed near garage, far house.
  • Strawberries, Fragaria, 3 plants, (Stark Brothers), in old gardens, same bed.
  • Spinach, Spinacia oleracea, 'Bloomsdale', (Botanical Interests, 2019), in same bed near strawberries.
  • beets, Beta vulgaris, 'Bull's Blood', (Baker Creek, 2019 seed), in same bed.1 row
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris, 'Crapaudine', (Baker Creek, 209), same bed.1 row.
  • beets, Beta vulgaris, 'Chioggia (Bassano)', (Baker Creek, 2019), same bed. 2 rows.
  • Blueberries, Vaccinium, 'Bushel and Barrel Blueberry Glaze', 2 plants, (Stark Brothers), transplanted from small pots to large pots and placed in old garden by blueberry patch.
  • Garlic, Allium sativum, 'Early Italian Purple', the rest of the cloves in a planter (with the comfrey) and interspersed with the chamomile by the garden path.


  • Bok Choy, Brassica rapa, 'Purple Lady', (Baker Creek Seeds, 2019),in new bed.
  • Catnip, Nepeta cataria, 1 plant (grown by Rik from seed)in new garden bed.
  • Horehound White, Marrubium vulgare, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2019)in new bed by the catnip plant.
  • Chamomile, 1 plant grown by Rik, transplanted to bed along garden path.


  • Onion, 'Red of Florence', (Baker Creek, 2019) in old garden, bed far house and garage. This bed is well


  • Onion, 'He Shi Ko bunching', (Baker Creek, 2019) same bed, closer to center of bed.


  • Elecampane, Inula helenium, (Richter's Herbs, 3 plants) in new garden beds.
  • Orange Balsam Thyme, Thymus, (Richter's Herbs, 3 plants) by walk between garage and house (dry garden bed).
  • Catnip, Faassen's Nepeta x faassenii, (Richter's herbs), in new garden.
  • Anise Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum (Richter's Herbs) in new garden.
  • Bergamot, Monarda didyma (Richter's Herbs) in new garden.
  • Lavender,English Lavandula angustifolia, (Richter's Herbs) in pot.


  • Hops, 'Columbia', Humulus lupulus, 1 rhizome, in pot,(Gardens Alive).Plan to move to larger pot in old garden to train up over trellis. 10-20 ft ht, full sun. Zones 3-8. Vigorous but susceptible to mildew.
  • Parsley, Italian, Petroselinum crispum, 2 pplants, in pots onscreen porch. (Home depot).


  • Key Lime, dwarf, Citrus × aurantiifolia, 1 plant (Gardens Alive), in pot.
  • Mulberry, dwarf everbearing, Morus alba, 2 plants (Gardens Alive) in pots.


  • Hyssop, Hyssopus officinalis, 7 plants. (Richters Herbs). 3 in ground in front of mudroom, near the path. 2 in new garden bed, with herbs. 2 in pots on screen porch.


  • Nasturtium Tropaeolum nanum “King Theodore”, seeds, (Baker creek), in several pots on screen porch
  • Tomato, in old garden, near house, far garage).
  • Tomato, in hanging pot on patio, 2 plants.
  • Green bell pepper, in hanging pot
  • Red bell pepper, in old garden, near house, far garage.
  • Blackberry, (unspecified breed) in bed by screen porch.
  • Jalapeno peppers, 2 plants, in kitchen garden.
  • Red hot peppers, 6 plants, in same bed.


  • Anise Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum, transplanted 1 plant from a pot into new gardens.


  • Onion “Red of Florence”, reseeded in old garden, far bed. (Baker Creek, 2019) previous seeds overwhelmed by weeds although about 8 onions came up
  • Onion “He Shi Ko Bunching”, reseeded in same bed. (Baker Creek, 2019).
  • Lettuce, Lactuca sativa, “Jericho Romaine”, in same bed, (SESE 2018).
  • Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, transplanted 1 plant from old garden to kitchen garden by brick patio.


  • Kale, Brassica napus, 'Red Russian', (SESE, 1994), bed near garage and house.
  • Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris, 'Barese', (Baker creek, 2019), same bed.
  • Collards, 'Alabama Blue', (SESE, 2018), bed far house, near house.


  • Cherry Tree, 'Carmine Jewel” Bush Cherry Dwarf, 2 trees, in round raised beds in old garden. I cleared out all the plantings in these beds except some of the Black-eyed Susans. Zone 3-8. 6 - 8' tall x 6 - 8' wide. Full sun. 2-3 years to bear. Fruits in July.
  • Horseradish, Armoracia rusticana, transplanted several roots with leaves from round bed to new garden beds.


  • Brussel Sprouts (all form Home depot, 5 or 6 of each plant) in old garden beds
  • Curly Kale
  • Broccoli, stir fry
  • Red cabbage


  • Lacinato Kale (“cavolo nero”),Brassica oleracea, 6 plants (Home Depot).
  • Morris Heading Cabbage Collards,Brassica oleracae var. acephala, 6 plants, (Home Depot),in old garden, far garage, near house.


  • Jerusalem Artichokes, Helianthus tuberosus. 5 tubers (from Gena Sanders), in old garden. far house, near garage.


3-11-20 Bed, far house, far garage: From back to front:

  • Beet,'Detroit Dark Red', Beta vulgaris,(SESE, 2021),60 days to harvest. Heirloom. Full Sun.
  • Beet,'Chioggia','Dolce de Chioggia', Beta vulgaris, (SESE, 12-19). Full sun.
  • Green Onion, bunching Onion,'Evergreen Hardy White', Allium fistulosum, (SESE, 9-19). 60 days. Very hardy, can be left in ground year round.
  • Onion, bunching,'Deep Purple', Allium cepa, (SESE, 1-20). Full Sun. Weed frequently and shallowly; mulch. Harvest: pull when most of the tops have browned and fallen over. Cure in partial shade for 2-3 weeks until the necks have thoroughly dried. Clip tops to within 1 inch of the bulb.

Bed, far house, near garage;

  • Onion, dry, 'Yellow of Parma', (SESE, 12-18).
  • Beet,'Detroit Dark Red', Beta vulgaris,(SESE, 2021),60 days to harvest. Heirloom. Full Sun. (1 row combined)
  • Beet,'Chioggia','Dolce de Chioggia', Beta vulgaris, (SESE, 12-19). Full sun.

3-26-20, New Moon in Taurus

Bed near house, far garage;

  • Snap Peas (Dwarf), Pisum sativum, 'Sugar Ann', (2019, SESE). 2 trellises with peas, and inoculant.
  • Radish, Raphanus sativus,'Malaga', (2019, Baker Creek), same bed.
  • Radish, Raphanus sativus, 'Easter Egg Mix', (2019, SESE), same bed.
  • Marigold, Tagetes patula nana, 'Giant Tricolor', (2018, Baker Creek), same bed.

Bed far house and garage:

  • Dill, 'Dukat', (Kitchen Garden Seeds, also some transplants from seeds from last years crop, near greenhouse.

Porch containers:

  • Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris, 'Rainbow Five Color Silverbeet', (2019, SESE).
  • Mache, Valerianella locusta, (2020, Strictly Medicinal).
  • Arugula, Eruca vesicaria sativa, (2019, Baker Creek).
  • Lettuce, Lactuca sativa, 'Crisp Mint Romaine', (2019, Strictly Medicinal).

3-27-20 Porch Container:

  • Broccoli Raab, Brassica rapa, (2018, SESE), in pot on porch.

4-4-20 Garden bed far house and garage:

  • Borage, Borago officinalis, (2016, Horizon Herbs), interpersed with strawberries.

Kitchen garden bed by screen porch:

  • French Marigold, 'Lemon Drop', (2019, SESE).
  • Sweet Alyssum Tall White, (2019, Baker Creek).
  • Dill (transplanted from last year).
  • Flat Leaf Parsley, transplanted from last year.
  • Lovage, Levisticum offinalis, (Thyme Garden).

Garden bed near garage, far house:

  • Calendula, Resina, Calendula officinalis, (2018, SESE).

New beds, far house and back yard:

  • Horehound, White, Marrubium vulgare, (2020, Strictly Medicinal seeds), herbaceous perennial, full sun, fast draining soil. mesic to dry conditions. Plant 1 ft apart.
  • Clary Sage, transplanted 3 plants from old beds.
  • Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, (3 plants from Richters), perennial, zone 7-8, Ht 50-120 cm, sun to part sun.


  • Basil 'Lettuce Leaf', (2019, Baker Creek), old garden, bed near house, far garage. Also in new garden? far bed with hyssop.
  • Basil 'Genovese', (2018, Baker Creek), old garden, bed near house and garage. Also in kitchen garden bed by brick patio.
  • Sunflower, Helianthus annuus, 'Hopi Dye', (2019, SESE), old garden, bed far house, near garage)
  • Sunflower, 'Evening Sun', (2019, Baker Creek), old garden bed near house and garage).
  • Basil, Persian, 'Reyhan', (2018, Baker Creek), in bed by side of greenhouse, near mugwort.

5-4-20 old bed far house, far garage

  • CucumberCucumis sativus, 'Homemade Pickles', (2020, SESE), nearest to house on new trellis
  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'Straight Eights', (2019, SESE) next in line on trellis
  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'Marketmore', (2020, Botanical Interests).Last in line on trellis
  • Radish, 'French breakfast', (2019, Baker Creek, same bed, to promote cukes).

Old bed, far house, near garage

  • More cucumbers, 'Straight Eights' I think
  • Summer Squash, Cucurbita pepo, 'Golden Bush', (2019, SESE). next to trellis. I forgot this is a bush type but hopefully I can train it up on trellis also. Maturity 68 days
  • Summer Squash, zucchini Cucurbita pepo, 'Black Beauty',(2020, Botanical Interests), next to trellis.Bush type.Maturity 55 days
  • Nasturtium, 'King Theodore', (2016, Baker Creek), same bed, to repel squash pests
  • Tomato, in hanging basket, 'Big Beef', from Humble Umbel Farms, 1 plant
  • Tomato, in hanging basket, 'German Johnson', from HU Farms, 1 plant
  • Tomato, in big pot on porch, 'Big Beef'.

4-6-20 Bed near garage, far house:

  • Summer squash 'Trombocino', (2019, SESE), along trellis.

Bed near house, far garage:

  • Bean, pole, 'Blue Coco', (2019, SESE), nearest house.
  • Bean, pole, 'Aunt Bea's', (2018, SESE).
  • Bean, snap (pole), 'Grandma nellie's Yellow Mushroom Bean', (2018, SESE).

New beds, in sweet potato bed:

  • Bean, snap(pole), 'McCaslan', (2019, SESE).

Kitchen Garden bed by brick porch:

  • Bean, Snap 'McCaslan', (2019, SESE).

5-31-20 bed near house and near garage:

  • Carrot, Daucus carota. 'Danvers 126 Half Long', (2020, Baker Creek). FS min 6-8 hours. Frost hardy.
  • Carrot, Daucus carota, 'Purple Dragon', (2019, SESE). Provide even moisture, weed shallowly, apply mulch. Harvest 65-75 days after sowing. Store in cool, moist, well-ventilated place.
  • Radish, Raphanus sativus, 'Saxa 2', (2020, Baker Creek), interspersed with carrot seeds in 4 rows.

Bed far house, near garage:

  • Pumpkin (Squash), Cucurbita pepo, 'New England Sugar Pie Squash', (2020, Baker Creek). Along edge of bed near trellis. FS 8-12 hours; Harvest when rinds become very hard. Orange fruit weights 4-5 lb. Superb for pies.

6-9-20 Bed far house, far garage: along trellis

  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'Straight Eights', (2018, SESE). 57 days. FS. 5-10 days till emergence. Space 3-5inches

Bed far house, near garage

  • Lettuce, Lactuca sativa, Romaine, 'Kalura', (2019, SESE) Emergence in 6-14 days.FS or light shade. Spacing 6-12 inches. Middle of bed.

6-21-20 Bed far garage, near house.

  • Basil, Ocimum basilicum, O.gratissimum, O.sanctum, O. citrodora, O. americanum.

'Sweet Thai“, (SESE, 2020). FS, well-drained rich soil. 10 weeks to harvest.Emergence 7-14 days.

  • Holy Basil, Ocinum sanctum, (SESE, 2020). FS, evenly moist soil.Harvest 10 weeks after sowing. Emergence 7-14- days.

7-13-20 Bed far house, near garage:

  • planted more seeds for Pumpkin (Squash), Cucurbita pepo, 'New England Sugar Pie Squash', (2020, Baker Creek). Along edge of bed near trellis. FS 8-12 hours; Harvest when rinds become very hard. Orange fruit weights 4-5 lb. Superb for pies.

Bed near garage and house;

  • planted more carrot seeds: Carrot, Daucus carota. 'Danvers 126 Half Long', (2020, Baker Creek). FS min 6-8 hours. Frost hardy. and:
  • Carrot, Daucus carota, 'Purple Dragon', (2019, SESE). Provide even moisture, weed shallowly, apply mulch.

8-6-20 Waning moon, Moon in Pisces (good for planting root crops)

Bed near garage and house:

  • Carrots Daucus carota, Danvers 126, (SESE, 2020) Planted another row, and over-planted carrot rows.
  • Winter Radish(Daikon) Raphanus sativas, 'Miyashige White Daikon', (SESE 2020), in same row as carrots; also some in beets bed.

Bed near house, far garage:

  • Beets Beta vulgaris, 'Flat of Egypt',(Baker Creek, 2020).
  • Beets Beta vulgaris, 'Chioggia (bassano)',(Baker Creek 2020).
  • Radish, Raphanus sativas, 'Easter Egg', (SESE 2020).

9-2-20, Moon in Pisces, Full Moon

Bed far house, near garage:

  • Kale,Brassica napus, 'Red Russian', heirloom. 2 foot height.(SESE 2020) closest to house and to garage. 40 days. FS. 5-14 days to emerge. Cold hardy to 15F.
  • Kale,Brassica oleracea, 'Lacinato Rainbow Mix', (SESE 2020). far from house, near garage. From Wild Garden seed. FS. 5-14 days to emerge. More vigorous and cold hardy than Lacinato.
  • Collards, Brassica oleracea var. viridis, 'Alabama Blue', (SESE 2020), near house, far garage.
  • Collards, Brassica oleracea var. viridis, 'Variegated', (SESE 2020), far house and garage. FS, 3-10 days to emerge.

Bed far house and far garage:

  • Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris, 'Ruby Red Rhubarb', (SESE 2020), far house and far garage, among the green onions. Protect through winter with deep mulch or row cover. FS. 7-10 days to emerge.
  • Bok Choy, Brassica rapa, 'Suzhou Baby', (Baker Creek, 2020), in middle of bed.FS. Frost hardy. 10-14 days to emerge.

9-19-20, moon in Libra waxing

  • Poppies, various types, mostly form a saved large pod form last year; in bed far garage and far house.


  • Spinach, Spinacea, 'Bloomsdale', (Botanical Interest, 2019), in bed far house, near garage, by the jerusalme artichokes. Maturity 28 to 45 days.
  • Arugula, (Baker Creek, 2019), same location.
  • Garlic, Hardneck, 'Romanian Red',(SESE 2020) in bed near house and far garage, in longitudinal rows. Keep evenly watered until 2 weeks before harvest! Mulch heavily between garlics.Keep well-weeded. Remove the flowering stems (scapes). Harvest when the lower third of the leaves turn brown, when there are 5-6 green leaves remaining. Cure in warm, dry, shaded well-ventilated area in a thin layer for 1-2 months.
  • Garlic, Hardneck, 'Music', same bed, in row along width of bed, closest to blueberry beds.


2-24 or 2-25-21 waxing Moon Leo

  • Snap Pea Pisum sativum, 'Sugar Ann', (SESE 2020), in old garden bed near garage, far house, along half the length of the trellis.Waxing Moon, but in Leo, so will plant another batch later in season in another sign to compare.
  • Swiss Chard 'Rainbow, Five Color Silverbeet', (SESE 2021), 1 row in old garden bed, near house, far garage.
  • Onions, probably Egyptian Walking, transplanted some seedlings from garden path into the bed they came from: bed near house and garage.

3-7-21, waning Moon in Cap

  • Carrots, Daucus carota, 'Nantes Fancy'(Nantes Coreless), (SESE, 12-20), in bed near house far garage.
  • Carrots, Daucus carota, 'Amarillo', (Baker Creek), same bed
  • Radishes Raphanus sativus, 'Easter Egg', (SESE, 7-20), same bed with the carrots
  • Beets Beta vulgaris, 'Dolce di Chioggia', (SESE, 12-20), same bed
  • Beets Beta vulgaris, 'Rainbow beet collection, (Smart Seed Exporium, 2020, gift from Rhiannon), same bed
  • Turnips, 'White Egg', (SESE, 10-20), in potato bag in garden
  • Turnips 'Scarlet Ohno Revival', (SESE 10-20), in potato bag in garden

3-21-21 waxing Moon in Cancer

  • Pea, Snap (dwarf) Pisum sativum,'Sugar Ann', along trellis in bed far house, near garage. 6-10 days to emergence. (with inoculant)
  • Onion, Allium sepa, 'Tokyo Long White', (SESE, 12-20), in bed near house and garage FS. 5-14 days till emergence
  • Onion, Red, Savonese, Allium cepa, (Strictly Medicinal, 8-20). in bed near house and garage. 1 row, and will plant more rows later in season.


  • Collards,Brassica oleracae var. acephala, 'Georgia Green', 2 rows. (SESE 11-20), in new garden,front row bed by the house. [Pre-1880] Especially valuable variety for the sandy soil of the Atlantic coast and in places where it is difficult to grow cabbage successfully. It is resistant to heat and frost, and grows well on poor soil. The open, loose heads are best harvested after frost when they are sweet and tender. 36 in. tall plants


  • Carrot, Daucus carota cv., 'Rouge Demi-Longue de Chantenay', (Monticello Gardens, 2021), in old bed near house, far garage, among the garlics. FS, emerges in 6-21 days, thin to 2-3 inches apart, rows spaced 12 inches; matures in 67-70 days.
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris cv., 'Early Blood Turnip-rooted Beet', (Montecello 2021), in same bed and rows. FS, emerges in 5-10 days, space 2-4 inches apart, matures in 50-70 days.


  • Onions, Bunching, Allium cepa,'Tokyo Long white, (SESE 12-20), in bed near house and garage, between previous planting of carrots and onions. FS. Emerge in 5-14 days. Pull when most of the tops have browned and fallen over. Cure in partial shade for 2-3 weeks till the necks have thoroughly dried. Clip tops to within 1 inch of the bulb.
  • Radish, Raphanus sativus, White Icicle. (SESE, 7-20). Same bed, near the center of garden, intermixed with summer squash. Heirloom, 1865. 29 days. FS. Emerge in 5-10 days.
  • Squash, Summer, Cucurbita pepo, C. moschata, C maxima, 'Costata Romanesca', (SESE 1-21). Same bed. Emerge in 5-10 days. Full Sun. Final spacing 18-30 inches, rows 4-6 ft.
  • Beans, Snap: 'NT Half-Runner', (SESE, 12-20), in bed near garage, far house, along trellis.
  • Beans, Snap (Pole), 'Ideal market: Black Creaseback', (SESE 12-20), in bed far house and far garage, along trellis, closest to blueberries.
  • Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris 'Cherokee Trail of Tears', (Strictly Medicinal Seeds 8-20), same bed, along trellis. 55 days to green beans and 90 days to dried beans. Full sun.
  • Marigolds, French, 'Lemon Drop', (SESE 11-20), alongside all 3 beans.


Bed far house, near garage:

  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus cv., 'Long Green Improved', (Monticello Gardens, 2021), bed far house, near garage.
  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus , 'Poinsett 76', same bed. (SESE 12-20)
  • Marigolds, Tagetes erecta nana, 'Cupid Mix', same bed along edges. Annual, Ht to 14 inches.FS.

Bed far house and far garage:

  • Pumpkin, Cucurbita pepo, C, moschata, C maxima, 'Rouge Vif D'Etempes' (Cinderella), final spacing 18 to 30 inches. FS. Harvest before first frost, when the stems have dried and fingernail pressure cannot dent the rinds. Leave 1 inch of stem. Cure at 80-85 degrees for 1 to 3 weeks. Store at 45-60 degrees.

new bed in side yard: Front and near house:

  • Onions, Allium cepa, 'Texas Early Grano', (Baker Creek, 2021), FS. Plant spacing 4-6 inches apart. Frost hardy.
  • Onions, 'Red of Florence', (Baker Creek, 2019), same bed.
  • Chamomile, German, Matricaria recutita, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds, 2021), self seeding annual.

5-1-21 In bed far house and garage:

  • Sweet Peppers, 'Violet Sparkle” (outside edge of bed) from neighbor Leesa.
  • Bell Peppers, 1 green, 1 red from Home Depot, same bed.
  • Hot pepper, 'Jigsaw', from Leesa

In flower garden by greenhouse:

  • Jalapeno Pepper, 'Lemon Spice', from Leesa

In large pot on brick patio:

  • Tomato, 'Orange Jazz', from Leesa.


  • Summer Squash, Cucurbita pepo, C. moschata, C maxima, 'Costata Romanesca', (SESE 1-21), 3 more seeds, same location. So far only one seed has sprouted?? so replanted with 3 remaining seeds.


  • Mulberry, Morus alba, Dwarf Black Issai, in new garden bed. (Burnt Ridge Nursery anZone: d orchards, 2021). Ht 6 ft. Zones 7-10. This bed also contains Motherwort and clary sage. Moved cinquefoil to blackberry bed outside the garden fence.


  • Cucumber,'Marketmore', botanical Interests, 2020, replanted cuke seeds in bed near garage, far house along trellis; only 3 seeds came up from last planting.
  • Cucumber, 'Long Green Improved', (Monticello, 2020), same. NB: cucumbers did not do well, vines died, maybe because of ezcess shade from jerusalem artichokes
  • Lettuce, Romaine,Lactuca sativa, 'Jericho', (SESE 2020) same bed. Days to emerge: 6-14. Space 6-12 inches.


  • Collards, 'Morris Heading', 6 Bonnie plants from Home Depot), in garden bed near house and garage.
  • Kale, Lacinato Brassica oleracea, 'Dinosaur', seeds, (SESE, 2019), in same bed. FS. Days to emerge: 5-14.
  • Swiss Chard, 'Ruby Red, Rhubarb Chard', seeds, (SESE, 2020), in same bed. Full sun; days to emerge: 7-10.


  • Collards, 'Georgia', 4 plants, from 'For Garden's Sake' Nursery on 751.


  • Saffron Crocus, Crocus sativus, 36 bulbs in pots on screen porch. (High Country Gardens, 2021). Ht 4 inches; blooms mid to late fall. FS or morning sun and afternoon shade.


  • Saffron Crocus, Crocus sativus, 1 bag, in new beds by side of house (mulberry and clary sage bed).
  • Kale, Ethiopian, 'Ligote', Brassica carinate 'Ligote', (Richter's Herbs, 2019?), in same bed as crocuses.
  • Tatsoi, Brassica rapa, (Baker Creek, 2021), same bed. Sprouts in 10-14 days; FS 4-6 hours. Not frost hardy.

Bed far house and far garage:


  • Garlic,Allium sativum, 'Inchelium Red,', Artichoke type softneck; 4 oz bulbs (SESE) in far edge of bed by fence.
  • Garlic,Allium sativum, 'German Red', Rocambole Type hardneck, 4 oz (SESE), next to first row, towards center of bed.
  • Garlic,Allium sativum, 'Inchelium Red', 65102 softneck, 8 oz, (SESE), in center to inner edge of bed.


  • Pitcher Plant Sarracenia x Daina's Delight 'Dana's delight', (8-21, Nursery on 751 in Chatham County), in pitcher plant bed by shed.


  • Sorrel, Rumex acetosa, 'Sorrel De Belleville', in bed by screen porch.
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris, 'Chioggia' (Bassano), (Baker Creek, 2019), in new bed with poppies
  • Beets, Beta vulgaris, 'Flat of Egypt', (Baker Creek, 2020), same bed.
  • Bok Choy, Brassica rapa, 'Purple Little lDY', (Baker Creek, 2019), in mulberry bed.
  • Choy, Brassica rapa, 'Yellow Heart Winter', (Baker Creek, 2019), same bed.


  • Lettuce 'Merlot',Lactuca sativa(Baker Creek, 2022) Bed near house, far garage (old garden)
  • Swiss Chard 'Ruby Red, (Rhubarb Chard), (SESE 2022)
  • Swiss Chard 'Prismatic Rainbow',Beta vulgaris (SESE 2022)
  • Purple Lady Bok Choy, (Baker Creek, 2022)
  • Chijimisai,Brassica rapa, (Baker Creek, 2022). Cross between tatsoi and komatsuna. Heat and cold tolerant.


Bed near garage, far house (root vegetables, and peas)

  • Turnips, 'White Egg',(SESE, 2022) with De 18 Jours Radish,Raphanus sativus(Baker Creek 2022), Bed near garage, far house (root vegetables, and peas)
  • Beets, Golden, Beta vulgaris (Baker Creek, 2022) with French Breakfast Radish (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, 2022)
  • Beets, Flat of Egypt, Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek, 2020)
  • Carrots, 'Dragon', (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, 2022)
  • Beets, Chioggia,(Bassano), Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek, 2020)
  • Peas, Sugar Snap, Tall Snap,Pisum sativum (SESE 2022)


  • Mustard 'Japanese Red Giant', (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, 2022), in garden bed near house and garage.
  • Turnip Greens, 'Seven Top', Brassica rapa, (SESE, 2020), same bed.


  • Broccoli Raab, 'Sorento', Brassica rapa, (SESE, 2018), in old garden, bed near house and near garage.


  • Carrot 'Kyoto Red', Daucus carota, (2021, Baker Creek), in new garden, in bed near house and front yard.
  • Carrot, 'Black Nebula', Daucus carota, (2021, Baker Creek), in new garden, same bed.
  • Radish, 'Cherry belle', (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers), same bed and row
  • Radish, 'Easter Egg', (SESE2020) same bed and row.
  • Lettuce, 'Bloodstone', Lacuca sativa, (Strictly Medicinal seed, 2021), in same bed in middle.

Garden 2023


  • Garlic, Romanian Red, 8 oz, in bed near house, far garage. (SESE, 2022)
  • Garlic, Nootka Rose, 8 oz, (SESE, 2022) same bed closer to middle of path
  • Egyptian Walking Onions, 1 oz (SESE, 2022), same bed by faucet.


  • Beet, 'Golden', Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek, 2022), old garden, bed near house and garage. 1 row.
  • Beet, 'Flat of Egypt', Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek, 2020) same bed. 1 row.
  • Beet, 'Chioggia (Bassano)', Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek, 2020 and SESE, 2020), same bed. 1 row.
  • Radish, 'French Breakfast', Raphanus sativus, (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, 2021?), same bed. Non-GMO Heirloom seed.
  • Radish, 'Easter Egg', Raphanus sativus, (SESE 2020), same bed.
  • Radish, 'De 18 Jours', Raphanus sativus, (Baker Creek, 2022), same bed.


Bed near garage, far house.

  • Sugar Snap Peas, 'Tall', Pisum sativum, (SESE, 2021), bed far house, near garage. Both with pea inoculat.
  • Sugar Snap Peas, 'Dwarf, Sugar Ann', Pisum sativum, (SESE, 2019), bed far house, near garage.
  • Swiss Chard, 'Ruby Red', Beta vulgaris, (SESE, 2022), same bed
  • Swiss Chard, 'Prismatic Rainbow', Beta vulgaris, (SESE, 2022), same bed.
  • Mustard Greens, 'Green Wave', Brassica juncea, (Ujamaa 2023).Sane bed
  • Mustard Greens, 'Southern Giant Curled', (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, 2022 or 2021) Same bed.
  • Kale, 'Wild Dreams', Brassica oleracea, (Ujamaa, 2023), same bed.
  • Turnip, 'Purple Top White Globe', Brassica rapa, (Ujamaa, 2023), same bed.


Bed near house, far garage

  • Onion, 'He Shi Ko-Bunching', Allium fistulosum, (Baker Creek, 2021), between greens and garlics.
  • Onion, 'Ishikura', Allium fistulosum, (Baker Creek, 2022), between greens and garlics.

Bed near house, near garage

  • Onion 'Red Wethersfield', (SESE, 2020),
  • Turnip, 'White Egg', (SESE 2021), same bed.
  • Carrot, 'Black Nebula', Daucus carota, (Baker Creek, 2021), same bed.
  • Carrot, 'Cosmic Purple, Daucus carota, (SESE, 2023), same bed.
  • Radish, 'Easter Egg', in carrot and turnip rows.

New garden: Bed near house:

  • Broccoli, 'Green Sprouting', Brassica oleracea, (Strictly Medicinal, 2023). Biennial. Standard open-pollinated type, produces primary head plus many smaller heads. Thin or transplant to 1 to 2 feet apart.
  • Wildflowers Blend, Butterfly/Hummingbird Blend, 1/4 lb, (Wildseed Farms, 2023).

Bed with tea herbs:

  • Cornflower, Dark Blue, Centaurea cyanus, (Strictly Medicinal, 2023). Bushy annual to 2 ft tall, flowering within 6-8 weeks from seeding. FS to PS. Regular garden soil. Transplant or thin to 1 ft apart.

5-20-23 Old garden, bed near house, near garage, in place of the radishes. All planted with bean inoculant.

  • Pole Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris, 'Cherokee Trail of Tears', 1 bean. (Strictly Medicinal 2020).
  • Pole Beans,Phaseolus vulgaris, 'Anasazi Cave', (Strictly Medicinal, 2021).
  • Pole Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris, 'Blue Coco', (SESE, 2019).
  • Pole Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris, 'McCaslan', (SESE 2021).
  • Marigold, Tagetes tenufolia, 'Tangerine', (Thyme Garden)

Bed far house, far garage:

  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'Poinsett 76', (SESE, 2018).
  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'straight Eight', (SESE, 2022).
  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'Long Green Improved', (Monticello Gardens, 2021).
  • Cucumber, Cucumis sativus, 'Lemon', (SESE, 2019).
  • Onion, Bunching, Allium cepa, 'White Lisbon', (Botanical Interests, 2020).
  • Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, 'Autumn Beauty', (SESE, 2019).
  • Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, 'Evening Sun', (Baker Creek, 2019).
  • Marigold, Tagetes patula, 'Colussus Red Gold Bicolor', (Baker Creek).

10-18-23 Waxing Moon Bed far house, far garage

  • Collards, 6 plants (Home Depot), Best
  • Collards, 6 plants (Home Depot), Morris Heading
  • Kale, Lancinato, 2 plants (Home Depot)

10-20-23 Bed far house and garage

  • Kale 'Scarlet', Brassica oleraacea var. sabellica, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2022)
  • Kale, 'Tronchuda', 'Couve Tonchuda' or Portuguese Kale. (Baker Creek Seeds, 2019)
  • Beets, 'Bull's Blood', Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2020)

10-22-23 Bed near house and near garage

  • Spinach 'Bloomsdale', Spinacia oleracea, (Ujamaa Seeds, 2021)
  • Radish,'French Breakfast', (Alliance of Native Seedkeepers)

Bed far house, near garage

  • Swiss Chard, 'Ruby Red' or Rhubarb Chard, (SESE, 2022)

Garden 2024

Bed near house and garage:


  • Lettuce 'Merlot“, Lactuca sativa, (Baker Creek). Days to emerge: 7-10.
  • Lettuce, 'Buttercrunch Bibb, Lactuca sativa, (SESE, 2017). Days to emerge: 6-14. Harvest in 55 days.
  • Onion Ishikura', Alliun fistulosum, (Baker Creek 2022). Emerges in 7-14 days.
  • Onion, Bunching, 'White Spear',(SESE 2023),
  • Radish 'Easter Egg', Raphanus sativus, (SESE 2023). In all carrot rows with carrots. Emerge in 5-10 days.
  • Carrot 'Black Nebula', Daucus carota, (Baker Creek, 2021).
  • Carrot 'Nantes Fancy', Daucus carota, (SESE 2023). Emerge 7-21 days. Harvest in 65-75 days.
  • Carrot 'Cosmic Purple', Daucus carota, (SESE 2023). Emerge in 7-21 days. Harvest in 65-75 days.

Bed near house, far garage (garlic bed)


  • Beets 'Chioggia (Bassano)', Beta vulgaris, (Baker Creek, 2019).Emerge in 14-21 days. FS.
  • Beets 'Lutz Green Leaf', (SESE, 2020.). Emerge in 5-10 days. FS.
  • Beets 'Detroit Dark Red', (SESE, 2020). Emerge in 5-10 days. FS.
  • Beets 'Bull's Blood', (Baker Creek, 2019).
  • Beets 'Golden', (Baker Creek, 2022). Emerge in 14-21 days. FS.


Kitchen Garden by brick patio;

  • Oregano, Golden, Vulgare aureum, (2 plants from J&B Herb& Plant farms, bought at Piedmont Feed) Zone 5-7, PS to light shade.

4-12-24, waxing Moon

  • Dill, 'Elephant', (Baker Creek, 2019). planted near dill plant in kitchen garden by brick patio.

5-10-24 Bed far house and garden

  • Cucumber, 'Poinsett 76', (SESE, 2018).
  • Cucumber 'Straight Eights', (SESE 2022)
  • Cucumber 'Lemon', (SESE 2019).

Bed near house and garage

  • Onion 'He Shi Ko-bunching, (Baker Creek, 2021)
  • Onion, 'White Lisbon', (Botanical Interests, 2020).

5-16-24 Bed near garage, far house

  • Beans, Snap (pole). 'Kentucky Wonder',(SESE 2024).
  • Beans, snap 'Aunt Bea's', (SESE 2023).
  • Beans, Anasazi CAve, (Strictly Medicinal, 2021).
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