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04-07 planted Dwarf Patio Peach in contained round bed by garage, surrounded by mints. ( Peach: dwarf ornamental form with double pink flowers; fruit is red/gold with small white-fleshed freestone. Leaves are long slender brilliant reddish purple throughout the season. Deciduous. Useful as accent or container plant. Hardiness zone 5-9. grown by Holland Nursery, Franklin, VA 23851. Bought at Harris teeter, Chapel Hill, $29.99.)

8-07 Planted Pink Dogwood tree, Cornus florida 'Rosea“ in front yard at edge of treeline; light, semi shade; bloom time, spring; water usage, semi-moist; growth rate, medium; average size, 15' by 15-20'; cold hardiness -10 F; pruning, remove crossing branches; fertilization, before new growth begins. (Lowes). 4-07-08, noted new leaves sprouting on branches.

2-16-08 planted Sensation miniature peach, 4x4x10 inch pot, (Stark Bros), in patio pot

2-16-08 planted Honeyglo miniature nectarine, 4x4x10 inch pot, (Stark Bros) in patio pot

2-16-08: planted in orchard:

  1. Burbank Red Ace Plum Semi-dwarf
  2. 2-N-1 Cherry semi-dwarf from EZ start 4x4x10 pot
  3. Starkrimson Sweet Cherry semi-dwarf EZ start 4x4x10 inch pot
  4. Spring Satin Plumcot dwarf
  5. Cinnamon Spice Apple semi-dwarf
  6. Granny Smith Apple semi-dwarf
  7. In temporary pot: Red Fuji Apple semi-dwarf

5-10-08 planted in orchard: Stella Sweet Cherry, on Krymsk 5; from Edible Landscaping; in spot where plum planted last year.

3-29-09 fertilizer, all fruit trees with Stark Orchard fertilizer, quarter lb per inch circumference of trunk. Also applied “Merit” insecticide (imidacloprid 1.47%) , Bayer Advanced brand, to base of fruit trees in orchard and 2 apricots, Quince, peach trees, and miniature peach and nectarine trees.

3-31-09 fertilized 3 citrus fruit trees (Meyer lemon, Key Lime, Kumquat) with Rite-Green Citrus fertilizer, 4-6-8.

11-22-09 planted Peach tree, Gala, Med Chill, from Home depot near pond (in spot of previous peach tree which died. This may be too moist soil for trees, will have to see. This is a much bigger tree than the previous peach).

11-22-09, in 2 large pots on patio: 2 Japanese Maples, Emperor One, Acer palmatum 'Wolff'; full to partial sun; 12 to 15 feet apart; average size 12-15 feet tall by 12-15 feet wide; water regularly as required; cold hardy to -10 to -20 F; TIP: needs midday shade where summertime temperatures linger above 95F. (Home Depot.)

* 4-10, planted behind garage:

  • Caroline Red Raspberry, 3 plants
  • Thornless Boysenberry ( in a pot)
  • Apache Blackberry, 3 plants
  • Arapaho Erect Thornless Blackberry, 3 plants

* 3-16-11 Planted peach tree, Saturn Peach Dwarf Supreme, from Stark Nurseries, by side of house, near Rik's office. * 3-16-11 planted apricot tree Wilson Delicious Apricot Dwarf Supreme from Stark Nursery, behind Muhly grass in front yard.

*2011 Orchard Program per “Gardens Alive”

  • 3-5-11 Fertilizer, “Fruit trees Alive Build-up formula”: applied to apricots, quince,peaches, plums, Asian pear.
  • 3-5-11 Pre-bloom spray: “Oil-Away” dormant oil applied to trees above, and almond and roses. (all at green bud stage)
  • 3-13-11 Fertilizer, “Fruit trees build up” applied to all apple trees, Asian pear, 2 cherry trees.
  • 3-13-11 “Oil Away”, applied to apples, cherries and last plum tree in row.(green bud)
  • 3-13-11 Mixture of “biofungicide” wettable powder, “Pyola” and “Surround” kaolin powder, sprayed on: peaches, almond, roses. (pink bud stage)
  • 3-13-11 “Bioboost” all natural stimulant, sprayed on apricots, the first 2 plums in orchard row, 2 dwarf patio peaches (during flowering stage).
  • 4-30-11 Applied Bayer “Bioboost” fertilizer and insecticide at base of all orchard trees, 4 elderberries, and 3 peach trees.

* 4-30-11. planted 4 Elderberry plants in orchard, 2 by entrance to stone circle and 2 by back fence; 2 Nova, 2 York, all from Stark Nurseries. 2 were bare root from this spring, and 2 from last year, heeled in large pots for the last year.

*5-7-11, sprayed fruit trees with mixture of Plant Guardian, Pyola and Surround.


  • Antifungal spray of peach tree, almond tree, 2 apple trees in pots, and cherry tree in pot, with copper diammonium diacetate (27% concentrate, 4 tsp/ gallon water). Peach and almond trees in pink bud stage. Unable to reach top branches of peach tree with spray but got most of mid and lower branches.—>tree died


1-11-19 and 1-12-19 (waxing Moon, Sun Capricorn) Right to left facing back of property, going from West to East.

First Row:

  • Apricot, dwarf, Prunus armeniaca'Wilson Delicious', (Stark Brothers EZ start). Zone 5-8. Venus.
  • Apple, Fuji, Malus domestica, 'September Wonderful', (Stark Brothers, Supreme EZ pot), zone 4-8. Venus.
  • Cherry,
  • Cherry,

Second Row back:

  • Almond, Prunus dulcis, 'Hall's Hardy', (Stark Brothers), zone 5-8. Mercury.
  • Apple, Malus domestica,
  • Apple,dwarf, Malus domestica, 'Gala Starkrimson', (Stark Brothers). Zone 5-8. Venus
  • Crabapple, semi-dwarf, Malus, 'Chestnut Crabapple', (Stark Brothers). Zone 3-8. Venus
  • Cherry, Sweet, dwarf, Prunus avium, 'Compact Stella', from White Flower Farm. Originally planted in pot 5-2014.

Zone 5-7s/w. Venus.

Third row back;
  • Apple, semi-dwarf, Malus domestica,


  • Fig, from pot; in row behind orchard trees. (maybe this fig, Ficus carica 'Chicago', (Home Depot), by driveway and mulch pile. Full sun to partial shade, Ht 10-15', width 10-15', harvest in summer. Zone 6-10.)


  • Apple tree, 'Golden Delicious', (Stark), semi-dwarf, transplanted from dirt pile to back yard, in place of Almond tree that died.


  • Plum Tree, Prunus domestica, 'Bubblegum Plum', (Stark), dwarf, in new orchard to replace dead sour cherry tree.


  • Fig 'Chicago Hardy', Ficus carica, x2 plants, (Home Depot, last year, overwintered on porch), one at spot where peach tree was under kitchen window; the other opposite it near electric outlet post. Zones 5-11, Full to Partial Sun.Height 15-30 feet, Spread 15-30 feet


  • Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing, Morus,(moved from pot to front yard bed by Jizo.
  • Cherry, 'Stella', semi=dwarf,(stark Bros) moved form that bed to new bed just next to it, in front yard.

9-19-20 Moon in Libra, waxing

  • Fig, Ficus carica, 'Kadota', transplanted from pot into yard in orchard, and moved the small apple tree out of that spot into a pot, fr extra care for a year. Zone 6-9, FS



  • Cherry, Pie, Prunus cerasus,'North Star', dwarf (Stark Brothers) transplanted from pot to orchard. Grew in pot for 2-3 years
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