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Garden: Plantings 2008

2007 or 2008: Corylus avellana 'contorted', “Harry lauder's Walking stick”, by garage, next to walkway to garden. 2007 or 2008, planted 2 Honeysuckle,“halls”, on either side of back porch stairs. (Direct Gardening). By 2009, they are covering the trellises there and are cold hardy. Many perfumed flowers in Spring.

2008, Dwarf Patio Peach, grown by Holland Nursery, Franklin, VA; (Harris teeter), by walkway to garden. Hardy zone 5 to 9.

* 3-07? 4 rosebushes in front of garage: “Carefree Delight”, 45102; spacing 5', Height 4', full sun, Bloom time late spring to mid fall; from park catalog. Bought the previous fall, wintered over in pots in yard. 4-10-09 applied Bayer Advance Garden 2-in-1 Rose and Flower Care granules, 12-8-6, (disulfaton), to bases of all roses.

  • 2007? Fig, 'Petite negra', Ficus carica in 2 large pots by patio. Spacing 3 to 5' apart, soil average, well-drained, full sun, height 5 to 8'. Park Plants mail order.
  • Winter 2008? planted Pink Dogwood, #5 pot, in front yard.

* 3-13-08 Walkway edge by patio - Cilantro (coriander), Cooks Garden - Garlic Chives (Chinese Leeks), Seeds of Change - Viola Johnny-Jump-Up, Viola tricolor, Botanical Interests - Thymus serpyllum (mother of thyme), Park seed *3-21-08 walkway edge on side far from house: Strawberries red and yellow Wonder Alpine, John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

*3-23-08 In field by garage: 4 Hansen's Bush Cherries from direct Gardens (also 1 Hansen's Bush in a pot) *3-24-08 Surrounding the raised bed with peach tree and mints: 9 Irish moss plants, from Direct Gardens.

  Water Lily, white, planted in pot, placed into pond.

*3-26-08 10 Stella D'oro day lilies planted on either side of path leading to garden, (Direct Gardens). *3-27-08 By southeast window corner of house, Alyssum Sweet, Rosie O'Day, Labularia maritima, and Alyssum Sweet, Oriental Nights, Lobularia maritima, (Botanical Interests).

*3-28-08 Right edge of driveway: planted Native Day Lily seedlings, in and next to daffodil bed; also added Alyssum “Carpet of Snow”, seeds. Ferry Morse. *4-05-08 edge of raised bed containing mint and peach tree: Cosmos Sensation Mixed Colors, (Ferry-Morse). Also “Triplet Lilies”, bulbs from Direct Gardening.

*4-05-08 3 oblong planters on porch: Sweet Marjoram, Heirloom, Origanum majorana, (Seeds of change); Greek Oregano, Heirloom, Origanum heracleoticum, (Seeds of Change); Lettuce Deer's Tongue, (Park Seed). *4-12-08 New raised bed, between driveway and raised bed surrounding tree: Gypsophila Snowfountain. Cook's Garden, 2007 seeds. Plan to plant again in 3 or 4 weeks, as it blooms 6 weeks from planting. Also, Flashback Calendula,Calendula officinalis, hardy annual, Seeds of Change., 2007 seeds. in bed surrounding tree, planted Rudbeckia Indian Summer, 2 packs,Cook's Garden, 2007 seeds.

*4-19-08 bed by driveway, front of apricot tree: Gypsophila Snowfountain, Cook's garden; Florists' Favorite, Yellow Sunflowers, Botanical Interests. Mixture of Apricot Twist, Lemon Sorbet, Moonshadow, Lemon Eclair,Stella, Lemon Aura, Pro Cut Orange, Peach Passion. *4-23-08 planted by front door edge of walkway: Viola plants, Etienne, from Direct Gardening. planted by edge of driveway parking space: red Gaillardia plants, Direct Gardening. 4-09 Some violas have returned and blossomed despite the clover.

*4-27-08 planted by front walkway, 4 plants of Iberis sempervirens 'Snowflake', Candytuft. 1 was gift from Erica Alexander; at edge of garden by garage; 3 plants Lavender “Fred Boutin”, 3 plants “Grosso”,alternating, closest plant to house being a Fred Boutin. Lavenders from Annie at Sunshine Lavender Farm. *4-30-08 6 “Siloam June Bug” daylilies by right edge of stairs from screened porch, from Direct Gardening; 3 Chrysole Flame Yellow, plants, by left side of stairs from porch, from Park Seed. 18 Native daylilies, by edge of driveway, Direct Gardening; 6 Iris Ensata mixed, by left edge of garden gate, from Direct Gardening.

*5-10-08 8 Stella D'oro plants by walkway edge leading to garden; Direct Gardening; Zinnia Lilliput seeds, mixed colors, Ferry-Morse Seeds; and Drop Dead Red Sunflowers, Botanical Interests; both by edge of screened porch, beside Yarrow plant (planted fall 2007, bought at SC campground Festival. *09-01-08 planted by garden path: Bee balm, dotted mint, Monarda lambada, (Botanical Interests). (Did not come up)


  • Planted 4 Lingonberry plants in front of house, to right of front door (Stark Bros)
  • 1 blueberry bush, planted at edge of garden path.
  • Norwegian Spruce tree, bought for Christmas tree with root ball,(4 to 5 foot), to plant outside after Christmas; $78. at TROSA, at Southpoint mall 12-7-08


Tulips Angelique, planted directly by garage side door next to walkway, 2-08, 12 bulbs.

Iris Dutch Iris Mix, planted by walkway leading to garden, February 2008 (WFF)


  • Mrs. John T Scheepers, from White Flower farm (WFF); planted 1-08 in pots, front porch
  • Daffodils, from WFF, planted 1-08, next to right edge of driveway; also along edge of walkway to fenced garden. Blooming 2-20-08.
  • “A big batch of little alliums”, WFF, planted 11-07, right edge of front walk, by mudroom window.


  • 3-02-08 planted 25 Gladiolus grandiflorus 'Fidelio' (dark pink) and 25 Gladiolus grandiflorus 'Plumtart' (dark red) bulbs in area in front of mudroom window. (Lowes)

5-26-08 planted 20 gladioli bulbs (Direct gardening), by crawl space door; also Lupines Russell Hybrid, (Botanical Interests). 2 pkgs.

  • 12-25-08, Chamaecyparis 'Hinoki Crippsii', evergreen, planted in front yard behind Mulley grass, 12-25-08; color: golden; spacing, 6-8 feet apart; location: sun/light shade; height: 15 to 20 feet. Wayside Gardens or Park.
  • 12-07-08 Norwegian Spruce tree, bought for Christmas tree with root ball,(4 to 5 foot), to plant outside after Christmas; $78. at TROSA, at Southpoint mall; planted in front yard 4-12-09.
  • Dutch Iris combination, 75 bulbs, Iris hollandica planted next to garden path by 2 blueberry bushes. 2-21-09

3-9-09 MEDICINAL HERBS: along garden walkway

  • German Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, (Seeds of Change), 2 pkts
  • St John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum, (Seeds of Change), 2 pkts
  • Burnet Salad, Poterium sanguisorba, (Botanical Interests).

3-24-09 Kiwi, Meader, male, planted by living room window, next to female Issai kiwi. (Lowes).

3-24-09 Lavender, French variegated, Lavandula dentata, (J&B Plant Farms, from Whole Foods), in circle in front of yard, by driveway. Size: 15 to 18 “ tall. Zone 8-10. Full Sun.

  • 4-12-09 Hollyhock,Indian Spring,Alcea rosea; Marigold Gem Mix, Tageters signata,(Cooks); Marigold calendula, Burpee's mixed colors, (Burpee); all by living room window surrounding the kiwis. 5-23-09, same bed, Cosmos Sensation Picotee, (Lowes); and Sunflowers, Moulin Rouge, (Kitchen Garden Seeds).6' tall.
  • 4-19-09, 3 Dogwoods, from Brian Voyce's yard; next to the driveway.
  • 4-19-09, 1 Japanese Maple, in front of the turret and mudroom, from Brian's yard.
  • 4-19-09, 2 Lavender,Spanish, to the right of path to garden, by the house; from Raindrop Ridge Farm,1356 Camp Leach Road,Washington NC 2788;252-402-6017; 252-923-9251. hills Festival)
  • 4-19-09, Bay tree, Laurel nobilis; replaced bay at right of garden path with bay from pot; then transplanted old bay to another pot since it had new growth near roots.
  • 4-19-09, Patchouli, Pogostemon cablin, tender perennial, in pot, from Raindrop Ridge Farm. Full or part sun or place in sunny window. 36” tall.
  • 4-25-09, Golden Euonymus aureomarginatus, Euonymus japonicus, 3 in front of house, replacing gardenias; part sun, hardy to -10F, apply mulch to overwinter, mature size 6' tall, 36“ wide, space 36”, upright habit, fertilize in spring, water daily. Home Depot
  • 4-25-09, Euonymus Dwarf Boxleaf, Euonymus japonica 'Microphylla', evergreen shrub to 2' with upright habit; sun. 2 plants in front of house. Home Depot
  • 4-25-09, Euonymus Variegated Boxleaf, Euonymus j. 'Microphylla Variegata', dense evergreen shrub to 2', dark green leaves with white margins, Sun. 2 plants in front of house. Home Depot
  • Pepper, Thai Hot, ornamental pepper, full sun, maturity in 80 days, space 24“ apart, fruit size 1” long. 4 plants in front of house. Home Depot.
  • 5-2-09 Morning Glory flowers, by front stoop; Chocolate, Ipomoea nil, 2008 seed, (Botanical Interests); Morning Glory blue, 2007 seed, (Ferry Morse); Sunrise Blend, Ipomoea purpurea, 2008, (Botanical Interests).
  • 5-4-09, by front walkway, front to back:
  • Alyssum, Gold Dust, Saxatile compactum,height 12 “, sun/partial shade. Perennial. (Ferry-Morse): did not grow.
  • Tithonia, mexican Sunflower, 4' height, full sun. (Ferry-Morse) 10-11-09; grew well but slowly, pretty dark orange flowers, blooming in Aug to Sept.
  • Baby's Breath, Gypsophila paniculata, hardy perennial, 1 to 3' tall, 1/4 ” flowers, (Seeds of Change)
  • Sunflowers, Cutters delight Mix, 2007 seed, (Cooks Garden).

5-4-09, bed by patio, Sunflowers, Moulin Rouge, 2007 seed, (Cooks Garden). 5-4-09, bed by mints and peach tree, Echinacea purpurea, Purple Cornflower, (Wildseed Farms) seed from Fall 2008. 10-09, slowly growing, still small plants.

5-6-09 Morning Glories, Heavenly Blue, Ipomoea tricolor, 2008 seed, planted by front porch and by garden gate. (Botanical Interests)

5-17-09 bed by driveway, Wildflowers, Butterfly/Hummingbird blend, and Echinacea purpurea, (Wildseed Farms). 10-09: this blend produced mostly Cosmos, some smaller flowers, no echinacea yet but may be slow growing.

5-23-09 bed by patio, Sunflowers, Moulin Rouge, 2009 seed, (Cooks Garden).

5-24-09 bed by driveway, Rudbeckia, Indian Summer, 2007 seed, (Cooks Garden); Wildseed farms, Texas Hill Country Adventure Mix.

9-26-09 by front walkway: 2 plants, Japanese Bloodgrass (Direct Gardening).

10-10-09 By front door and turret windows; Naturalizing Lily Mixture, 984200, (White Flower Farm), 25 bulbs.

10-10-09 By driveway, in Jizo flower bed, 3 bearded iris , (White Flower farms): *

  • 'Pagan Dance'0032568
  • 'Cloud Ballet“ 0032237
  • ' Mother Earth' 0032568

and 3 bearded iris from (Direct Gardening)

  • 'Edith Worford'
  • 'Best Bet'
  • 'Blutique'.

Also by Jizo:

  • Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Rose Queen', 25 bulbs. (White Flower Farm)
  • Allium caeruleum 303003, 25 bulbs. (White Flower Farm)

10-09 Hydrangia, (cutting from Karen Wilson), started in outdoor pot; overwintered well despite 18 degree nights, sending shoots up 2-10.

10-11-09 By front walkway: 3 bulbs, Lilium 'La Claridad', (White Flower farms).

11-09 Iris, Dutch Iris Mix, 100 bulbs, in bed by walkway to garden. Product of Holland. (White Flower Farm)

11-22-09, in 2 small pots on patio: Rose, white.

11-09 Grape Hyacinth bulbs, front by garage, (Direct Gardening).

11-22-09 Hostas, 2, “Paul's Glory”, Hosta, by garage front yard. 4-6 hours sun; hardy to -40F; size 22-25” tall by 24-36“ wide; space 24 to 36'; clumping; water daily.

11-22-09 by edge of walkway in front of garage: Salvia x2, Salvia nemorosa, Sensation white, 6 hours or more of sun;' hardy to -30F; size 10-12” tall by 12-18“ wide; space 18”; water weekly.

Yard Plants 2010


I widened the bed by the right edge of driveway and pull-out space: planted with:

  • Echinacea, 'White Swan“, Echinacea purpurea cv, (Thyme garden herb Co), I did not prechill seeds as indicated, but direct seeded; we're still having 30 degree nights, so we'll see.
  • Black-eyed Susans, 'Indian Summer', (John Scheepers);
  • Black eyed Susans, 'Autumn Colors”, (John Scheepers);
  • Black-eyed Susans, ' Irish Spring“, (John Scheepers).

Bed by the driveway and front door walkway:

  • Echinacea, Purpole Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, (Wildseed Farms, 2009).
  • Butterfly/Hummingbird Blend, (Wildseed Farms, 2009).

3-14-10 planted “Bells of Ireland”, Molucella laevis, by Apricot tree near driveway.

3-10 Lemon thyme, Thymus x citriodorus, by bay leaf tree on right side of walkway between house and garage.


  • Oregano 'Golden”, Oregano vulgare 'Aureum', by walkway to garden, next to small rosemary. (Plant from J&B Herb & Plant Farms Inc)
  • Lavender, ' Jean Davis', in front yard bed in front of Jizo (Lavender farm), 2 small potted plants {died, too much moisture}
  • Rudbeckia x hirta, 'Cherry Brandy', in front yard by Apricot tree, (Botanical Interests, 2010).
  • Sunflower,'Colorful Fantasia Mixture', same bed, (John Scheepers Seeds, 2009)
  • Coreopsis,'Early Sunrise', same bed, (John Scheepers, 2009)
  • Tithonia, Mexican Sunflower, same bed, from saved seed 2009, original from Ferry-Morse.
  • Forget-me-Not, 'Bluebird', by front door, (Ferry Morse, 2007 seed)
  • Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea 'Gloxiniflora', by front door, (Botanical Interests, 2007).


  • Zinnia, “Royal Purple”, in bed by Jizo, in front yard (Baker Creek Seeds)
  • Zinnia, “Lilliput Mix”, same bed (Baker Creek Seeds).
  • Sunflower, Helianthus annuus, “Tangerine”, 2008-9 seed, next to back porch and in first black plastic bed by garden. (Wildseed farms)
  • Sunflower,Helianthus annuus, “Santa Fe”, in garden, near house, far garage.


  • Morning Glory, “La Vie en Rose”, by driveway, in front of apricot tree. (Baker Creek Seeds, 2009).

8-10 chamomile, by patio


5-7-11 * Anise Hyssop, seed, by patio * Blue Monday sage, seed, Salvia, (Baker Creek,2010), by patio * Clary sage, seed, Salvia sclarea, (Seeds of Change, 2009 seed), by patio * Swiss Chard, Pink, by patio.

5-7-11, by driveway: * Lavender Bergamot, Monarda fistulosa, (Seeds of Change, 2008){did not come up} * Poppy, Papaver (Thyme Garden, 2010)

*Mugwort, Artemesia vulgaris (Thyme Garden, 2010) by fireplace along edge of walkway to garden.{3-16-12, Mugwort is coming up form last year}

5-11 * Hydrangia paniculata 'Renhy' “Vanilla Strawberry” hydrangia, in front yard by driveway, (Park Seed)? 6-15-11 * Buddleia Butterfly Heaven (PPAF) ( Park Seed), 2 plants in front of house, in front of library. height 6 feet. {3-16-12, growing like weeds, even last fall} * Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum Strain', R. fulgida, (Park Seed), 3 plants front of house, in front of guest bedroom. * Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade', blueberries, (Park Seed), potted 4 plants, To plant in ground in the fall.

10-8-11 Bed in front of screen porch:

* Ornamental grass, Hakonechloa Macra “All Gold”, 9Burpee); Ht 5 ft, sp 18 in, Part shade. 2 plants. *From left to right: * Camassia “Blue Candle”, (Burpee), 3 bulbs, Hy 24 to 32“, blue flowers, Spring bloom, part sun or full sun, plant 18” deep, 20“ apart, from Holland. * Chamomile Bodegold, (J Scheepers) 2 pkts. * Ag. mexicana “Sangria”, Lemon Hyssop, (Thyme Garden) * Iris reticulata cantab,10 bulbs, Ht 4 to 8”, blue, Spring bloom, part or full sun, from Holland (Burpee) * Reseda odorata “Mignonette, (Thyme Garden) * Onion, Egyptian Walking, 5 bulbs, ( Burpee)

10-22-11 * 4 pink blueberry bushes, previously planted on pots; bed near screen porch, central area. Vaccinium “Pink Lemonade”, (Park Seed). * Bed in front yard surrounding Jizo: Butterfly Hummingbird Wildseed mixture. * same bed: seeds from garlic chives from back yard.

11-23-11 * Lily 'Dot com' (Asiatic), 5 bulbs, bed in front of screen porch, (Van Engelen Inc)

11-24-11 * Erythronium pagoda, 20 bulbs, along house foundation (in front) by turret room and faucet. (van Engelen Inc)

11-26-11 * Allium albopilosum, 10 bulbs, by Jizo and among lemon Balm by driveway, front yard.(Van Engelen) * Iris 'Eye of the tiger”, 100 bulbs, near Jizo and behind Lemon Balm.(Van Engelen) * Iris, 'Rainbow mixture', 150 bulbs, next to back porch, in bed along garden pathway in back yard, near Jizo. (Van Engelen)

3-16-12 * Gardenia bushes, 2, Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty', next to small peach tree by garden path; thr rest of this area was covered and mulched to overcome the rampant interbred mints. (Lowes, semi-moist;size, 4-6'x 4-6'; spacing 4 to 6'; medium growth rate; cold hardy to 10 to 20 F; Prune after flowering if desired; fertilize spring and summer. Likes acidic soil.Part sun.

4-8-12 Flowers in area by Jizo: * Poppy Papaver 2 packets, (Thyme Garden) * Baby's Breath Gypsophila, perennial, (Kitchen Garden Seeds) * Spider Flower, Queen Mix, Cleome, (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange).

4-17-12 Flowers in area by Jizo: * Butterfly Weed,Asklepias tuberosa,behind Jizo in center area,(Thyme Garden) * Baby's Breath,'Covent Garden', (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) * Love-in-a-mist, Mixed colors,(Baker Creek). * I transplanted 3 Perovskia atriplicifolia into large pots in preparation for digging of drainage ditch by the driveway.

4-22-12 * Blue Monday Sage, Salvia, replanted in bed by porch, to the right of steps. (Baker Creek seeds from 2010)


  • Gardenia,Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty', planted next to garden by corner near right edge.


  • Obedient Plant 'Miss Manners' Physostegia virginiana 3 plants by front walkway in front of turret room.
  • Also revised that area by moving Penstemons; and planted
  • 3 garden mums Chrysanthemum morifolium.
  • Moved alliums to front of bed.


  • Echinacea 'Big Sky', 3 plants, planted in bed by front walkway in front of turret.(Home Depot)
  • Mustard, Red Giant, from seed saved from 2007.(in same bed)
  • 1 Italian parsley plant, by back porch (Food Lion).
  • Tatsoi, Oriental Greens, (Baker creek Heirloom Seeds)2012.(same bed)


  • Thyme ground cover 12 plants (Home Depot) by garden walkway.
  • Rosemary,“Salem”, Rosmarinus officinalis. By walkway in front of chimney.(Whole Foods, from J&B Plant Farms Inc.)


  • Hostas: “Barbara Ann”, by garage.
  • Hostas: “Krossa Regal”, by garage.

9-8-12 * Entire bed next to driveway (surrounding Jizo) cleared out and planted with 1 lb of “Butterfly Hummingbird Blend” from Wildseed Farms, Fredricksburg, Texas. 2012 seed.

  • 11.56% Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower);
  • 9.8% Coreopsis lanceolata (tickseed);
  • 7.38% Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower);
  • 6.5% each Delphinium ajacis (Rocket Larkspur) and
  • Gaillardia aristata(Blanket flower). Also 17 other types of flowers.

5-12-13 *Front of house near walkway

  • Alyssum Sweet, “Rosie O'Day”,Labularia maritima, (Botanical Interests,2008)
  • Alyssum,“Gold Dust”,Saxatile compactum,(Ferry-Morse,12-09)
  • Alyssum,Sweet,(Wildseed Farm,2012)



* Bay (Sweet Laurel) trees x2,Laurus nobilis, by garden path between house and garage. (J&B Herb and Plant farms, from Weaver St Market.) zone 8 to 10. My older bay laurels froze to the ground during very cold weather this winter (to 1 degree) and I cut them down to stumps, from which new branches are rising this spring.Yay!


* Sweet cherry tree, Prunus avium, 'Compact Stella', from White Flower Farm. in large pot by garage in front yard. * Clematis “Duchess of Edinburgh”, by living room window. (White Flower farm) * Clematis “Etoile Violette” by garage and mints. (WFF) * Clematis “Parisienne” in pot in screened porch (WFF) 5-31-14

* Elderberry, 2 plants, “Nova” and “York”, from Stark Bros. By outer edge of garden fence in wet area by propane tank.


* Actinidia Kiwi “Michigan State”, Park Seeds.In large pot in garden to right of archway and gate.bloomtime early spring. moist/well drained soil. Full sun.15 to 20 feet

There is a male “fuzzy Kiwi' from Edible Landscaping in the other pot to left of gate.(planted years ago)


* Anise Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum, by brick patio in back yard, (Weaver St Market, from J&B Herb and Plant farm). Sun. Zone 4 to 9.

* Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis 'Gold Dust', tender perennial, in large pot in garden. Sun or part shade, 2 to 6' tall.

6-4 to 6-7-14

* Sunny Rain garden Kit from Prairie Moon Nursery, along outer edge of garden near Elderberries; in wet boggy area.

* Cardinal Flower * Obedient Plant * Brown Fox Sedge * New England Aster * Wild Senna * Prairie Dock * Prairie Blazing Star * Rose Mallow * Southern Blue Flag Iris * Common Ironweed * Joe Pye Weed * Rose Milkweed * Common Hop Sedge * Sweet Black- eyed Susan * Venus Fly Trap (from street festival at Hendersonton NC)


* Mugwort, by brick patio in back yard (from Hendersonton street festival).

9-14 Front yard bed by Jizo; cleared out weeds (leaving perennials, i.e. Echinacea) and replanted with:

  • Southeastern Wildflower mix, 1/4 lb, (Wildseed Farms) 2014
  • Cut Flower Mix, 1/4 lb, (Wildseed Farms) 2014.


2 black beds by back of garage and garden:

  • Cut Flower Mix, 1/4 lb, (Wildseed farms) 2014.3-15-15 Moved 1.5 beds to area at corner of garage.

` 12-7-14

* Goji berry Lycium barbarum “Sweet Lifeberry”, x2, by side of driveway. Ht 6 ft, width, 3ft, sun/part shade. Hardy to zone 5. Prune in early spring. Stake. * Goji berry: “Vermilion Sunset”, by driveway. * Goji berry, “Big Lifeberry”, by driveway.

3-15-15 * Apple, Malus UEB 3449-1, “Tasty Red” columnar apple, (Stark Bros) in large pot to right of garage back door, facing the garage. * Apple, Malus AK-98, “Tangy Green” columnar apple, (Stark Bros) in large pot to left of garage back door, facing the garage.

3-15-15 * Bay Laurels Laurus nobilis“Sicilian Sunshine” x2, (Stark Bros), by walkway between house and garage.Yellow bay leaves! Zone 8-10; 6 to 20 ft tall, 6 -20 ft wide.Trim and fertilize in late winter/early spring. Transplanted the bay laurels from that area to pots on porch.

* Dianthus Dianthus spp, “Clavelina” by front door. (Lowes, end of season rejects!) Semi- moist. all zones. * Pansies, by front walk, (Lowes, end of season).5-10-15 Removed the pansies.


* Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree, dwarf: 'Improved Meyer', 2 trees in pots for indoor or patio use. Ht: 2 to 3ft; partial shade.


* Baby's Breath, “Covent Garden”, by edge of walkway in front by walk to front door (Baker Creek seed 2015)(did not come up)

* Vanilla Grass, Anthoxanthum odoratum by edge of walkway behind garage, by fuse box. (Thyme garden, 2014)(did not come up)

* Rue, Ruta graveloens, “Herb o' Grace”, by side door on both sides of walkway, by Dianthus and ferns, (Baker Creek 2015)(did great, many seedlings to give away)

* German Chamomile, along edge of walkway to garden by the Stella D'oro lilies, 3 packets (Baker Creek,2015)(did well)

4-28-15 * Marigold, “Red Metamorph”, SESE, 2015: in bed in front of turret room, by walkway.(did very well). * Spider Plant Mix, Cleome hassleriana, (Baker Creek), 2 packets, behind marigolds in bed by turret room.2015.(a few scraggly plants and flowers, overcome by weeds).

5-10-15 Sunflowers, by Jizo: (all eaten by deer!)

* Sunflower, Ornamental, “Autumn Beauty”, SESE, 11-14. * Sunflower “Velvet Queen”,Helianthus annuus, Wildseed Farms, 2008-9. * Sunflower “Vanilla Ice”,Helianthus annuus, Wildseed Farms, 2008-9. * Sunflower “Snack Mix”, Cook's Garden, 2007 * Sunflower,”Red Sun“,Baker Creek, 2014. * Sunflower,Ornamental, “Color Fashion Mix”, SESE, Dec 2011. * Sunflower, “Lemon Queen”, Baker Creek, 2015.

Also Larkspurs, in front of Jizo statue;

* Larkspur “Apple Blossom”,Baker Creek, 2015.(eaten by deer?) * Larkspur, “Carmine King”, Baker Creek, 2015. Full sun. * Marigolds,”Brocade Mix“, Baker Creek,2014.

In front of Japanese maple by garage:

  • Bee Balm Monarda hybrida, “Bergamo”, Select Seeds, 2013.
  • Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritima, “Benthamii”, Select Seeds, 2013.(did well, most blossoms in early summer)
  • Baby's Breath, “Covent Garden”, Baker Creek, 2015.(didn't come up? or were eaten by deer?)
  • Zinnia, “Button Box”, Baker Creek, 2014.(did great, many tall plants with beautiful flowers, last long in vases).

5-11-15 In Jizo bed, to grow up onto trellis behind Jizo;

  • Morning Glory “Clarke's Heavenly Blue”, Ferry Morse,seeds bought in California,2015.(eaten by deer x2 packs)

5-31-15 By pathway leading to garden:

  • Oregano, golden, “Vulgare aureum”, 3 plants from J&B Herb and Plant Farms, zone 5-7.sun.
  • Parsley, by golden oragano.


  • Elderberry, 2 plants, Nova (?), lost tags, (Stark Bros), on first berm.


  • Coriander,(Vietnamese),Polygonum odoratum,tender perennial,Zones 7 to 9, groundcover-like habit. J&B Plant Farms.By path between house and garage, in front yard.
  • Thyme,(Elfin), Thymus serpyllum,Zone 7 to 9,full sun,very low growth,magenta pink flowers in summer. J&B Plant Farms. Between stepping stones from garden path to patio.


  • Blackberries, x5, Arapaho (x2),and Chester, behind garage.
  • Coneflower,Echinacea purpurea, 'Pink Double Delight', Home Depot. 2 plants in bed in front of library. Medium height, Sun. 20-24 in tall x24” wide. Hardy to -30F
  • Coneflower,Echinacea hybrida,'Double Scoop Series', Home Depot, by walkway to house between garage and house.3 plants,tall height, 6 hours or more of sun. 28-30“tall x24-28” wide. Hardy to -30F. Moved to bed by driveway (by corner boulder) on 10-7-15.
  • Stonecrop, Sedum, 'Lemon Ball', Home Depot; by walkway to house between garage and house. 3 plants. 6-10“tall x26-24” wide. Mat-forming. Hardy to 0F. Sun.


  • Elderberry,'York', (Stark Bros), 3rd from right on berm by garage.
  • Fig, 'Yellow Long neck“, on second berm by blueberry patch, first from right, facing away from house; from Baker Creek.

9-17-15 Figs: left to right, facing away from garage:

  • Fig, 'Ischia', from Baker Creek.
  • fig, 'Texas Everbearing', from Baker Creek.


  • Grass: Hakonechloa macra, 'Aureola', 12-18 inches, partial shade, evenly moist slightly acid soil. 3 plants along edge of walkwaty to front door, form White Flower farm. 2015.
  • Ferns: Matteuccia struthiopteris, 6 bareroot; in bed in front of house, in front of library. 48-72 inches; partial shade, average to damp soil, from White Flower Farm. Zone 5-7S.
  • Lilies, Oriental: “Perfumed Garden Mix”, in front of the ferns, in front of library; from White Flower Farm, 24 bulbs. Zone 5-7; height 3-6'; bloom time July to September. Full or part sun.
  • Allium, Allium, 'Globemaster', 3 bulbs, in front of turret room. White Flower Farm.Silvery purple; Zone 5-7S, full sun, May-June, well-drained soil, 6-8 inches apart. 36-48 inches.

10-9-15 (waning moon)

  • Japanese Maple, Acer shirasawanum,'Moonrise',(Full Moon Maple), part shade, height 8 ft, moist, well-drained soil. Gallon plant. From Wayside Gardens.
  • Saffron crocuses, Crocus sativus, 24 bulbs, in front of bed in front of turret room, by walkway. Lilac purple with darker veins, blooms sept to October, 4-6 in, full sun, zones 6-8S, well-drained soil, 4 inches apart. White Flower Farm.
  • Mulberry bushes, 'Dwarf Everbearing', 2 plants (2 inches tall when got them in spring, grew them in pots all summer, now about 2 feet tall); on berm next to garden. from Baker Creek.

10-16-15 Friday (waxing moon)

  • Seed mix, Southeastern wildflowers mix,(Wildseed farms); in bed by driveway (with Jizo)
  • Seed mix, Cutting mix, (Wildseed Farms), same bed. Also some seeds by walkway to house, on top of Oriental Lily bulbs.

10-25-15 (waxing moon)

  • Rush, Juncus effusus, 'Big Twister', 4 plants from Emerald Coast Growers (bought at Whole Foods). Planted 3 by walkway to front door and one by driveway walkway. Full sun, moist soil, 18-24” height, hardy in zones 5 to 11.

11-14-15 (waxing moon)

  • Lilies, Lilium, 'Casa Blanca', 12 bulbs, in front of living room window by patio, and along edge of walkway between house and garage. White Flower Farm, 2015. White flowers, August bloom, Full sun or partial shade, well-drained soil, 12 inches apart; 48 in height.


  • Elderberry Bush, Sambuca nigra 'Eva', “Black Lace”, (White Flower Farms), in front yard by edge of lawn in front of apricot tree.Edible berries; prefers moist well-drained soil; prune after flowering and leave flower clusters intact for fall fruit. Apply controller release fertilizer in Spring.

6-8' tall, 6-8' wide, Zone 4-7.

4-2-16 Sun Aries, Moon waning, Aquarius

Edge of walkway to garden:

  • Chamomile, German, (SESE),Ht to 20 inches, 2015.
  • Chamomile, German, (Baker Creek), 2016. Hardy annual.

Edge of walkway between driveway and front door path, in front of Japanese Maple:

  • Spider Flower Mix, Cleome hassleriana, (Baker Creek), 2016. Hardy annual. 4-6 ft tall.
  • Baby's Breath, “Covent Garden”, (Baker Creek), 2016. Annual. Bloom time is 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Sweet Alyssum “Paletta Mix”, Lobularia maritima, (Select Seeds Antique Flowers), 2016, Hardy annual, 4-6 inches ht.2 packets


  • Added acidifier 'Holly Tone“ around 3 gardenia bushes and Hydrangia. Gardenias have had yellowing leaves this spring.


  • Dittany of Crete, Origanum dictamnus, 2 plants, by garage in dry garden.


Kiwi, 3 plants by outer corner of garage;

  • Ogden Point kiwi closest to house
  • Ken's Red Kiwi by driveway
  • Hardy Male Kiwi by garage

5-1-16 May Day! sun Taurus, moon Pisces, waning Moon

  • Wood Betony (Truly Unique) in front of garage, by Japanese Maple
  • Violet Viola odorata, “Governor Herrick”, (, by wood betony, in front of garage and rose bushes. 2 plants
  • Violet, Viola odorata, “Sweet rosina”, (Selectseeds) same place. 2 plants
  • Moved Apricot tree from front lawn to mulch pile by side of driveway.
  • Vervain (Truly Unique), in bed by walkway between path and patio.


  • Hot pepper, Thai hot, 3 plants by walkway to garage (by Japanese maple)
  • Elderberry, Johns, (Stark Bros), planted near garage by the corner where the kiwi plants are.

5-16-16 Sun in Taurus, Moon waxing in Virgo;

  • Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, in pot in back patio add in bed right next to patio.(Thyme Garden) 2015.
  • Wood Betony, Stachys officinalis, (Thyme Garden), 2015, at side of walk to garage, next to the betony plants.

Plantings 2017


  • Hellebores,”Lenten Rose“,Helleborus orientalis, x 4 plants from; in front of library window on north side of house; behind gardenias. HP 1 ft, PS/M O. All parts of plant are poisonous. Well drained shady soil.


  • Chamomile, Roman, Anthemis nobilis, (tHe Thyme garden), 10 seed packets in garden between blueberry bushes. 2017 seed.


  • Fig, Ficus carica 'Chicago', (Home Depot), by driveway and mulch pile. Full sun to partial shade, Ht 10-15', width 10-15', harvest in summer. Zone 6-10.


  • Spider Flower Mix, Cleome hassleriana, (Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company), bed in front of garage. Hardy annual, Ht 4-6ft, 2017 seed. South American native. Full sun ,average moisture.
  • Spider Flower Mix, Cleome, (Burpee) same location, Ht 4-5', 2011 seed.
  • Zinnia, 'Carousel”, (Baker Creek), bed in front of garage, 2017 seed. Full sun, rich soil, moderate soil moisture.
  • Zinnia, 'Bon Bon', (Baker Creek), bed in front of garage, dahlia-flowered variety. Ht 30 “. Full sun, rich soil, moderate moisture.2017 seed.
  • Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden”, (Baker Creek), bed in front of garage, annual, single flowered type. Full sun.

5-10-17 BEE plants:

  • Lobelia, Lobelia siphilitica, Blue Cardinal Flower, (Piedmont Feed and Supply in Chapel Hill), 3 plants in front of garden at edge of fence, sun to part shade, blooms July to September, moist to wet soil; ht 30-36“. width 15-20”. Zones 5-9. Native, BEE plant.
  • Beebalm, Monarda'Balbalmurp' PP #25,561, 2 plants, (Piedmont Feed), by edge of path next to brick patio. Full sun, moist well-drained soil; Ht 10-12“, width 8-10”, Zone 4, Bloom later spring to summer. BEE plant.
  • Beebalm, Monarda 'Jacob Cline', 2 plants, (Piedmont Feed), by edge of path next to patio. Sun to part shade, consistent soil moisture; Ht 36“, width 24”, zone 4-9, blooms in summer. BEE plant.
  • Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee', 3 plants, (Piedmont Feed), by edge of path next to patio. Full sun, well drained soil; Ht 1-3', width 1-2', zone 5, blooms in summer to fall. BEE plant.


  • Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum 'Irish Lace',, Piedmont Feed and Supply,(on 54, Chapel Hill) in front yard by walkway to side door. Ht 5-8 ft, spread 10 ft, partial sun,keep well watered.
  • Sweet Woodruff, Galium odoratum, 6 plants, Piedmont Feed, in front of Irish Lace Japanese maple.Groundcover for average to moist shady areas; ht 4-8“, spread 12-24”, part shade to full shade, zones 3-9. Fast growth rate.
  • Nettles, Urtica dioica, Maple Spring Gardens, from Weaver St Market, 2 plants on berm by side of garage, in nettle patch.
  • Yew, Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Yewtopa', bed in front of library, (Home Depot? last year), well drained soil, slow to moderate growth, shade to part sun, Ht 3-4', width 3-4'. Zones 6-9. Fertilize in early spring.
  • Catnip, (Wetsel Seed), 1 packet next to brick patio. 2017 seed.
  • Catnip,nepeta cataria, 2 plants,(Piedmont Feed),next to brick patio. Zone 6-10.J&B Herb and Plant Farms. Ht 2-3'. 6-4-17 these are not doing well, wilting, drooping grey leaves; I think it is too wet or poorly drained in this location for them.


  • Elderberry, Sambucus,'Nova', in pot on brick patio, (Stark Bros). Has been in small pot on porch for about a year.


  • Hyssop, Lemon, Ag.mexicana 'Sangria', (Thyme Garden), by edge of brick patio, behind catnip.


  • Liatris “Blazing Star”, Liatris spicata, 3 plants, (Piedmont Feed), by front walkway, in front of turret room. Full sun, average water, ht 24-36“, width 9-18”, blooms in summer. Zone 3. BEE plant
  • Joepye Weed, Eupatorium dubium 'Baby Joe', 3 plants (Piedmont Feed), by front walkway. Sun to part sun, Ht 24-30“, width 18-24”, medium water. Blooms late summer. Zone 4. BEE plants
  • Sedoro Stonecrop, Sedoro 'Blue Elf', Nursery on Hwy 70 on way to Beaufort, NC. Full sun, Ht 4-6“, width 14-20”, bloom late summer. Zone 4.


  • Confederate Jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides, in bed by outer corner of garage, next to garden; (Niche Gardens); Ht 10-20' vine; sun/part shade, Zone 8A to 11. In winter, mulch with 4-5 inches of mulch and cover with blanket when temp less than 10 degrees. BEE plant


  • Culver's Root, Veronicastrum virginicum, in bed between garage and garden path; 3 plants, (Niche Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC); Ht 3-6', width 2-4', full sun; zone 3-8, moist well-drained soil. BEE plant
  • Goldenrod, Short's, Solidago shortii 'Solar Cascade', 3 plants, same bed, (Niche Gardens); Ht 2-3', width 2', full sun, zone 3-8, dry to average soil. BEE plant
  • Hyssop, 'Blue Fortune', Agastache 'Blue Fortune', 3 plants, same bed, (Niche Gardens); Ht 2-4', width 2-3'; full sun, zone 5-9. BEE plant
  • Virginia Sweetspire, Itea virginica 'Saturnalia', in front of turret room, replacing the old gardenia. 1 plant, (Niche Gardens), Ht 3-5', width 3-5', sun/part shade. Zone 5-9, medium to wet soil. BEE plant


  • Joe Pye Weed, Eupatorium maculatum, 'Atropurpureum', 3 plants, along edge of garden in bog. (niche gardens), Ht 6', width 3', sun/part shade. Zone 4-9. BEE plant
  • Mountain Mint, Pycanthemum incana, 3 plants, same bed, (Niche gardens), Ht 3', width 3-4', full sun. Zone 4a-8b. BEE plant
  • Virginia Sweetspire, Itea virginia 'saturnalia', same bed, closer to outer edge by blueberries, but this side of the propane tank. (Niche Gardens). 1 plant.Zone 5-9. Sun/part shade. Ht 3-5', width 3-5'. BEE plant
  • Gingko Tree, Gingko biloba, tree in pot on patio; (Niche Gardens). Full sun, moist well drained soil, zones 3-8. Ht over 30', width 15-30'.


  • Catnip, Nepeta cataria, in pot on porch, (J&B Herb and Plant Farms), zone 6-10.


  • Sedum, Stonecrop Angelina, Sedum rupestre 'Angelina', by front door, (J&S nurdsery, 8115 Hwy 70, Newport, NC 28570). Zonw 3-9. Full sun, well drianed soil.Perennial.
  • Catmint, Nepeta x faassenii, 'Walker's Low', 3 planta in bed along garden path. (Southern States, Carrboro, NV), Zone 4-8. Moist well-drianed soil. Full sun t light shade.
  • New York Ironweed, Vernonia noveboracensis, (Southern States), in bed by brick p[atio. 2 plants. Zone 5-9. Moist to wet soil. Ht 48-84“, width 24-36”. Sun to light shade.


  • Catnip, Nepeta cataria, 3 plants, in round herb bed in garden. (J&B Herb and Plant Farms, from Weaver St Market), Zone 6-10. Organic. Ht; 2-3 ft.


  • Pollinator Mix, 1 lb mixed seed, ((Wildseed Farms), in square bed in front of house, with Jizo.
Mix contains: 
  * Purple Coneflower (//Echinacea purpurea//)
  * Tickseed
  * Sunspot Sunflower
  * Zinnia Dahlia Mix
  * Rocket Larkspur
  * Cornflower
  * Indian Blanket
  * Cosmos
  * California Poppy
  * Lemon Mint
  * Baby Blue Eyes
  * Moss Verbena
  * Tropical Milkweed (//Aslepias curassavica//)
  * Scarlet Sage
  * Purple Tansy
  * Sweet William
  * Plains Coreopsis
  * Basil
  * Butterfly Weed (//Asclepias tuberosa//)
  * Coriander
  * Sweet Alyssum
  * Black-Eyed Susan
  * Corn Poppy
  * Bishop's Flower


  • Anise Hyssop,Agastache foeniculum, 3 plants, transplanted from raised bed to round herb bed in garden.
  • Wood Betony, Stachys officinalis, 2 plants, transplanted from front yard bed to round herb bed in garden.



  • Elderberry bush, “Nova”, Stark Brothers (planted in pot 1 or 2 years ago, now transplanted) on berm by driveway, in elderberry area.


  • Chamomile, “Zloty Lan”, Matricaria recutita, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2018), along near edge of walkway to garden, closer to house.
  • Chamomile, Roman, Chamaemelum nobile, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds, 2018), along far edge of walkway to garden, closer to garden.


  • Goldenseal, plants, Hydrastis canadensis, 8 plants, (Niche Gardens 1-2018), in dedicated bed in woods by berm.
  • Ginseng seeds, approx 20, after storage in fridge for months, some sprouting; in same bed.


  • Rose, “Sharifa asma”,(David Austin Roses), heeled in pot of soil, in garage; arrived yesterday by mail, bare root. Temps are down to high 20s currently, so will not plant in ground till after frost-free date (April 15th?)


  • Ginger, Edible, Zingiber officionale, 4 (4 inch) plants, (Baker Creek), planted in 2 pots on porch. Perennial to zone 7. Shade; sandy loamlike, slightly acidic soil well amended with compost. Water well till foliage is established. Let dry out a bit more in Fall when foliage turns brown, and harvest roots in Fall but leave some in soil, covered with light mulch, to overwinter. Bring pots indoors when temperature drops below 50 at night.
  • Fig, “White Marseilles”, 2 (4 inch) plants, (Baker Creek), in 2 pots on porch. Zone 7-11. Warm, north-facing location. (Southern exposure can cause premature bud break in Winter causing frost damage). Space 15-20 ft; container plants require minimum of a half whiskey barrel to develop good size.
  • Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, “Goriza”, (J&B Herb and Plant Farms, from Whole Foods), zones 7-10. Ht: to 60“. In pot on porch.


  • Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis,”Spice Island“, (J&B Herb and Plant Farms, from Weaver St Market), Zones 7-10. Ht 3'. In pot on porch.


  • Pomegranate, “Dwarf Red”, (Stark Brothers), large blue ceramic pot on porch. zone 7-10, Ht 8-10', width 8-10'. Soil well-drained,average,loamy, pH 5.5 to 7. Full Sun. Years to bear: 2 to 3; September, self-pollinating.


  • Snapdragon, Tall Deluxe, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2017), in bed by brick porch in back yard, closest to porch. Perennial usually grown as annual, full sun, rich soil, moderate moisture. Self-seeds freely. Ht 30-36”. Native to Southern Europe.
  • Agastache, Agastache foeniculum, “Lavender Hyssop”, (Select Seeds Antique Flowers, 2017), mid-bed. Half-hardy annual. Full sun. Ht 2-3'.
  • Agastache, “Arcado Pink”, (Baker Creek Seed, 2017), same bed, closer to walkway. Perennial, usually grown as annual. A type of anise hyssop with pink blooms. Ht 2'. Full sun,
  • Baby's Breath, “Covent garden”, (Baker Creek, 2016), outer edge of bed. Annual, Full sun,, bloom season 5 to 6 weeks long.
  • Ageratum Mix, Ageratum houstonianum, (Baker Creek, 2017), edging of same bed. Annual.Ht 8“. FS to part shade.


  • Sweet Alyssum, “Tall White”, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2018), in front bed in front of garage, along edge of walkway. Annual. FS or part shade. Ht 1'.
  • Mignonette, “Machet”, Reseda odorata, (Select Seeds Antique Flowers, 2017), same bed. Hardy annual. FS to partial shade. Ht 1'.
  • Spider Flower Mix, Cleome hassleriana, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2017), same bed. Hardy annual, FS to light shade, average moisture. Often self-sows. Ht 4-6'.
  • Zinnia, “Burpee Rose Giant Cactus”, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2018), same bed, closer to garage. FS.
  • Zinnia, “Giants of California”, (Baker Creek Seeds, 2018), same bed. FS.


  • Raspberry, “Glencoe thornless”, (Baker creek, 2017. was in a smal lpot), transplanted into large pot by garden walkway. FS, zone 5-8.
  • Elder Bushes x2, “Black Lace”, in bed by garage, in place of 2 gardenia bushes that died with cold weather. These died and were replaced with two Sweetspires.
  • Sweetspires


  • Lavender 'Platinum Blonde', Lavandula angustifolia 'Momparler', 3 plants, by walkway between garage and house. FS, well-drained soil, Ht 16 to 24 inches. Zones 5-9.
  • Lavender 'Hidcote', Lavandula angustifolia, 2 plants, same area.FS, zone 7-10.
  • Moved bay laurel to large pot from this spot by walkway. Each winter the bay died down to roots and re-sprouted from roots. For Winter 2018, will go in greenhouse.

5-15-18 Sun Taurus, Moon Taurus.

  • Gardenia, “Kleim's Hardy”, Gardenia jasminoides, 2 plants, planted in large pots. (Southern States, Carrboro). FS to semi-shade. Size: 2-4 ft tall by 2-4ft wide. Zones 6-10.

5-18-18 Sun Taurus, Moon Cancer.

  • Rose, “Sharifa Asma”, David Austin Roses, in front of fireplace by walkway between garage and house. English Old Rose Hybrid, shrub rose, Zone 4-10. Ht 4ft, width 3ft. Prune once in winter. Fertilize once in spring and once in summer.


  • Sweetspire Itea virginica 'Little Henry', 2 bushes in mint bed by garden path. (Carrboro Garden Center). FS or shade, bloom in Summer, prune after flowering, soil moist to damp, fertilize in spring. Ht 2-3', width 2-3'. zone 5-9. Red Fall foliage.


  • Catmint, Nepeta, 'Walker's Low', x2, moved from garden path to front of bed by garage.
  • Blunt Mountainmint, Pycnanthemum muticum, x2 plants, planted in bed by garden path. FS, PS, average water, bloom in summer, Ht 1-3', width 1-3'. Zone 4. Bees were all over this plant at the plant nursery. (Piedmont Plant and Garden Center)
  • Coneflower, Echinacea p., White Swan', x4 plants, in bed by garden path. FS, water weekly during dry spells, bloom midsummer to early Fall, deadhead flowers, Ht 24-36”, width 24“, Zone 3-8. (Piedmont Plant and Garden Center on 55).


  • Corkscrew Rush Juncus effusus, 'Big Twister', x5 plants, (Home Depot), planted on edge of sloping area behind greenhouse. Shade, water weekly or more often till roots established, likes moist ground; Ht 18-24”, width 12-24“, hardy to -10F.
  • Bee Balm, Monarda hybrida PPAF, 'Sugar Buzz Lilac Lollipop', x2 plants in bed in front of mudroom. FS or PS, blooms mid to late Summer, prefers consistent soil moisture, Ht 19-24”, width 16-20“, Zone 4-8. Tea plant in mint family. Bee, pollinator plant. Divide every 2-3 years. (Piedmont Garden Center).
  • Bee Balm, Monarda 'Grape Gumball', x2 plants, same bed, FS. Ht 20-24”. Zone 4-8. (Piedmont Garden Center).


  • Moved Anise Hyssop x 3 plants to bed by Jizo
  • Echinacea purpurea, 2 pkg wild-gathered seeds (Bear Alchemy), planted in Jizo bed.


  • Honeyberry, Lonicera caerulea, 3 plants, planted in new bed by screen porch. (Stark Bros). Berry Blue x2; Borealis x1, (closest to brick patio).
  • Variegated Peppermint, same bed.
  • Lavender Mint, same bed.

9-25-18 Sun Libra, Moon Aries. Full Moon.

  • Lettuce “Little Gem”, in Jizo bed. (Baker Creek, 2016 seed).
  • Catnip, Nepeta cataria, 2 packs seeds, (Strictly Medicinal, Select Seeds). Same bed.
  • Stinging Nettle, 2 packs seeds, by Flowering Apricot tree in front yard by driveway. (Baker Creek Seeds, 2018; one packet was cold stratified in freezer for 2 or 3 weeks.)
  • Anise Hyssop, in Jizo bed, near same plants. Seeds from these plants.Gathered earlier in summer.


  • Sedum,“Lemon Ball Stonecrop”, 6 plants, (Southern States), by walkway in front of turret room, by Japanese maple.

10-25-18, Sun Scorpio, waning Moon, Moon Taurus

  • Ginseng, American, Panax quinquefolius, 8 roots from SESE, in prepared raised bed in woods by rock pile. also, 40 ginseng seeds,(SESE) in same bed and in nearby older raised bed where last year's seeds and goldenseal are planted.


1-9-19 (Waxing Moon, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius)

  • Japanese Maple, Acer shirasawanum,'Moonrise',(Full Moon Maple), part shade, height 8 ft, moist, well-drained soil. Gallon plants, grown to about 5 ft tall in pots. From Wayside Gardens. 2 trees, transplanted from large pots into ground, one in front of mudroom window and the other by brick patio in back yard, by Allscapes Landscaping. Jupiter.
  • Joe Pye Weed, Eupatorium maculatum, 'Atropurpureum', 3 plants, along edge of garden in bog. (Niche Gardens), Ht 6', width 3', sun/part shade. Zone 4-9. BEE plant. Moved to back yard by shed (bog garden).
  • *New York Ironweed, Vernonia noveboracensis, (Southern States), in bed by brick patio. 2 plants. Zone 5-9. Moist to wet soil. Ht 48-84“, width 24-36”. Sun to light shade. Moved to mint bed by garage and garden.
  • Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum 'Irish Lace', Piedmont Feed and Supply,(on 54, Chapel Hill). Ht 5-8 ft, spread 10 ft, partial sun, keep well watered. Moved to Jizo bed, center of bed. Jizo statue moved to corner of bed.
  • Japanese maple in bed in front of garage windows; was planted too deeply and sits in water when it rains. Allscapes raised the tree and replanted in same spot, on raised dirt for better drainage.

1-11-19 and 1-12-19 (waxing Moon, Sun Capricorn) Right to left facing back of property, going from West to East.

First Row:

  • Apricot, dwarf, Prunus armeniaca'Wilson Delicious', (Stark Brothers EZ start). Zone 5-8. Venus.
  • Apple, Fuji, Malus domestica, 'September Wonderful', (Stark Brothers, Supreme EZ pot), zone 4-8. Venus.
  • Cherry,
  • Cherry,

Second Row back:

  • Almond, Prunus dulcis, 'Hall's Hardy', (Stark Brothers), zone 5-8. Mercury.
  • Apple, Malus domestica,
  • Apple,dwarf, Malus domestica, 'Gala Starkrimson', (Stark Brothers). Zone 5-8. Venus
  • Crabapple, semi-dwarf, Malus, 'Chestnut Crabapple', (Stark Brothers). Zone 3-8. Venus
  • Cherry, Sweet, dwarf, Prunus avium, 'Compact Stella', from White Flower Farm. Originally planted in pot 5-2014. Zone 5-7s/w. Venus

Third row back;

  • Apple, semi-dwarf, Malus domestica,


  • Fig, from pot; in row behind orchard trees. (maybe this fig, Ficus carica 'Chicago', (Home Depot), by driveway and mulch pile. Full sun to partial shade, Ht 10-15', width 10-15', harvest in summer. Zone 6-10.)
  • Boysenberries, Rubus ursinus x Rubus idaeus, 3 plants, in new bed outside of fenced garden on West side of house. Back row. Zone 6-9. Full sun. Well-drained, average moistness.
  • Blackberries, 'Arapaho', erect thornless, 2 plants, front row of bed outside fenced garden by West side of house. Zone 6-8. Full sun. Ripens mid-June. Well drained soil.


  • Blackberries, Rubus, “Bushel and Barrel Baby Cakes”, (Stark Brothers, transplanted from pots where they were planted last year), 2 plants, in front of new gardens in raised beds.
  • Comfrey, transplanted to circular raised bed by greenhouse. 6 plants.


  • Elderberry,Sambucus, Golden Glow', transplanted from edge of garden path bed to new location by shed, along path to side door. It was not happy where it was, likely too dry, but it is still alive. Sun to partial shade; Zone 3; 4-5 ft tall x 4-5 ft wide; Spring blossoms. fertilize regularly beginning in later Spring.
  • Wormwood, Artemisia absinthium, transplanted from old gardens to bed by garden path. 4 plants.
  • Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea, transplanted from old garden to circular bed by garden path, 2 plants.
  • Agrimony,Agrimonia eupatoria, transplanted from old garden bed to same circular bed by garden path. 2 plants.


  • Elderberry Sambucus canadensis, 'Nova', from Nuche gardens, by shed walkway.
  • Elderberry Sambucus canadensis, 'York', form Niche gardens, same area by shed.
  • Elderberry Sambucus nigra, from Stark Brothers? same area.
  • Mugwort, Common, artemisia vulgaris, (Strictly Medicinal seed,2018) by greenhouse on west side.


  • Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, by shed near and behind elderberries. (Niche gardens). Ht 10-20 ft, spread 10-20 ft. Sun/part shade.
  • Goji plants x2, Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense,'Vermilion Sunset' and 'Sweet Lifeberry', transplanted from front yard (too shady? never grew well) to full sun area by greenhouse. Zone 5-9, well drained soil (may not do so well where I put them, kind of moist soil, but we'll see), Full sun to part shade.


  • Chives, common, 2 plants (transplants form pots) in new kitchen bed by brick patio.
  • French Marigold, Tagetes lucida, 'Sweet Mace', (Baker Creek,2017) in new kitchen bed by patio
  • Calendula, Resina, Calendula officinalis, (SESE, 2019), same bed.
  • Agrimony, Agrimonia eupatoria, seed in same bed.
  • Baby's Breath, Gypsophila paniculata, 'Covent Garden', (Baker Creek, 2018, 2 pkg seed), along outer edge of new garden by greenhouse.
  • Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritima, 'Tall White', (Baker Creek, 2017), 2 pkg seed, along edges of new garden by greenhouse, by comfrey bed.
  • Zinnia, Zinnia spp, 'Illumination', (Baker Creek, 2016), 1 pkg seed, same bed.
  • Zinnia, 'Bon Bon', (Baker Creek, 2018, 1 pkg seed) same bed.
  • Hollyhock, Alcea rosea, 'Indian Spring', (Baker Creek, 2018), 1 pkg, same bed.
  • Agastache, Lavender Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum, (Select Seeds, 2016), same bed
  • Hollyhock, Alcea rosea, 'Creamy White', (Baker Creek, 2018) 1 pkg, same bed.
  • Agastache, Agastache pallidiflora, 'Rose Mint', (Baker Creek, 2019) 1 pkg. same bed.


  • Fennel, Bronze, Foeniculum vulgare, (SESE, 2018), along edge of greenhouse by the mugwort.
  • Marigold, 'Queen Sophia', (Baker Creek, 2019) along edge of fennel and mugwort beds.
  • Parsley, Italian, Petrosellnum crispum, 2 plants form J&B Herb and Plant Farms, in kitchen garden bed by brick patio.
  • Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum, (SESE), in same kitchen garden bed.
  • Zinnia, 'Meteor',(Baker Creek, 2016) in bed along edge of old garden.
  • Sage, scarlet, Salvia coccinea,(Strictly Medicinal Seeds), same bed.
  • Lemon Bergamot, Monarda citriodora, (Strictly Medicinal seeds), same bed.


  • 2 gingkgo trees, transplanted into bigger pots/ (from Kathy Hopwood).


  • Ostrich Ferns, x 2 plants, by side of garden shed, (Gardenrich).
  • Brilliance Autumn Ferns, x 9 plants, in same bed by shed (gardenrich).


  • Liatris, Liatris spicata, 'Alba', 3 plants (gallon pots, Plantworks Nursery) in front of mudroom, behind the 2 smaller Liatris.
  • Echinacea, Echinacea, 'Cheyenne Spirit', 10 plants (Plantworks Nursery), in new flower bed by greenhouse. Amended the clay soil with a bag of topsoil. Ht 24-30 inches. Zone 4.Full sun.


  • American Beautyberry, Callicarpa americana, 1 plant (Niche Gardens), in new bed in front yard, Ht 6-8 ft, Spread 5-7ft. Sun/part shade. Zone 7.
  • Sweet Pepperbush, Compact, Clethra alnifolia, 'Hummingbird', (aka summersweet) 2 plants, (Niche Gardens), in same bed. Ht 3-5 ft, spread 3-5 ft, Sun/part shade. Zone 3-9.
  • Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii, 'Petite Indigo', 2 plants, (Niche Gardens), ht 5-6 ft, spread 4-6 ft, Sun. Zone 5-9.
  • Echinacea, 'Powwow Wildberry', 6 plants, same bed, (Plantworks Nursery). Ht 24 inches. Zone 4.Full Sun.
  • Shasta Daisy, Leucanthemum, 'Becky', 5 plants, same bed, (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5.
  • Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit', 2 plants (Plantworks) in front yard garden by driveway.
  • Elderberry, Sambucus canadensis 'Magnolia Hill', 1 plant, (Richters herbs), in back yard near shed, in row of elderberry bushes. Ht 16 ft. Zone 3-11.


  • Shasta Daisy, Leucanthemum, 'Becky', 5 plants in path by walkway to old garden.
  • Lime Balm, Melissa officinalis, 6 transplants to same bed, from volunteers that grew in garden path, from the original lime balm!


  • Southeastern Wildflower Mix, (Wildseed Farms, 2019), 1 lb mixed seeds, in crescent-shaped bed between backyard orchard and walkway to shed. Soil prepared by adding bags of topsoil to existing clay soil.


  • Apple tree, 'Golden Delicious', (Stark), semi-dwarf, transplanted from dirt pile to back yard, in place of Almond tree that died.
  • Echinacea, Echinacea, 'Powwow Wildberry', 6 plants, in bed by walkway to garden. 24“ height. FS. (Plantworks Nursery). Ht 24 inches. Zone 4. Full Sun.
  • Fox Sedge, Carex vulpinoidea, 3 plants, (Niche Gardens, going out of business sale :-( ) behind greenhouse by ferns. Ht 1-3ft, spread 1-2ft, part shade.
  • White Bee Balm, Monarda didyma 'Bryan Thompson', 3 plants, in flower garden to side of greenhouse, in front of ginger lilies. (Niche Gardens), Ht 3-4 ft, spread 3-4 ft, part shade.
  • Shasta Daisy, Leucanthemum, 'Becky', 3 plants in bed in front yard by Jizo. (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5.


  • Goji Berry Bush, Lycium chinense, 'sweet Lifeberry', (Stark), by side of greenhouse.
  • Boysenberries Rubus ursinus, 3 plants, (Stark) by entrance to new fenced garden and in other berry bed behind new fenced garden.


  • Echinacea,Echinaceacv Matthew Saul pp #17652, 'Harvest Moon', 4 plants (Niche Gardens), in new flower bed by greenhouse; Ht 2-2.5 ft, spread 1.5-2 ft. Full sun or PS. Zone 5-8.


  • Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, 2 plants, (Niche Gardens), one on front yard by edge of treeline, the other in back yard by shed, at tree line. 15-20' tall with similar spread. Deciduous shrub.‎Full Sun to Partial Shade.Zone 3-8.
  • Fig, Ficus carica, 'Violet de Bordeaux', from Spain, one plant, by garage and walkway to garden. (Richters Herbs), grown in a pot, originally about 5 inches tall, now about 1.5x 2 feet, rootbound in pot. FS. Zone 7-9 per Richters, Zone 5-10 on other websites (which say it is hardy as a grown plant and will grow back from roots if killed by cold).


  • Cherry Tree, 'Stella Sweet Cherry Semi-dwarf', (Stark Brothers), in front yard in Jizo bed; (moved Japanese maple to big pot). Zone 5-8; Full sun. Self-pollinating. Ht:15-18ft, spread 15-18 ft.
  • Moved to big pot in back yard: Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum 'Irish Lace', Piedmont Feed and Supply,(on 54, Chapel Hill). Ht 5-8 ft, spread 10 ft, partial sun, keep well watered.
  • Compact Sweet Pepperbush, Clethra alnifolia 'Hummingbird', (Niche Gardens), Sun/part shade, Ht 3-5 ft, width 3-5ft. Zone 3-9, in front yard by other Clethras.



  • Hostas, x6, around and behind the flowering apricot in front yard by driveway. (Hillsborough Farmer's Market, last Fall).


  • Spicebush, Lindera benzoin, x1 plant (Niche Gardens, 2019), in spot by shed where I had previously planted a fern. “Deciduous shrub that may grow to 8 to 15 feet”, Dioecious, so need a male and a female plant.Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours).Soil Drainage: Moist; Occasional Flooding; Occasionally Dry; OccasionallyWet; Very Dry. Height: 8 ft. 0 in. - 15 ft. 0 in. Width: 6 ft. 0 in. - 15 ft. 0 in. The Spice bush has thick, alternate, oblong-obovate, light green leaves (to 5” long) turn an attractive yellow in autumn. Leaves are aromatic (spicy fragrance) when crushed.

3-26-20 New Moon in Taurus

  • Nettle,stinging Urtica dioica, (2019, 2018, 3 packets, Baker Creek), in prepared bed by treeline in back yard.
  • Nasturtium, Tropaelum nanum 'King Theodore', (2016, Baker Creek), in hanging basket.
  • Naturtium, Tropaelum nanum, 'Empress of India', (2018, Strictly Medicinal), in hanging basket.
  • Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, 'Zloty Lan', (2019, Baker Creek, 3 packets), along garden path in back yard.

3-30-20 Bed by edge of screen porch:

  • Morning Glories, “Flying Saucers”, (2011, Baker Creek). After soaking for 36 hours in water.
  • Baby's Breath, Elegans alba, “Grandflora”, (2018?, SESE)
  • Narigolds, Tagates patula, “Orange Flame”, (2018, Baker Creek)
  • Swiss Chard, Beta vulgaris, “Rainbow”, (2019, SESE)
  • Turnip Greens, Brassica rapa, “Seven Top”, (2020, SESE).

4-4-20 Wildflower bed by walkway to shed:

  • lemon Balm, 'Golden', Melissa officinalis, 2 paclets, (2019, Baker crek), surrounding shepherd's hook for birdfeeder.
  • Tree Mallow, Lavatera, 'Patio White', (2018, Baker Creek).
  • Flower Mix, 'Songbird delight', (2020, Botanical Interest). 40 gm of seed.

Flower bed by side of greenhouse;

  • Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritima, (2020,SESE), next to comfrey raised bed and along edge of walkway.
  • Larkspur, Delphinium consolida, Galilee Mix, (2019, SESE)
  • Cleome, (Spider Flower), 'Queen Mix', (2017, SESE) 2 packets.
  • Zinnias, 'State Fair Mixed Colors', (2020, SESE, 2 packets).
  • Baby's Breath, 'Covent Garden', (2017, Baker Creek).


  • Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing, Morus alba, 1 plant (Gardens Alive, from 2019, grew in a pot 1 year) transplanted into Jizo garden.It is currently about 5 feet tall.

Bed in front of turret room:

  • Mignonette, Reseda odorata, 'Ameliorata', (Select Seeds antique Flowers, 2016) 1 packet. hardy annual, FS to partial shade, Ht:1ft, spacing 6 inches. Season: early Summer. Prune once to encourage bushiness. Zone 8-10
  • Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritima, 'Benthamii', 3 packets in beds, 2 from SESE (2019, 2020), one from Select Seeds(2016). Hardy annual, FS to part shade, Ht: 10 inches, spacing 4-6 inches. Season: early Summer to Fall. Clip back after bloom to encourage flowering.
  • Heuchera, Heuchera sanguinea, 'Coral Bells', 'Bressingham Mixture', (Kitchen Garden Seeds), Perennial, Spring to Summer flowering, Ht 15 to 24 inches.


  • Goji Berry Bush, Lycium 'Sweet Lifeberry', transplanted from front yard where it has languished for years, to back yard by edge of greenhouse, near other goji berry bushes. (Stark Bros)


  • Soapwort, Saponaria officinalis, 3 plants, (Richters), in small bed between brick patio and Japanese maple.

Bed by kitchen side of house and crawl space door:

  • Hollyhock, 'Queeny Lilac-Rose', (2018, Baker Creek). Ht 20-30 inches,biennial, bloom in summer. Full sun. May behave as a perennial if cut back after blooming.
  • Love In A Mist, Nigella damascena, (2016, Select Seeds), hardy annual, full sun, Ht: 1 to 1.5 ft, spacing 8 inches. Bloom late spring to summer.
  • Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden', (2017, Baker Creek), Ht 12-18 inches.
  • Cleome, (Spider Flower), 'Queen Mix', (SESE, 2019).

5-10-20 Edge of walkway between brick porch and walkway to garden

  • Summer Thyme Thymus vulgaris, (2020, SESE), closest to stepping stones.
  • Oregano, Greek Origanum heracleoticum, (2020, Strictly Medicinal), behind thyme. Mounding herbaceous or evergreen perennial; highly aromatic leaves. Mesic to dry soil in FS to light shade. Prune after flowering.
  • Borage, Borago officinalis, (2016, Horizon Herbs). Self-seeding annual. Flowers blue to 18 inches in height. FS to partial shade. Space 1 ft apart.
  • Yarrow, by edge of walkway. (2019, Baker Creek), perennial to 2 ft.FS to partial shade. Well drained soil.
  • Winter Thyme, by walkway between house and garage, surrounding blue ceramic pot.


  • Blackberry Lilies, by front yard path to door; seeds from Kathy Hopwood.


  • Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus lobbianum, 'Tall Trailing Mix',(2019, Baker Creek), in hanging baskets (now on shepherd's hooks that Rik got for me!), and also in blue ceramic planter that we moved to back yard. Annual, vines to 10 ft


  • Echinacea purpurea, (2017, Baker Creek), in large blue ceramic pot by side door. Also :
  • Turmeric, Curcuma longa, root from Li Ming's, in same pot. This is not cold hardy so will need to go into greenhouse in a pot to overwinter.


  • Borage, Borago officinalis, (SESE, 2020), by walkway between garden path and brick patio. 80 days.Annual, self sows. FS. Emergence in 8-12 days. Can use leaves in salads and cool drinks. Edible flowers.

In flower garden by greenhouse:

  • Echinacea, wild gathered seed (Bear's Alchemy, 2017).
  • Marigold, 'Frances' Choice', (SESE 2019), by edge of fence in flower garden.
  • Zinnia, 'Red Beauty', (SESE 2019), in midbed.
  • agrimony, (wild seed I gathered in Caswell County when out with Will Endres, 2017).

In garden bed by birdfeeder;

  • Pollinator Wildflower Mix, (Feed a

In small bed by crawl space door:

  • Zinnia, 'State Fair Mixed Colors', (SESE 2018).
  • Cleome, grew very well1! tall!


  • Bayberry, Myrica pensylvanica, in dry soil by garage and walkway to house; FS to part sun; Perennial, zones 5-9, Ht: 3-12m. (Richters Herbs, Goodwood, ON, Canada)



  • Elderberry,Sambucus canadensis,two plants at site of old pond; one is a “Magnolia Hill”, the other, a rooted branch of elderberry, grown for a year in pots before transplanting. (2019, Richter's Herbs). Zone 3-11. Ht: 8 ft. Origin: This strain was discovered on an old plantation in NC Piedmont.
  • Elderberry, Sambucus canadensis,“Magnolia Hill”, previously planted at same site earlier in 2020.


  • Elderberry, Sambucus canadensis, 'Bob Gordon Elder', (2019, Richter's herbs, from 1 year ago, grown in pot for 1 year). At site of old pond. Perennial, Zone 3-11. Variety developed for commercial production.


  • Elderberry, Sambucus,'Nova',(Stark Bros), transplanted from first berm (the middle elderberry bush) to back yard at site of old pond, near other elders. This elder was originally planted on berm in 6-15 and has not done well there, probably due to dryness, so is now transplanted to very damp soil.


  • Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum, cold stratified seeds, to plant in 30 days. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Zone 3-8, native. Life Cycle: Perennial. Sun Exposure: Full, Partial. Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet. Height 4 feet. Bloom Time: July, August, September. Bloom Color: White. Sow seeds on surface.
  • Blue Vervain Verbena hastata, cold stratified seeds, to plant in 30 days. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Zone: 3-8. Sow seeds on surface.Life Cycle: Perennial. Sun Exposure: Full, Partial. Soil Moisture: Wet,Medium-Wet,Medium. Height 5 feet. Bloom Time: July, August, September.
  • Mad-dog (Blue) Skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora, cold stratified seeds, to plant in 60 days. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Zone 3-9. Life Cycle: Perennial. Sun Exposure: Full, Partial. Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet. Height 2 feet. Bloom Time: July, August, September. Bloom Color: Blue
  • Meadowsweet Spiraea alba, cold stratified seeds, to plant in 60 days. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Zone 3-7. Life Cycle: Perennial. Sun Exposure: Full, Partial. Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet. Height:4 feet. Bloom Time: July, August, September. Bloom Color: White. Native.


  • Brilliance Autumn Ferns, 2 ferns (from back yard by shed): moved to front of turret room, behind Japanese maple.
  • Blackberry Lilies; transplanted two in bed by turret room, by other blackberry lilies (gifts from Kathy Hopwood).
  • Strawberries:Fragaria spp, 'Sparkle', (White Flower Farm), moved from old garden bed to new bed along pathway to shed.


  • Bayberry Myrica pensylvanica, 2 plants, transplanted form pots to edge of driveway, next to rockpile; to form part of a hedgerow between house and street. these have grown in pots for about a year (Richter's Herbs), Perennial, zone 5-9. Sun to part sun. Ht: 3-12 meters


  • Elderberry,(probably Nova type) transplanted from berm by driveway to boggy area where pond was. Second from the left on the berm.
  • Chamomile, Matricaria recutita,'Zloty Lan', (Baker Creek,2 packets,2021), along edge of walkway to old garden. Annual, self sows. Polish variety.10-14 days to emergence. Full sun. Surface sow seed, keep moist. Cut back immediately after blooming to encourage re-blooming.


  • BLUE VERVAIN, Verbena hastata, (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021), 1/2 oz seed; in swampy area where pond used to be, in front of elderberries. after cold stratification for 30 days.Life Cycle: Perennial. Sun Exposure: Full, Partial, Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet, Medium, Height: 5 feet, Bloom Time: July, August, September, Bloom Color: Blue. Advantages: Pollinator, Favorite: butterflies, bees and birds; Deer Resistant. USDA Zones3-8. Plant Spacing:18-24“
  • Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum, (Prairie Moon Nursery 2021), same location after 30 day cold strat. Life Cycle:Perennial, Sun Exposure:Full, Partial; Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium-Wet, Height: 4 feet, Bloom Time: July, August, September. Bloom Color:White. Zone 3-8. Space plants 1-2 ft.
  • Ferns, transplanted in front of elderberries in pond space. (Sensitive ferns from roadside ditch?)


  • Viola,Viola tricolor, 'Johnny Jump Ups', Helen Mt, (SESE 9-20), next to steps between brick patio and walkway to garden. Self-seeding annual, edible flowers, full or part sun, ht 10 inches, spread 6 inches.


* Borage, Borago officinalis, (Strictly Medicinal Seeds 2021, and SESE, 9-20),along steps from brick patio to walkway. Self-seeding annual, sun or partial shade, 80 days, space 1 ft apart. Germination in 10 days. Well-drained soil.

  • Bee Balm, Monarda fistulosa, Wild Bergamot, (Baker Creek, 2021), in same location by brick patio. Wildflower native, perennial, zones 4-9. Germination in 14-21 days, space 12 inches apart, frost hardy, full sun (minimum 6-12 hours).


  • Nettles,Urtica dioica 3 plants from Jen, 4 plants from last year's bed (Richter's herbs), planted in back of shed. FS or PS, moist soil.Zone 3-10, herbacious perennial


  • American Hazelnut Corylus americana, 6 bare root seedlings, in small pots, to grow till time to plant in Fall. (Prairie Moon Nursery, 2021). Full to part sun; medium-wet to medium dry soil. Zones: 4-9. Ht: 15-18 ft, width: 10-12 ft. Bears within 2-3 years after planting.


  • Phlox Phlox drummondii, 'Sugar Stars', (Baker Creek, 2021), in flower garden by greenhouse, front row by walkway. Annual, Ht: 18-24 inches. Space 8-12 inches apart. FS.
  • Calendula Resina, (SESE, 9-20), same garden bed, behind the Phlox.
  • Nasturtium, Tropaeolum nanum, 'Jewel Peach Melba', (Baker Creek, 2021), in kitchen garden, in front.Annual, dwarf, mounding, FS. Ht 9-12 inches.

Kitchen Garden Bed:

  • Basil, 'Lettuce Leaf', (SESE, 12-20), in kitchen garden.
  • Basil 'Sweet Thai', (SESE, 8-20), kitchen garden; and also in old garden, in far house and far garage bed.

Bed by crawl space door:

  • Celosia, Celosia argentea var. spicata, 'Pink-Spiked', (Monticello Gardens, 2021), in back; Ht 4 ft, FS, tender annual, space 12-18 inches apart.
  • Rudbeckia, Rudbeckia hirta, 'Cherry Brandy', (Baker Creek, 2021), in same bed. Ht 12-24 inches. FS. Space plants 8-12 inches. Self-sows freely.
  • Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, 'Polish Pastels Mix', (Baker Creek, 2017), in same bed, in front, perennial ,ht 2 feet, FS to PS, well drained soil. Cut plants immediately after flowering to promote re-blooming.

Flower bed by side of greenhouse:

  • Blackberry, Thornless, Rubus spp, 'Triple Crown', 2 plants with trellis, (Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards, 2021). Semi-erect cane, needs some support, most productive thornless blackberry. Bloom Color: White; Fruit Color: Black;Fruit Size:Large; Self-Pollinating;Ripens/Harvest:Early August; Full Sun;Soil Composition:Loamy; Soil Moisture Well Drained;Soil pH Level:6.0 - 6.8; Years to Bear:1 - 2; Zone:5 - 9.

Bed by walkway to shed:

  • Echinacea, Echinacea purpurea, (Baker Creek, 2017), perennial to 4 ft.FS, rich well-drained but moist soil.


  • Echinacea plants x2, moved from another bed to bed by walkway to shed.

Bed in front of painting studio:

  • Weeping Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum, Tamukeyama', (Home Depot), Ht 15-25 ft, width 15-25 ft, water when dry, hardy to -10 degrees. FS to PS. This replaced the previous Japanese maple that died this past winter

Bed by driveway, in front of front door:

  • Compact Sweet Pepperbush, Clethra ainifolia, 'Hummingbird'; 4/5 of these plants from last year died over the winter; I replaced one spot with another Clethra that I grew on the porch over the winter. Ht 3-5 ft, spread, 3-5 ft, sun/part shade. (Niche Gardens)


  • Black Eyed Susan Vine, Thunbergia alata, 'Cosmic Candy', (Baker Creek, 2021), by entrance gate to old garden. Not frost hardy. Self-sows freely. Space 8-12 inches. Vining. FS.

Flower bed by greenhouse:

  • Zinnia, 'Cactus-Flowered', (SESE 12-20).
  • Zinnia,Zinnia elegans, 'Canary Bird', (Baker Creek 2021), Annual. Spacing 9-12 inches apart, FS.
  • Sweet William, (SESE, 8-20), in same bed by edge of walkway to greenhouse door. Self-reseeds. Ht 12-24 inches.

Flower bed by living room window;

  • Spider Flower Cleome hassleriana, (Gardens at Monticello, 2021), ht 4-6 ft, self-seeding annual, native to South America. FS. Direct sow. Space 1.5 to 2 ft apart. half hardy annual.
  • Zinnia 'Red Beauty', (SESE 12-20), Ht 3 ft. Same bed.

5-13-21 Flower bed by greenhouse:

  • Cosmos, Comos bipinnatus, 'Seashells',(Baker Creek, 2021). Annual, FS, space 10 inches apart.
  • French Marigold, 'Naughty Marietta', (SESE 7-20), same bed, Ht 12-18 inches.
  • Bachelor Buttons, 'Polka Dot', (SESE 8-20), same bed but by the front edge nearest the greenhouse, next to

comfrey bed.Ht 1-3 ft.


  • Liatris, Liatric spicata, 'Blazing Star Alba', 4 plants moved from front yard bed in front of mudroom to back yard, bed by walkway to garden shed. FS. Ht: 3-4 ft, space 1.5 ft, Keep well-watered. Zone 4-9.

Bed in front of mudroom, in front of Japanese maple:

  • Autumn Ferns, Dryopteris erythrosora, 'Brilliance', 4 plants (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC), Partial to full shade, moist well-drained soil, Ht 18-24 inches, spread 24-36 inches. Zones 5-8. Drought tolerant when established. Deer resistant. Evergreen.

Bed in front of guest bedroom, in front of maple by edge of walkway:

  • Creeping Jenny, Lysimachia 'Goldii', 3 plants. (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Full sun, part shade. Water: medium. Ht 1-3 inches, spread 12-24 inches. Zone 5. Spreading groundcover. Can be aggressive.
Flower bed by side of greenhouse:


  • Butterfly Bush, dwarf Buddleia 'SMNBDO', 'Pugster Periwinkle', (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Full sun. Height 2 ft, width 2 ft. Well-drained soil. Zones 5-9. Prune when new growth emerges in Spring. Deer resistant.
  • Blanket Flower, Gaillardia' Bijou', 2 plants, (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Perennial. Full sun. Ht 8-10 inches, spread 12-15 inches. Average well-drained soil. Zones 3-10. cut back spent flowers for rebloom. Deer resistant. Native butterfly attractor. Drought and heat tolerant. Blooms June to September.
  • Joe Pye Weed Eutrochium?? pretty sure this is that plant; moved 4 plants from other part of this bed to corner by raised bed.
  • Strawberries, several plants from new garden beds, moved to edge of this bed by fence.
  • Shasta Daisy, Leucanthemum, 'Becky' (Plantworks). Ht 3ft. Full sun, part shade.Zone 5. Moved a clump from front yard to this bed, in front of ginger lilies.

Bed by garden path to shed;

  • Russian sage Perovskia atriplicifolia, Blue Steel', 4 plants. (Down Home Nursery, Mebane, NC). Full sun. Ht: 18-36 inches, wodth 14-28 inches. Well-drined soil. Zone 4 hardiness. Flowers in summer.


  • Wildflower Mix, Southeastern, about 0.8 lb, in garden in front yard by Jizo, with mulberry plant in center. (Wildseed farms, 2020). Also replanted many Echinacea seeds fromthe plants already in this garden.


  • Black Chokeberry, Aronia melanocarpa, 1 bush, by edge of screen porch next to kitchen garden;(Prairie Nursery, 2020), Ht 3-6ft tall; full to partial sun; dry to moist soil.
  • Sorrel, Rumex acetosa, 'green De belleville, (Baker Creek, 2021), in edge garden along side of screen porch, with the honeyberries.


  • American Hazelnut, Corylus americana, 1 plant in planter outside the edge of the new fenced gardens, by side of house, surrounded by blackberries. From bare root plant grown in pot since 4-21. Zone 4-9, Ht 6-15ft, spread 5-10 ft. Full sun to part shade.


  • Goldenseal,Hydrastis canadensis 4 rhizomes, (SESE 2021), in raised bed of compost and topsoil in forest next to septic field. Rich moist, loamy soil, 47 to 63% shade, near hardwoods.Light fertilizer only. Cover with several inches of leaf mulch. harvest in 3 to 5 years from rhizomes. Propogate from rhizome pieces, root cuttings, one year old seedlings, or seed.
  • American Ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, about 20 seeds (SESE, 2021), in same bed. In spring, thin seedlings to 6 inches apart. Space so that the leaves of one do not touch the leaves of the next mature plant. Dig roots in the Fall of the third to seventh year of growth.
  • Black Chokeberry, Aronia melanocarpa, potted plant (Prairie Nursery, 1 year in pot), in crescent shaped raised bed by walkway to shed in back yard. Ht and spread: 3-6 ft, Zones 3-8, Full sun, 6 plus hours; to partial sun. Soil: dry to moist.
  • Allium, 'Purple Sensation', (High Country Gardens, 2021), 10 bulbs, same bed, Ht 20-30 inches, Full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade, Blooms late spring to early summer.
  • Allium, 'True Blue', (High Country Gardens, 2021), 20 bulbs, same bed, Ht 18 inches tall; Siberian native. Full sun or morning sun. Blooms early summer.


  • Nannyberry, Viburnum lentago, 1 bush, (Prairie Nursery, from 2020), along side of woods on front of yard by driveway. Ht: 15-25 ft, Full to partial sun, Soil moisture: dry, medium, moist.
  • Bayberry, Myrica pennsylvanica, moved from front yard by right side of driveway to front yard behind beauty berry bush.


  • Japanese Maple, Acer palmitum,'Sango kaku', (LOWES), planted in front yard by driveway, where old flowering apricot tree was. Acer has grown in a pot for about 2 years; PART SUN/MORNING SUNLIGHT ONLY; WATER: SEMI-MOIST; HT: 20-25 FT, WIDTH 20 FT; SLOW GROWTH RATE; ZONE 5. LITTLE PRUNING REQUIRED. FERTILIZE IN SPRING.



  • English Hawthorn, Crataeaus oxyacantha/laevigata, in front yard by driveway, in front of woodpile. This has grown in a pot for several years. Zone 4-8. Ht and width: 15-25 ft. Sun to light shade, well-drained soil. Deciduous thorny bush to small tree to 20 feet. Native to Europe.


  • English Hawthorn, Crataeaus oxyacantha/laevigata, in front yard by driveway, on opposite side from first hawthorn. This has grown in a pot for several years. Zone 4-8. Ht and width: 15-25 ft. Sun to light shade, well-drained soil. Deciduous thorny bush to small tree to 20 feet. Native to Europe.


  • Double Feverfew, Tanecetum parthenium, garden bed by brick patio. (Thyme Garden)
  • single Flower Feverfew chrysanthemum parthenium, (Thyme Garden).


  • Chamomile, German, matricaria recutita, (2 pkgs, SESE, 2020) along side of garden path in blueberry patch in old garden.
  • Thyme,'Orangelo', Thymus fragrantissimus, (Baker Creek, 2022), in front of same garden path in blueberry patch.


  • Meadowsweet, Spirea ulmaria Syn. Filipendula ulmaria, 2 packets (Strictly Medicinal Seeds, 2021, 2022), by edge of stone path to orchard, where the soil is very boggy.Zones 3-9, herbaceous perennial. PS, moist soils. Germinates in 3 to 6 weeks. Thin to 1 to 2 ft apart.


  • Chamomile 'Zloty Lan', Matricaria recutita, along edge of walk to old garden, (2 pkg seed, Baker Creek, 2019 and 2022.1 pkg seed, Strictly Medicinal).


  • Bitter Orange Poncirus trifoliata, 5 seeds in opts indoors, after cold stratification n fridge from 2-28-22. (Strictly Medicinal Seeds, 2022). Thorny deciduous shrub to 9 ft tall, native to E Asia, China and Korea. Zone 6-9. Full sun to part shade, loose sandy soil medium moisture. Space at least 4 ft apart. Grow in pots for at least a year.


  • Cleome, Queen Cleome spinosa, (SESE, 2022) 1 pkg seeds in bed by crawl space door.
  • Aster,'Starlight Formula' Callistephus chinnsis, (Baker creek, 2 pkg seeds, 2022), same bed
  • Yarrow, (herb), (Baker Creek 2018) in front of same bed.


*American Hazelnut, //Corylus americana//, 2 bushes, grown in small pots since 4-21; in berm in front yard by Beautybush.
*Elderberry, in back yard by edge of old garden.
*Honeyberry, 'Indigo Treat', //Lonicera caerulea//, grown in small pot, (Burnt Ridge Nursery, 2021). Planted by edge of screen porch.


  • Creeping Phlox, 'Emerald Blue', Phlox subulata, 4 plants (Jerilyn's Plants in Pittsboro) next to Japanese Maple in back yard by bric patio. Native. Blooms in Spring. Zone 3. FS. Well drained soil. Ht 4-6 inches, Width 12-24 inches.
  • Lavender 'Grosso', Lavandula intermedia, 2 plants (Sunshine Lavender Farm), by walkway between garage and house. Dry soil. FS. Zone 5a-7b. Height 18-22 inches, width 18-24 inches.


  • Jacob's Ladder, Greek Valerian, Polemonium reptans, 3 plants, (Jerilyn's Plants), in front of garage studio. Native. Self-seeding herbaceous perennial, will also spread by rhizomes. Divide clumps in early spring or late summer. Height: 1 ft. - 3 ft. Width: 1 ft. 6 in. - 3 ft. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone:

3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b. Light: Full sun (6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day), Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours) Soil Texture: Loam (Silt).Soil Drainage: good.

  • Ferns, moved 4 from bed in front of library to garage bed, next to the Jacob's Ladder. Matteuccia struthiopteris; (from bed in front of house, in front of library). 48-72 inches; partial shade, average to damp soil, from White Flower Farm. Zone 5-7S


  • Coral Honeysuckle 'Major Wheeler' Lonicera sempervirens, (1 plant, Jerilyn's), by door to wooden shed in back yard. native. Full sun. Ht 6-8 ft, width, 5-10 ft.


  • Lanceleaf Tickweed, Coreopsis lanceolata, 5 plants (Jerilyn's), by walkway to shed in back yard.


  • Wildflowers, 'Cutting Mix', 1/4 lb (Wildseed Farms), by crawl space door under kitchen window.
  • Moved 2 blackberry brambles from side of greenhouse to berry bed in front of new garden by side of house.


  • Chamomile, German, Matricaria recutita, (SESE 12-21) in new bed by brick patio and walkway to greenhouse.
  • Borage, Borago officinalis, (SESE, 2022) in same bed.
  • Borage, white, Borago officinalis Bianca, (Baker Creek, 2022), in same bed.


  • Nasturtium, Jewel Mixed colors, (SESE, 2017), in hanging basket.
  • Nasturtium, 'King Theodore', Tropaeolum nanum, (Baker Creek, 2019), in another hanging basket.
  • Moved several flowering plants to bed by path to shed: Penstemon? these have been seeded around yard by birds.
  • Moved Clematis “Duchess of Edinburgh”from bed under living room window to big ceramic pot by side door to walkway to garage.


  • Pitcher Plant, 'Scarlet Belle', Sarracenia, (Growing Wild Nursery in Siler City, NC). Full sun. Wet, peat-based growing medium. Ht 7-10 inches, Width 12 inches.
  • Pitcher Plant, 'Night Sky', Sarracenia, (Growing Wild Nursery). 2 plants. Full sun. Wet, peat-based growing medium. Ht 24-36 inches, Width, 12 inches.
  • Coral Honeysuckle 'Major Wheeler' Lonicera sempervirens, (1 plant, Jerilyn's), by shed in back yard. native. Full sun. Ht 6-8 ft, width, 5-10 ft.


  • Swamp (Narrow Leaf) Sunflower, Helianthus angustifolius, 5 plants, (Jerilyn's Natives, Pittsboro, NC). Native plant. Perennial; attracts large numbers of native bees. Size: Up to about 5 feet tall. Water Use: Medium

Light Requirement: Part Shade. Soil Moisture: Wet. Soil Description: Sandy, Sandy Loam, Medium Loam, Clay Loam, Clay, Acid-based.

  • * Liatris, 'Blazing Star',Liatris spicata, 2 plants, (Jerilyn's), in bed by walkway to shed. Native. Perennial. Ht: Up to about 6 feet tall. Water Use: Medium.Light: Sun. Soil Moisture: Moist. Soil pH: Acidic (pH<6.8). Soil Description: Moist, average soils.


  • Coral Honeysuckle, 'Major Wheeler' Lonicera sempervirens, (1 plant, Jerilyn's), by greenhouse. Native. Full sun. Ht 6-8 ft, width, 5-10 ft.



Edge of walkway between house and garden:

  • Chamomile, German Matricaria recutita, (SESE, 2020, 2 packets, 2021, 1 packet). Annual. FS. 8-16 days to emerge.60 days.Ht 24-30 inches.
  • Calendula 'Orange King', Calendula officinalis, (Select Seeds, 2017), same bed, near blueberry bush. Annual, sun, ht; 2 ft. Spacing 1 ft. Self sows.5-14 days to emerge. Zone 8-10.

Stone walkway leading to yard from garden path:

  • Viola 'Johnny Jump-up', Viola tricolor, (Botanical Interests). 10-20 days to emerge.
  • Thyme, 'Creeping (green)'. Non-GMO, Heirloom. (David's Garden Seeds). 80 days. Sun/part shade. Light, dry, well drained soil.

4-12-24, Waxing Moon

Bed by crawl space door;

  • Agrimony, Agrimonia eupatoria, (Strictly Medicinal, 2022). Herbaceous perennial. Thin to 1 ft apart. May take up to a year with overwintering to germinate.
  • Baby's Breath, 'Elegans Alba Grandiflora', (SESE, 2018 or 19).
  • Zinnia, 'State Fair', Mixed Colors, (SESE, 2024).

4-13-24 Same bed by crawl space:

  • Cleome (Spider Flower), 'Queen Mix', (SESE 2019), at back of bed.
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